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We got inspired by the improved home screen of Windows Phone 8

and decided not to keep you waiting. You can implement the new tile sizes in your app right away using Telerik HubTile for Windows Phone. This functionality will make the home screen experience more personal than ever before and it can be very easily implemented

Here is a short video of what you can achieve using RadHubTile. This is just out of the box XAML goodness, no tricks:

To start using the new tile sizes now, download a free trial of RadControls for Windows Phone and then download the Latest Internal Build from the "Manage Products" section in your account. If you have already downloaded RadControls for Windows Phone, download the Latest Internal Build here.

The new tile will allow you to rotate any content, just like the picture rotator. Moreover, RadHubTile can accommodate any content, like images, text, etc. You will be able to rotate the content both horizontally or vertically. In addition, you will have full control over the content selection. Thus, if you need you can make the tile to not randomly select content from a collection, but rather it can select it in the same order the collection has been populated.

With that said, stay tuned for the next release of RadControls, we’ll be 100% WP8 ready. If you’d like more features and improvements to our hub tiles, or any other control for that matter, we will greatly appreciate your feedback in our forums.

Stay in touch for more Windows Phone 8 updates.

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