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    New Hub Tile Control for Your Windows Phone Apps

    With our Q1 2012 SP1 release we managed to bundle something that will make your apps go off the fanciness chart, something that will make your apps look way better. That something is called RadHubTile and the WP7 home screen experience is now available to your apps without any effort. Just put one of the hub tiles we have prepared for you on your page and watch your app shine. That probably sounds great but how do you actually use that thing? “Where are the classes!?” I hear you shout. They will be revealed a little later because I think it’s time...
  • Release

    RadContextMenu for WP7 - Q3 2011

    The Q3 release is fast approaching and we are happy to announce that our control suite for Windows Phone will be updated with the addition of RadContextMenu. Our menu will provide a similar experience to the native OS context menu but will also provide a few extra goods that you won't find in other competitors. For example users will have an easy way of specifying which element should pop out when the context menu is set on a list box for example. The menu is set on the listbox itself, but the individual list box items will pop out when the...
    November 16, 2011
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    Lambda woes with csc

    While helping with the development of our Tasks application I stumbled upon a strange compiler error. There was a lambda expression that was compiling just fine before I touched the file with the lambda and after changing a line inside the body of the lambda, the project suddenly stopped compiling. The error was, that it could not find an adequate overload of the method that accepted the lambda in question as an argument. The cause turned out to be very interesting(for me at least) and I think it is worth sharing. Consider that you have a function with two overloads that both accept...
    October 12, 2011
  • Web

    RadBulletGraph Architecture and Features

    We introduced RadBulletGraph beta in the Q2 2011 SP1 release with the idea that the sooner we release a stable product the more time we will have to polish it and even implement user requirements before the final version. With this blog post I will explain how RadBulletGraph is structured internally and how this internal structure enables the features that it currently supports. With this in mind I kindly ask you, dear reader, to give your opinion on RadBulletGraph, to tell us what else you need or what can be done in a better way so that we can provide the best...
    October 07, 2011
  • Mobile

    RadBulletGraph for Windows Phone 7

    The Q2 2011 SP1 release is already out and it includes many improvements and fixes for the existing controls promised to our customers, however, it also includes a brand new component that is in the beta stage - RadBulletGraph. The bullet graph is a component for data visualization that succinctly and accurately visualizes a comparison between different data in a quantitative and qualitative manner. A full specification of the bullet graph component can be found here. The great thing about the bullet graph is that it takes the linear subset of the gauges and uses it so that the information is visualized clearly and concisely...
    September 28, 2011