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    Defending Angular Applications with a Content Security Policy

    Defending Angular Applications with a Content Security Policy_270x123
    An effective CSP will provide you with a safety net against XSS attacks. Kendo UI for Angular components are fully compatible with strict CSPs.
    November 14, 2017
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    Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Kendo UI Grid for Angular

    Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Kendo UI Grid for Angular_270x123
    We've collected a list of our favorite tips for you, showing how to use some of the best built-in features of the Kendo UI grid in Angular.
    September 18, 2017
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    Meet the Upload extension for ASP.NET MVC

    As is usual for this time of the year, the Q1 release is ready and packed in pretty boxes. Inside you’ll find the new Upload, Splitter and Slider extensions and a host of other improvements. Hope this will make it up for the lack of bubble wrap. Introducing the Upload Uploading files in the browser is a somewhat painful process for both users and developers. The typical user experience you get by placing an <input type=”file”> on the page, is primitive by today's standards. Traditionally, improving the upload experience required the use of plug-ins like Flash or Silverlight. But not any more, as...
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    WebForms to Razor view converter tool

    We just love inventing tools. It’s one of those things hardcoded in our genome. There’s a great joy in seeing your invention work for you and all you have to do is sit back and sip a beer debug the hell out of it. But I digress. During the conversion of our online examples to the Razor view engine we’ve came up with a simple tool to help us. We didn’t have great hopes for it, as completely automatic conversion is hardly possible. It’s purpose was to take care of the bulk of the conversion, leaving the more fine points to the human...
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    Full Razor support and examples coming in SP1 of Telerik Extensions for MVC (2010 Q3)

    We’ve “signed off” the first service release of the Telerik Extensions (2010 Q3) just a few minutes ago and it’s on its way to you. Apart from the usual fixes this release adds full support for the new Razor view engine. The official MVC 3 release has been out only for a few days, but the interest in this new view engine is deservedly high. This view engine required some tinkering under the hood of the Extensions, but it has all been taken care of. Any issues you might have had until now (nested content rendering out of place, syntax errors in template...