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We just love inventing tools. It’s one of those things hardcoded in our genome. There’s a great joy in seeing your invention work for you and all you have to do is sit back and sip a beer debug the hell out of it. But I digress.

During the conversion of our online examples to the Razor view engine we’ve came up with a simple tool to help us. We didn’t have great hopes for it, as completely automatic conversion is hardly possible. It’s purpose was to take care of the bulk of the conversion, leaving the more fine points to the human overlords. And it did – for us.

Now that it has served its original purpose we’ve decided to let it start a life of its own on GitHub. Go ahead – use it, play with it, fork it and poke around in the source:


Happy social coding!

Tsvetomir Tsonev
About the Author

Tsvetomir Tsonev

Tsvetomir is a developer on the Kendo UI team. He enjoys helping others as much as creating software. In his spare time, Tsetso loves reading science fiction and photographing nature.


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