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    Telerik AJAX Visual Studio ToolBox Groups

    With the growing number of Telerik AJAX controls getting more and more with each subsequent release, it is gradually harder for the developers who are expending them to locate a certain control under a single Visual Studio ToolBox group. Which naturally leads us to the isolation of a separate toolbox groups based on the type and usage of the components. Starting Q2 2011, you will find the following ten VS 2008/2010 Toolbox groups for our AJAX components when you install them from the automated package (unless, of course, you canceled the automatic Telerik AJAX toolbox configuration action due to some valid...
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    Telerik AJAX Q2 2011 BETA bits

    Right after the Q2 2011 Beta release of Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC which was launched yesterday, it is our pleasure to present you with the long-anticipated Q2 Beta release of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. Our industry-leading AJAX suite receives fresh and tempting updates, hence wait no more but give them a spin! The AJAX Q2 Beta bits are uploaded in the Telerik accounts under the AJAX Product Files Download section, both for the TRIAL and PAID version of the product. New controls, new skins, and more With this release we adjoin another two AJAX components to our portfolio - Image Editor and Notification.
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    Telerik MVC Q2 2011 BETA bits

    The Q2 2011 Beta pack of Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC has just been uploaded on telerik.com! As usual, you can find the open source and commercial (paid) version in your Telerik account's > MVC Product Files Download section: Open Source Download | Commercial Download. New component, new skins The Beta release introduces new HTML5-driven MVC charting extension which utilizes SVG/VML for vector graphic drawing. Light-weight and cross-browser component, built from scratch and in perfect harmony with the MVC design pattern paradigm, the chart supports bar/stacked bar series, Ajax binding and exposes basic client API...
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    Telerik AJAX Q1 2011 Service Pack 2

    The next stabilization release of the Telerik AJAX controls has just been shipped. To see what is included in this wrap up, visit the quick links below: RELEASE NOTES / LIVE DEMOS / ONLINE DOCUMENTATION TRIAL DOWNLOAD / PAID DOWNLOAD Although there is nothing flashy in this service pack, there a few noticeable additions/improvements that are worth to be mentioned explicitly, hence I am giving them in a "digested" form: AsyncUpload - added functionality to set TemporaryFolder globally using the appSettings section in web.config Calendar - added a quick option to enable Today's day highlighting via RadCalendar's SmartTag Grid - introduced a new property (RadGrid.ClientSettings.DataBinding.ShowEmptyRowsOnLoad) to provide the option to hide empty data...
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    First Telerik AJAX and MVC Q1 2011 service packs

    A month after the official Q1 2011 release of our AJAX and MVC components, I would like to announce the immediate availability of the first maintenance packs for both product bundles and appoint the most important bullets in them. See the next two paragraphs for details: AJAX Q1 2011 SP1 Release Notes | Demos | Documentation Highlights Updated the internally used jQuery to 1.5.2 Addressed reported IE 9 issues for all components Grid - Updated the grid's visual designer to provide support for grouping and client settings; Support for default font setting when exporting RadGrid to PDF RibbonBar - Added RadRibbonBar>RibbonBarMenuItem>NavigateUrl property SiteMap - All SiteMap nodes...
    April 14, 2011