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    Telerik Reporting Q2 2008 SP1 is now live

    Hello People,   My name is Rossen Hristov and I am a developer at the Telerik Reporting team. This is my first post and in it I would like to share some good news with you -- Telerik Reporting Q2 2008 SP1 is now officially live. We have spent the last month or so making sure that most of the issues that you have reported have been addressed carefully. This Service Pack is by far the largest we have delivered in terms of issues fixed and I would like to thank you for the great feedback that you have provided during the past...
    August 28, 2008
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    Populating Silverlight TreeView from WCF Service with LINQ to SQL

    In this example I will show you how to populate a RadTreeView using LINQ and WCF. Also you will see how to transform a flat data into a hierarchical one. The target result is: 1. Create a new Silverlight Web Application Project NOTE: Make sure you choose "Web Application Project" After the project loads you can see that besides the regular Silverlight application, Visual Studio adds a Web application that will host the .xap file.   Before writing any LINQ or creating any WCF service, we need a database to target. 2. Right-click on RadTreeViewWithWCFWeb project and add a new item - "SQL Server Database". You can give the...
    August 27, 2008