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    Challenges of Adopting Agile - Q&A Panel

    I’m pretty excited about an upcoming event I’m taking part in  - it’s actually going to be a Q&A panel where myself, Steve Porter, and Phil Japikse will be discussing some of the most difficult aspects of Agile adoption.
    August 10, 2011
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    Having Trouble Adopting Agile?

    Technorati Tags: Telerik,Agile,TeamPulse Agile is becoming more and more popular.  All of your friends are doing it, and they always make it to happy hour!  So why aren’t you becoming agile?  What’s holding you back?  How do you overcome the blocking obstacles to transition over to a more agile development environment? Come join myself along with a panel of other industry experts – Joel Semeniuk and Steve Porter for an interactive discussion to answer your questions with real world experience.  You will also have a chance to win a 10-User license for TeamPulse. To register for the panel, go to the webpage to register. Happy Coding!...
    August 09, 2011
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    Telerik RADControls for Windows Forms Webinar Sample Code and Slide Deck

    For those of you that attended the What’s New for Desktop Developers in Q2 2011 Release Webinar, thank you for attending!  For those that didn’t get to attend (or for those of you that want to go back through it since it was jam packed with information), the recording worked perfectly, and I will be posting it to Telerik TV in the next 48 hours!  Several people attending the webinar asked for the source code for my project that I created to demo the features as well as the powerpoint slides, and you can get them both here (slide deck, code...
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    Using LINQ To Select Records Based on Child Collections

    [Cross posted from http://www.skimedic.com] Technorati Tags: LINQ,.NET Yesterday, after my session on LINQ at MADExpo, a gentleman asked me how I would solve a certain problem that he is facing at work with LINQ.  Here is my solution (turns out I was a little brain dead after giving three sessions at the conference, so while he was sitting with me, I just couldn’t see it). The Problem The problem consists of a list of salespeople that have sales.  Here are the classes involved: public class SalesPerson { public string Name { get; set; } public IList<Sales> Sales { get; set;...
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    Thank you Colorado and Arizona

    [Cross Posted from skimedic.com] I was invited to speak in Colorado and Arizona for three user groups, and it was a great time! I kicked off the trip in Colorado Springs at the South Colorado .NET Users Group ran by Ben Hoelting, a fellow MVP and a friend of mine that also speaks at VSLive.  We had a great chat with an overview of Uncle Bob Martin’s SOLID Principles, and then spent the majority of the time discussion software patterns and where they would make sense in the real world. Next up saw North Colorado .NET Users Group, headed up by Jeff Certain, also...