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    Kanban Boards and Microsoft TFS 2012 support in Telerik TeamPulse R5 2012

    Our agile project management tool TeamPulse just released our R5 2012 bits and let us tell you, TeamPulse has never been that Agile. R5 marks the release of the much requested Kanban boards, as well as some other great features like TFS 2012, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support. Let’s take a closer look at the new TeamPulse features. TeamPulse becomes more Agile than ever with Kanban! With this release TeamPulse introduces the new Kanban board functionality which allows users to visualize their development flow and gain better control over their flow of work. The Kanban boards leverage the already popular TeamPulse...
    September 28, 2012
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    7 Must-have Features When Choosing an Agile Management Tool [Whitepaper]

    There is an overabundance of tools on the market today. Some of these tools span across various landscape areas of development processes where some tool choices only target specific areas. “The application development software market will grow modestly through 2015, when it will reach $10.1 billion in revenue. New applications, consumption models, devices and developers are driving evolution of the AD space.” Gartner Market Trends: Application Development Software, Worldwide, 2011-2015 To save you time and effort we have compiled 7 of the most important characteristics that organizations should consider when investing in tooling that supports their Agile management practices and teams.
    February 27, 2012
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    What’s New in TeamPulse Q3 2010 Beta Webinar

    Join us for a free webinar and catch a preview of the Q3 2010 Beta version of Telerik TeamPulse and all the new features that are going to be released with it. The webinar is going to take place this Friday, October 15th at 11am EDT, so make sure you register early. We are excited about all the great new features, like the new TFS synchronization functionality, and we will be glad to show you all the cool demos and get your feedback. Any questions or comments are welcome during the webinar! Register now...
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    Telerik enters the Agile ALM space

    People usually know Telerik for our individual developer productivity tools. With the release of TeamPulse yesterday, Telerik is entering the Agile ALM space and delivers team productivity tools to the market. The idea for TeamPulse was hatched a long time ago at Telerik. It started when we realized that we had a lot of agile teams that compete in a very dynamic marketplace. Our teams at Telerik are agile, high performing, and need to rapidly react to new conditions. (I remember when we were building our Silverlight controls, each CTP/beta of Silverlight v 2.0 broke our code so deeply that we had to start over at each beta!)...