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    Twitter Chat on JustDecompile – Join the Beta Conversation!

    At TechEd North America 2011 yesterday, we officially announced the Beta launch of JustDecompile – a powerful .NET decompiler, which we are committed to keeping free, forever, for everyone. Since the pre-launch two weeks ago, when we unveiled the very first Beta version, we have witnessed enormous interest in JustDecompile as the community has acclaimed Telerik for stepping up and providing a free .NET decompiler to fill a very conspicuous market gap. Naturally, with enormous interest, come a lot of questions, too. Thus, due to popular demand, we have organized a Twitter chat to get all of your questions answered. Join the...
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    Need a break? JustCode Autopilot Mode Comes to the Rescue.

    Ever dreamed of being able to step away from your desk for a while without negatively impacting your capacity? What if you could answer the phone without interrupting your coding flow? Well, now you can. True to our commitment to facilitate effortless software development, we are pleased to announce the launch of an Autopilot Mode for Telerik’s Visual Studio productivity add-in, JustCode. This new mode enables you to deliver unmatched efficiency gains, while helping you identify flawed coding logic on the spot. By relying on complex pattern-matching algorithms and semantic analysis, Telerik JustCode can derive an understanding from your unique coding...