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Ever dreamed of being able to step away from your desk for a while without negatively impacting your capacity? What if you could answer the phone without interrupting your coding flow? Well, now you can.

True to our commitment to facilitate effortless software development, we are pleased to announce the launch of an Autopilot Mode for Telerik’s Visual Studio productivity add-in, JustCode. This new mode enables you to deliver unmatched efficiency gains, while helping you identify flawed coding logic on the spot.

By relying on complex pattern-matching algorithms and semantic analysis, Telerik JustCode can derive an understanding from your unique coding patterns and automatically emulate them for a period of up to 60 minutes, while you are away from your desk. Thus, Telerik JustCode is now able to detect the scope and direction of a specific project, identify your unique coding style and even employ shortcuts used in some of your previous projects. By generating a custom profile of every user automatically and in real-time, Telerik JustCode frees you up to truly enjoy your lunch break, answer the phone, or engage in a discussion with a colleague, without negatively impacting your output, interrupting your coding flow, or jeopardizing a sudden bout of creativity.

Upon returning to your desk, you can quickly and easily scan the automatically generated code for any errors. Telerik JustCode highlights any areas that require your special attention and pinpoints flawed coding logic based on previously completed projects.

Following the successful launch of the beta version in early March and in response to some early feedback, we’re looking to extend the time limit to a few hours by the end of 2011.

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