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Enjoy more than 120 improvements plus new features in Telerik UI for WinForms and Telerik UI for WPF in the R2 2018 service pack release.

The latest service pack (for R2 2018) of Telerik UI for WinForms and Telerik UI for WPF is now live! In this update, we have focused our attention on addressing client feedback and resolved 120+ public items (around 60 for each of the suites). While most of these items are improvements, we also managed to add some new features in the controls as I'll describe below.

Let's dive into what's new for UI for WPF/Silverlight and Winforms.

New Features

Telerik UI for WPF/ Silverlight

  • RadDomainDataSource (Silverlight): Introduced the Telerik.Windows.Controls.DomainServices.OpenRia45 assembly, which is built against the latest version of OpenRiaServices.
  • RadVirtualGrid (WPF): Introduced a couple of new methods of the control that will help you achieve even more:
    • GetRowIndexAtMousePosition/GetColumnIndexAtMousePosition - the methods return the row/column index for a given mouse position.
    • CloseFilteringControl - allows you to easily close the FilteringControl if open. (link)
  • RadTreeListView: Added the AutoExpandItemsAfterFilter property, which controls whether the hierarchy items should be expanded after filtering. (link)
  • RadWatermarkTextBox: Auto-opening of the Touch keyboard on Windows 10 with Anniversary update now works out of the box for all input controls that contain WatermarkTextBox.
  • RadPdfViewer: We’ve extended the number of supported PDF document scenarios by handling invalid concatenation of content streams.

Telerik UI for Winforms

  • RadMap: The route request of the Bing map provider now supports ViaWayPoints. This will allow a route to be calculated with intermediate points. For example, making a trip from Seattle to L.A through Las Vegas. (link)ui-for-winforms-radmap

    Another update in the RadMap control is that the TileSize can now be specified when LocalMapProvider is used. In addition, the MapVisualElementFactory is now responsible for the initialization of the tile elements. (link)

  • RadMaskedEditBox: The standard mask provider now exposes a MaskCompleted property, indicating whether all the required input has been entered into the mask.
  • RadChartView: We have added a new LassoSelection controller for easy selection of data points. The selected data points can be retrieved by handling the LassoSelectedPointsChanged event of the controller. (link)ui-for-winforms-radchartview
  • RadBreadCrumb: A new mode allowing a selection in the associated tree directly after clicking an element in the breadcrumb. (link)


As I mentioned earlier this Service Pack is filled with improvements, so don't forget to check the full release notes for WPF here and for Winforms here..

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In case you have missed our latest official release (R2 2018), you can find some of the major updates for WPF in my blog post and for Winforms in this blog post.
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