Getting Started with Blazor: All There is to Know From the Experts

At Telerik we’ve been impressed with Blazor ever since it was first announced. This is what led us to create Telerik UI for Blazor soon after the announcement. The big promise of using C# everywhere is what got us hooked and we haven’t regretted the choice one second. With all the new enhancements Blazor has received lately, we thought it might be interesting to sit down and chat with some of the most active members of the Blazor community about where it stands today and what the future holds for the technology. We hope you enjoy reading what Daniel Roth, Chris Sainty, Egil Hansen and our very own Ed Charbeneau had to say. 

We want to thank the experts in our panel for both being the leaders in the still growing Blazor community and for taking the time to talk about it (although they clearly enjoy it so they ought to thank us too). Read the entire panel or jump to the sections you are interested in, they are all worth a read.