Q1 2012 SP1

April 10, 2012

JustTrace Q1 2012 SP1 (v2012.1.410)

  • New: "Open the Most Expensive Path" feature in "Call Tree" snapshot view for Sampling and Tracing profiler 
  • New: Choose any browser when profiling Silverlight, IIS and ASP.NET applications
  • New: Add Windows service targets to the recently profiled applications history list
  • New: UI improvements in "Start" page
  • New: "Waiting for profilee" dialog added when starting a session
  • New: Visual Studio Add-In saves offline snapshots so they can be opened later by the stand-alone JustTrace tool
  • New: Added "HitCount" column in performance snapshots
  • Updated documentation


  • Quicker Tracing profiler
  • Fixed: Duplicate type string[] in Memory profiler snapshot view "Type List"
  • Fixed: Referenced object not found in object graph
  • Fixed: Null Reference Exception when comparing memory snapshots via context menu
  • Fixed: Unhandled exception in Visual Studio Add-In when creating the JustTrace menu
  • Fixed: Check-box for internal build notifications in Auto Update is not working
  • Fixed: Exception: Referenced object not found in object graph (Memory profiler snapshot)
  • Fixed: Duplicate type string[] in "Type List" snapshot view (Memory profiler)
  • Fixed: Unhandled exception on uninstall
  • Fixed: "Start profiler" dialog not shown when "Debug->Start new instance" is clicked
  • Fixed: Function signatures in snapshot view "Call Tree" are empty for offline snapshots
  • Fixed: "HotSpot" snapshot view does not show correct values for offline snapshot
  • Fixed: Unhandled exception in System.Web.Hosting.HostingEnvironment.OnAppDomainUnload (Invalid ObjRef provided to "Unmarshal") inside Visual Studio
  • Fixed: "Access Denied" when the installer registers the command server
  • Fixed: Silverlight profiling in VS Add-In doesn't work when the SL plug-in runs in a plug-in container with a different name from the browser's EXE (e.g. FireFox)
  • Fixed: Null Reference Exception when opening an old snapshot file
  • Fixed: "Trace Data" window hides itself when the Debugger is stopped in Visual Studio
  • Fixed: If you try to open a broken snapshot an exception is thrown and you can't open any more snapshots
  • Fixed: Comparison tab is duplicated in an unrelated session
  • Show a warning in the IIS profilee locator if the user doesn't have IIS installed
  • Added "View source" menu item in the "Call Tree" snapshot view of the Memory profiler
  • Check that the user has the SL runtime installed before starting an SL profiling session