You Could Build a .NET Data Grid from Scratch, but WHY?

The Telerik .NET Data Grid components are high-performant and ready to roll! Meeting the most popular and stringent requirements, they save you a ton of time and...dare we say it - they make grids fun!


Telerik offers grids for every .NET web, mobile, and desktop framework.

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Key Features

Many business applications rely on data grids, and as we all know it is very time consuming to create one from scratch.

What if you got them full-featured and ready to use out-of-the-box?

Our .NET Grids are carefully crafted to ensure you can meet your requirements for features, performance, UI, and accessibility.

All this is backed by meticulous documentation and demos and, even more important, an enthusiastic team of people ready to help.

  • Easy to Customize & Theme
  • Full Accessibility
  • Multiple Edit Modes
  • Paging
  • Filtering, Sorting, Grouping
  • Virtualization & Lazy Loading
  • PDF & Excel Export
  • Sticky Rows & Columns

Product Information

Need a Data Grid for a Different Framework?

Read these articles before planning your grid implementation for useful insight.

Win with the WinUI Data Grid

Dive into the next-generation desktop application development with the Telerik DataGrid for WinUI – this Grid control is optimized for speed, fluidity, responsiveness, and is capable of processing hundreds of thousands of records.

WPF Data Grid

This feature-packed grid control for WPF will provide you with an outstanding performance and a remarkably flexible hierarchy model, customizable and highly interactive interfaces. Display and management of large sets of data has never been easier!

WinForms Data Grid

WinForms may be a legacy framework, but the Telerik Data Grid is not! The Telerik Data grid for WinForms delivers the features and flexibility to match the ultimate demands of today’s desktop applications, and excels in providing modern UI and unbeatable end-user capabilities.

Xamarin Data Grid

Combined with stunning performance and platform specific UI, the DataGrid control for Xamarin is an essential tool to display data in native mobile applications for Android, iOS and UWP, both in Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac.

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