Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R3 2023 SP1

November 15, 2023


  • Updated System.Drawing.Common package to version 6.0.0 in Navigation and SyntaxEditor assemblies for NetCore 3.1, .NET 6, and .NET 7.


  • Changing the Visibility of LineSeries3D doesn't hide the line.


  • IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when AllowParsingWithoutSeparator is set to True and an invalid DateTime string is entered.


  • The connection has the wrong start/end point if it connects the shape with gliding connectors and the shape with normal connectors.


  • Demo applications do not launch when there is no internet connection or access to Google Analytics is restricted.


  • The GanttTask container is arranged at the wrong position when it gets bigger than 30000px in width.


  • The clear button of the distinct values filter search box becomes very small when Windows11Theme is in compact mode.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when displaying RadGridView and column groups on more than one UI thread.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when editing cells with a RadMultiColumnComboBox in quick succession.
  • Search As You Type Text-Highlighting does not work with dynamic objects.
  • Resizing a star-sized column repeatedly, eventually results in an exception, due to accumulating infinite width value.
  • Validating cell values does not display errors if a cell is outside of the viewport.
  • When DefaultView of DataTable is used as a source, the distinct values are not loaded.


  • InvalidOperationException is thrown while searching when FilterDescriptors/GroupDescriptors are added to the RadGridView.

PDF Viewer

  • The document remains locked when using bound PdfDocumentSource and ReadOnDemand even if it is changed.


  • An endless loop when trying to parse image data between ID and EI keywords.
  • An IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when concurrent accessing the FontsRepository.RegisterFont method from different threads.
  • An InvalidOperationException is thrown when rerendering an encoded image.
  • An OverflowException is thrown when importing a document with a signature that has an empty Location string.
  • A wrong font file loaded when CidType2Font with a Standard name.
  • An Exception is thrown when trying to import a file generated with the PdfProcessing library from HTML.


  • DropDownButtons defined in ApplicationMenu via its ItemTemplate are not releasing the mouse capture on hover.
  • The checked toggle state of the RibbonSplitButton is not change the button visually when hosted in ApplicationMenu with Windows11 theme.
  • The checked visualization of RadRibbonSplitButton hosted in QuickAccessToolBar appears incorrect in the Windows 11 and Office 2019 themes.


  • ClearNestedFields throws a NullReferenceException when there is a page counter in the footer.
  • HTML NaN values cause InvalidOperationException.
  • MergeField is displayed wrong in MS Word when the document is exported to DOCX and DocxExportSettings FieldResultMode is set to DisplayName.
  • Shift + Right arrow navigation selects the entire word instead of the previous letter when inside a table.
  • The AnnotationRange is lost during the export of a DocumentFragment created from the current selection.
  • The border of the ContentControl is displayed abnormally when the paragraph's TextAlignment is set to Center or Right.
  • The control is not shown with Green theme and XAML binaries.
  • When spanning inline content control on three pages, an exception is thrown while scrolling to the second page.
  • The dialogs are not inheriting the theme correctly when StyleManager is used.


  • А FormulaParseException when importing XLS document containing #REF error in the formula.
  • An InvalidOperationException is thrown in files where the Comments part is imported after the ThreadedComments part.
  • A System.ArgumentException is thrown when protecting a sheet in an async scenario.
  • OpenOffice cannot open the generated XLSX files.


  • Added margin around Close button in New Manage dialog in VisualStudio2019 theme.
  • The theme is not applied to the Name textbox in the DefineNames dialog with StyleManager.


  • Added XmlSource property for reading the SVG image from string.


  • Columns are resized when a filter is applied and the last column's Width is set to Star.


  • FitColumnWidthToContent method now returns the measured width of the column.


  • Introduced а mechanism to replicate the whole row when a nested mail merge is executed on a table with only one column.
  • Merge field group in a single table cell causes it to replicate more times than expected.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when a nested mail merge group starts inside a table and ends outside the table.
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when importing documents containing linked picture references.
  • Fonts that are not surrounded by curly braces cannot be imported in the RTF format.
  • Having an empty list in HTML documents breaks the other lists' numbering during import.
  • Importing a DOC file where the entire content is in a table, leads to an endless loop.
  • The list item (HTML) that contains a paragraph is shown on the next line when exported to PDF.
  • PdfFormatProvider: Exception is thrown when converting a table with empty runs in the cells.


  • A System.NotSupportedException is thrown when trying to serialize a class into an ArchiveEntry stream.

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