Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R3 2023

October 11, 2023

What's New

  • Added new SvgImage control for displaying SVG images. It can be used control in XAML or markup extension providing ImageSource. Supports animation, css styling, reusing custom brushes.
  • Implemented AzureMapProvider in RadMap supporting both vector and raster Azure Maps Tile Sets with the ability to customize the rendering process.
  • Introduced a custom TextBlock control that allows for emphasizing a part of its text through its HighlightText property.


  • NullReferenceException when filtering is used with null values in the source collection.


  • The arrow is not visible when the color picker is open in Windows11 theme.
  • Wrong or missing borders of the PalletteViewItems when PalletteColumnsCount property is changed runtime on some of the inner PalletteView controls.


  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when performing an undo operation restoring a deleted container shape containing a child shape.


  • Exception is raised when resizing PaneGroups with Margins and ShowResizePreview is set to False.
  • NullReferenceException when dragging a pane outside the control in multiple dockings drag drop scenarios.


  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when adding and removing items from different threads.
  • DisplayIndex is not the correct one when reordering visible and invisible columns.
  • Unexpected selected item in the UI when clicking on other item and data items are removed and inserted asynchronously.


  • Implemented AzureMapProvider in RadMap supporting both vector and raster Azure Maps Tile Sets with the ability to customize the rendering process.


  • The Value property is not updated correctly in RadMaskedCurrencyInput when Mask='' and FormatString='p'.

MS Controls

  • The Checkbox is cropped in Windows11 compact mode when screen scale to 150%.


  • Item is automatically selected when pressing the tab key to leave the control.


  • TypeNameParserException is printed in the output when the control is initialized and the Windows11 theme is used.


  • The popup is not displayed on Windows 11 OS, 22H2 version.
  • ShowBalloonTip method doesn't work when the overload with the System.Drawing.Icon is used. The case is no longer reproducible with Windows 11 Version 22H2 (Build 22621.1992).


  • Updated border colors in Windows11 theme when ShowTextBox property is set to false.

PDF Viewer

  • Implement API for getting Location from TextPosition. This was created when adding sear API in PdfProcessing. One can use the GetWordBoundingRect method to get the location of a text position.
  • ArgumentException when using invalid regex in the find dialog.
  • Border width is incorrect with some documents.
  • NullReferenceException when searching for a bookmark that does not have a destination.
  • NullreferenceException when searching for a bookmark that does not point to a specific page.
  • The CurrentPageTextBox in the toolbar has stopped displaying when XAML assemblies are used.


  • Prevent exporting exactly the same fonts more than once.
  • An endless loop when importing a document containing an EI keyword not followed by space or return.
  • An exception is thrown when exporting an encoded document containing an image with Index ColorSpace.
  • Filled values in forms are missing when exporting to an image.
  • An InvalidCastException caused by colorspace defined as nested indirect objects.
  • An InvalidDataException 'Unknown compression method (0x31)' thrown when importing a document.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when importing a document with an invalid offset of the cross-reference table.
  • A KeyNotFoundException when getting glyph width with a standard font and WinAnsiEncoding.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when importing a document containing an updated xref table that has an invalid offset.
  • Some documents containing Type1 font without Private Dict are not rendered as expected.
  • TrueType Postscript fonts perceived as Standard fonts are embedded on export.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when loading a document with no Encoding containing MicrosoftNonSymbolicGlyph.


  • Introduced Content and ContentForeground properties.


  • Simplified items are not displayed when their ribbon tab is hosted in a contextual group.
  • The window title bar is higher than expected in the Windows11 and Crystal themes.


  • Introduced support for exporting documents containing BIN images.
  • Creating a new document fragment from an imported document adds an empty paragraph at the end
  • InvalidOperationException is raised when opening the drop-down menu of ShapesColorPicker or ShapesOutlinePicker elements in Windows 11, Crystal and VisualStudio 2019 themes.
  • Shapes with rounded rectangles are rendered with the wrong geometry if Culture's decimal symbol is set to ','.
  • Shift + Left arrow navigation selects the entire word instead of the previous letter when inside a table.
  • The FontFamilly is not preserved when one is pasting from WordPad.
  • The selected text cannot be deleted after scrolling to another page.
  • Wrong tab stop position when copying form RichTextBox and pasting in Word.
  • Resizing, maximizing or restoring a window which hosts RichTextBox containing table in Flow layout mode moves the table borders unexpectedly.
  • Sometimes Double mouse clicks will not execute when clicking into the middle of a letter.
  • LineNumbering dialog is not shown in Windows11 with NoXaml and NET version of assemblies.


  • The VerticalContentAlignment for the AppointmentItem has been set to Stretch in the Windows 11 theme.


  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when copying a sheet containing chart with Marker which FIll is null.
  • DataValidation is incorrect when the same rule is applied on multiple ranges.
  • Exporting a document containing workbook properties and protection leads to an invalid document.
  • Horizontal bar chart data is loaded incorrectly in some documents.
  • Importing an XLS document containing _xlfn.SINGLE defined name causes an InvalidOperationException.
  • Importing documents containing many formulas referring to constant—Ā values is causing a memory leak.
  • Resolving a conditional formatting rule for cells with a row index greater than the max causes an exception.
  • When importing a document with a print title name which is not a cell reference and exception is thrown.
  • Text is cut off when exporting to PDF with a specific font.


  • Cannot apply the filter after protecting a sheet when the Filter option in the protection dialog is checked.
  • Data validation of a list with defined names does not take the source into account.
  • Defined names do not appear in the Name box.
  • The data validation error message box has an invalid size when shown multiple times.


  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when iterating cells having a disabled 'Normal font' formatting option.


  • An exception when searching with invalid regex *.


  • CellDecorationsNeeded event is not thrown for pinned cells.


  • HtmlFormatProvider: Handle import of base64 images with no data source.
  • Introduced support for importing documents containing simple fields as a child of another run.
  • Introduced support for import of documents containing runs as children of another run.
  • Document with a shape containing PictureFill fails to export to DOCX.
  • DOCX document fails to import if it contains content control without content inside the first block in the header or footer.
  • HtmlFormatProvider: Wrong parsing of border styles when both are set inline and in CSS.
  • PdfFormatProvider: ArgumentException because of negative line height.
  • A table cell with a dark background is always exported with a white foreground.
  • When exported, a table cell with set borders is visualized with only top and bottom borders.

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