Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R3 2018

September 12, 2018

What's New

  • MultiColumnComboBox(Beta) - Introducing a ComboBox-like control that combines the functionalities of RadComboBox, RadAutoCompleteBox and RadGridView. It supports different search and selection modes.
  • Crystal Theme - A new inspired by MacOS theme, delivering the renown Mac OS look and feel to your WPF apps. The team at Apple have been a trend setter with their clean UI and with the Crystal theme you will be able to bring that style to your own apps.

All Controls

  • Opening\closing of the Touch keyboard on Windows 10 with Anniversary update now works out of the box for all of the input controls.
  • CHM: Copyright notice shows on top of the content.
  • CHM: Cookies popup is displayed on each page.


  • FocusVisual is not hidden when the control has a validation error in Fluent theme.


  • ChartTooltipBehavior doesn't work on touch devices.


  • Introduced a new LineSeries3D visualization that allows you to show the plotted data with a line.


  • The control internally breaks OneWay bindings to the SelectedColor property.


  • A NotSupportedException is thrown when filtering an enum column.


  • DiagramShape's child automation peers are not present in the automation tree when the shape's ContentTemplate is used.


  • Implemented CanAutoHideAreaExceedScreen property of RadDocking, that allows auto hide popups to go out side of screen boundaries.
  • Corrected the localization of "Hide" string in French from "Cacher:" to "Cacher".


  • The Field list does not update when a new instance of the control is created and the Item property is ICustomTypeProvider type.


  • Local Drive labels are now displayed in their complete form ('Windows (C:)', 'Data (D:)') in TreeView and Breadcrumb.
  • Implemented network shared locations support in navigation tree and breadcrumb.


  • Added SelectedBackground property of GridViewRow and GridViewCell elements which is used to paint the background of the row/cell when it is selected.
  • Exposed the CurrentBorderBrush property of the GridViewCell element which is used to paint the current border of the cell.
  • SelectedItem is lost when RadGridView is sorted and item is updated.
  • Pasting a row which contains a multiline string as a value now works as expected.
  • When the GridLinesVisibility property is set to None and a gap between cells and rows is shown.
  • When having hierarchy the expand button has wrong width in Fluent theme.
  • Column's DataType is not respected by SearchAsYouType when data objects are dynamic type.
  • Deleting or adding items that implement IList is not respected by the UI, when group render mode is Nested.
  • FontSize, FontFamily and FontWeight properties of GridViewComboBoxColumn set via CellStyle is not respected in some themes when IsLightweightModeEnabled is False.
  • Part of vertical border is missing when grouping in Material theme.
  • HighlightTextBlock: For usage in custom column use HighlightTextBlock(SearchStateManager), instead of HighlightTextBlock. To access RadGridView's SearchStateManager in particular, use RadGridView.SearchStateManager. In CreateCellElement, you can use it like this: new HighlightTextBlock(cell.Column.DataControl.SearchStateManager).
  • GridViewNewRow FontSize is now 13px instead of 10px in Office2013Theme.


  • NullReferenceException is thrown when HeatMap is placed inside RadPane and that RadPane is undocked.

Image Editor

  • The SelectionTool is one of the tools that come out-of-the-box with RadImageEditor. It allows you to select a specific area from an image and apply different effects to it.
  • Added ZoomToCursor property indicating whether wheel scaling is performed towards the mouse cursor on the image.
  • The localization strings in Shape tool and Draw tool now have translations.


  • Multiple LayoutControl instances with LayoutControlToolBox share single ToolBoxView instance.


  • Text is not displayed correctly when Mask is changed runtime to "" (no-mask).
  • IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when changing the Mask through a DataTrigger.
  • NumericInput caret jumps to the end when editing a no-mask control with P0 as the FormatString.
  • Improved entering of Chinese and Japanese characters using Microsoft or Google IME. FatalExecutionEngineError, FormatException and InvalidCastExceptions are fixed when using IME.


  • Added ability for highlighting the first item when Alt or F10 key is pressed - the new IsMainMenu property needs to be set to true.

PDF Viewer

  • Implemented support for importing bookmarks (outlines) from a PDF file. The bookmarks are displayed in the RadPdfViewerNavigationPane control.
  • Interactive Form Fields are not editable when loading document containing Fields with missing state appearances.
  • Hidden checkboxes are editable in the UI.


  • Editing API does not apply some graphics properties to text fragments.
  • IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when importing cross reference entries which are not on consequent rows.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when exporting empty CidSet.
  • FileFormatException is thrown while exporting document with specific font.


  • Implemented AutoShowSubTotals property of GroupDescription that will hiding the subtotals of particular GroupDescriptions only.


  • When the RibbonView is in a RibbonWindow its title is covered by the ContextualGroupHeaders at some sizes.
  • RadRibbonButton does not have HorizontalContentAlignement set by default in Fluent theme.
  • Removed default FocusVisualStyle of the DropDownPopupContent inside RadRibbonDropDownButton.
  • Outputted binding errors are replaced with warnings when RibbonView is hosted in RibbonWindow with Title and NoXAML binaries.


  • Improved performance when editing, especially when there are long spans.
  • Improved API for DocumentPosition and DocumentSelection classes.
  • Added support for SYMBOL field.
  • Text typed in RadRichTextBox is processed asynchronously. Also API for disabling this is added.
  • Document containing custom list with inversed parts cannot be imported from DOCX.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when typing after inserting fragment with consecutive Spans with same styling.
  • Tables with 'AutoFit to Window' size in headers/footers are exported to DOCX and RTF with 0 width, when there are fields, not in display mode, in other headers/footers.
  • Some characters with unicode code points larger than FFFF are not imported correctly in HTML.
  • RadNumericUpDown controls in ParagraphProperties dialog are with an incorrect width in Office2016Touch theme when used through StyleManager.
  • PdfFormatProvider: FileFormatException is thrown while exporting document with specific font.
  • When empty font definition is included in the RTF font table, an ArgumentNullException is thrown.
  • Row height is not exported correctly to RTF when first cell of the row is vertically merged.
  • When the DOCX Page Margins element is missing information about margins the margins are imported with size 0.
  • Spell checking dialog doesn't scroll the view to include the currently checked word.
  • DocumentPosition.GetCurrentPositionInSpan() is deprecated. Use DocumentPosition.GetIndexInCurrentSpanBox() instead.
  • DocumentPosition.IsAtCellEnd() is obsolete. Use the IsPositionAtTableCellEnd instance property instead.
  • DocumentPosition.IsAtCellStart() is obsolete. Use the IsPositionAtTableCellStart instance property instead.
  • DocumentPosition.IsAtDocumentEnd() is obsolete. Use the IsPositionAtDocumentEnd instance property instead.
  • DocumentPosition.IsAtDocumentStart() is obsolete. Use the IsPositionAtDocumentStart instance property instead.
  • DocumentPosition.IsAtParagraphEnd() is obsolete. Use the IsPositionAtParagraphEnd instance property instead.
  • DocumentPosition.IsAtParagraphStart() is obsolete. Use the IsPositionAtParagraphStart instance property instead.
  • DocumentPosition.IsAtRowStart() is obsolete. Use the IsPositionAtTableRowStart instance property instead.


  • Incorrect scrolling to a Slot that is not present in the viewport.
  • Current time indicator is visible when the DayStartTime property is bigger than DateTime.Now in WeekViewDefinition.


  • NotSupportedException is thrown when trying to show .emf image.
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when a new line is inserted in the formula bar and there is no other text.


  • Added a functionality to control "Auto" Visibility of the OverFlow Button. It will be controlled through AutoHideOverflowButton property.


  • Added IsSelectable property of RadTreeViewItem which can be used to prevent the selection of the item.

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