Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R3 2017

September 12, 2017

What's New

  • FileDialogs(Beta)
    • The open file(s), open folder(s) and save file dialogs provide themeable alternatives of the commonly used dialogs for a more consistent UI throughout the application and the rest of the controls.
  • VirtualGrid(New)
    • A light-weight grid control, designed to work with large amounts of data with low memory footprint and outstanding performance.

All Controls

  • Added analytics support of SelectionChanged event for GridView, TreeListView, RibbonView, TabControl, Carousel, Listbox, TreeView, TileView, VirtualGrid, Calendar, ColorPicker and ColorEditor control.
  • Background for RadAutoCompleteBox, RadCalculatorPicker, RadMaskedInput is not transparent in default state in Material theme.


  • The AutoCompleteListBox's item outside viewport is not scrolled into view using a keyboard navigation.


  • When resizing RadCarousel and RadCarouselPanel.Path is defined, an ArgumentException is thrown.


  • Added new RadFunnelChart and corresponding RadFunnelSeries. FunnelChart is usually suitable for displaying values in progressively increasing or decreasing order.
  • Obsoleted Metro palette is deleted. Use Windows8 instead.


  • Control does not look as expected when placed outside of RadDateTimePicker in Material theme.


  • Sliders get clipped on control width less than 350 in Material theme.


  • Added an option to update the Value of an editable ComboBox only when it loses focus or Enter is pressed (using the new UpdateSelectionOnLostFocus property).
  • ArgumentException in the RadComboBoxAutomationPeer class is thrown when one of the data items is null.


  • GetClickedElement<T> does not return the clicked element if it is the top most element of the given type.


  • DataFormDataField does not respect the ContentTemplate property.


  • Exception when changing the theme, once DateTimePicker is opened and its DateSelectionMode property is Month.


  • RadDiagramTextShape wrong Padding in Office2016, Office2016Touch and Material themes.


  • Items in ProportionalStackPanel don't take all the available space when the panel is measured with infinity.
  • StyleManager does not apply VisualStudio2013 theme correctly.


  • ShouldDestroyContainersOnReset property is now protected virtual to enable custom conditions.
  • Added an EnableStickyGroupHeaders property enabling the option to pin the current group header to the top while scrolling.
  • Implemented the possibility to align the HeaderAggregates with the columns via ColumnAggregatesAlignment property.
  • Optimize horizontal scrolling performance when auto-sized columns are used.
  • Inserting an item when RadGridView is scrolled to bottom does not bring the new item into view when GroupRenderMode is Flat.
  • GridViewCheckBoxColumn checkboxes' states are wrong after scrolling in Green, Office2016, Office2016Touch and Material themes.
  • Column's IsGroupable property is not respected during the "grouping" process.
  • AggregateResults are not updated when modified from different Tab of a TabControl.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when RichTextBox is used inside CellTemplate of GridViewColumn, GroupRenderMode is Flat and sorting is applied.
  • IndexOutOfRangeException when using merged cells with VirtualQueryableCollectionView.
  • When bound to GridViewComboBoxColumn (islightweight = true) DataFormatString is not respected.
  • The user can't access an item in the Combobox editor by typing prefixes when a ComboboxColumn has ItemTemplate set.
  • Cells disappear when inserting new row is interrupted in hierarchical setup.
  • GridViewCheckBoxColumn checkboxes' states are wrong after being filtered in Green, Office2016, Office2016Touch and Material themes.
  • RowHeight property is not respected in Office_Black, Office_Blue, Office_Silver, Expression_Dark, Transparent, Summer, Vista, Windows7 & Windows8 themes when using Lightweight Templates.
  • Setting AnimationManager IsAnimationEnabled does not affect animation in RadGridView in Material theme.
  • Changed footers of groups and columns to be left aligned by default in Office2013 theme. You can change them by setting the FooterTextAlignment property of columns or using implicit styles that target GridViewGroupFooterCell and GridViewFooterCell.
  • Fixed visual glitches such as double borders when select and edit a GridView cell in the lightweight mode in Office_Black, Office_Blue, Office_Silver, Summer, Vista, Transparent, Expression_Dark, Windows7 and Windows8 themes.


  • Scrolling down while dragging does not work for RadListBoxItems with height more than 22px.


  • Added a ValueMode property in MaskedTextInput which enables the Value to include literals and/or placeholders.

MS Controls

  • Added themes support for WPF GridSplitter control. If you use our MS controls styles, GridSplitter's appearance will be changed after upgrade.


  • BindingExpression path errors are thrown in the output window with Material theme.


  • When you write inside the control it gets bigger in Material theme when using StyleManager.

PDF Viewer

  • Support for editing and saving of interactive forms.
  • Implemented 'Save As' command and added 'Save As' button.
  • Implemented read-only rendering for all annotation types.
  • Information about the signing date is added in 'Signature Validation Status' dialog.
  • Added possibility for signing of documents containing signature field.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when scrolling with inertia and changing the presenter simultaneously in touch mode.
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when rendering glyph with tiling pattern fill.


  • NullReferenceException or OverflowException can be thrown when creating documents in multiple threads simultaneously.
  • A color is not imported correctly when the color component of an RGB color space is outside of the allowed ranges.
  • UriFormatException is thrown when importing Action without the HTTP prefix.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown by PdfFormatProvider when importing CID font widths array containing real width values.
  • Field values are not visible in Adobe Reader when "Show border hover color for fields" setting is selected.


  • PivotGrid: InvalidOperationException is thrown or wrong quarter is displayed when adding a QueryableDateTimeGroupDescription with Step=Quarter.
  • QueryableDataProvider throws InvalidOperationException when a QueryablePropertyAggregateDescription for field with Primitive type is used and IgnoreNullValues = true.


  • Added LabelStyle property that configures the label style of PropertyGridFields.
  • Added a property that indicates whether fields should be recreated after item is changed - PropertyGridItemChangedEventArgs.ShouldUpdateContent.
  • Open the PropertySet API by making the PropertySet instance public and ensure notifications to the bound items.
  • UpdatePropertySetValue method that can modify a property value deciding whether to propagate the change to the data model.
  • Missing "-" sign on collapse property button in Office2016 and Office2016Touch themes set through StyleManager.


  • "TogglePositionMenuItem" Header is wrong when QAT is positioned below Ribbon in Green theme.
  • RadRibbonWindow's ResizerGrid is misplaced in the VisualStudio2013 & Office2013 themes.
  • QAT DropDownButton size is changed to be 36x36px in Windows8Touch theme.
  • Added missing right border of ContentPanel when RibbonView is not hosted in a RibbonWindow in Office2016 and Office2016Touch themes.


  • InsertTable command respects current editing style when adding paragraphs to the generated table cells.
  • Added translations of the "Column Break" string marking the position of column breaks in a document with formatting symbols turned on.
  • Allow the text of the selection to be extracted without the paragraph list text (bullet or numbering).
  • Document containing floating block which is with vertical alignment value of Inside/Outside is not imported.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when updating fields with nested annotations.
  • Clicking at the beginning of a paragraph that starts with annotation moves the caret to the end of the previous paragraph on every second click.
  • Images with width larger than the section width are exported distorted to PDF.
  • Dialogs cannot be open when RadRichTextBox is used in Windows Forms application with XAML binaries.
  • ExternalException is thrown while importing document containing complex EMF image when using .NET Framework version lower than 4.7.
  • Memory leak when changing the document in Flow layout mode.
  • HTML document containing invalid base64-encoded image source cannot be imported.
  • Control and components are not themed properly with StyleManager in Office2016 and Office2016Touch.
  • Non-breaking spaces declared with the '\~ ' control word are missing after import from RTF.
  • Color changing UI commands do not apply the color when invoked with string containing the name of the color.
  • Design-time generation wizard does not work in Visual Studio 2017.
  • XamlParseException with message "Cannot find resource named 'thumbStroke'." is thrown when the ImageAdornerUI resources are not present in App.Current.Resources.


  • Selection of edited appointment is lost when Resource is changed from edit appointment dialog.


  • Exposed WorksheetUIUpdateContextBase.GetDataValidationRuleResult(CellIndex) public method, useful for creating custom data validation UI layers.
  • Added support for the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions.
  • Added support for MATCH function.
  • Added support for the DAYS function.
  • Wrong InvalidOperationException messages are constructed sometimes - '<paramName> should be false' when the value of the parameter is actually false; '<paramName> should be true' when the value of the parameter is actually true.
  • InvalidOperationException is sometimes thrown when exporting to XLSX format in multi-threaded scenario.


  • Exposed WorksheetUIUpdateContextBase.GetDataValidationRuleResult(CellIndex) public method, useful for creating custom data validation UI layers.
  • Added support for the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions.
  • Added support for MATCH function.
  • Added support for the DAYS function.
  • Wrong InvalidOperationException messages are constructed sometimes - '<paramName> should be false' when the value of the parameter is actually false; '<paramName> should be true' when the value of the parameter is actually true.
  • Characters different than digits or letters entered in FormulaBar are not visible in Expression Dark, VisualStudio2013 dark and Green dark themes.
  • Updated the default values of first three FormulaSelectionColors to be visible in Expression_Dark, Green and VisualStudio2013 Dark themes.


  • Added IWorkbookExporter.GetSheetInfos() method for accessing the names of the sheets within the workbook.
  • Default encoding of CSV documents changed from UTF8 without BOM to UTF8 with BOM, for better compatibility with MS Excel when the workbook contains non-ASCII characters.


  • Minimize button overlaps header content if the content is too long in all themes except Green, Office2016, Office2016Touch and Material themes.
  • A Tile cannot be moved if you click on the topleft or topright area of its Header in all themes except Green, Office2016, Office2016Touch and Material themes.
  • Custom maximizeToggleStyle renamed to TileViewMaximizeToggleStyle in all themes except Green, Office2016, Office2016Touch and Material themes.


  • RowHeight property is not respected in Material theme.


  • Extended support for editing:
    • Edit triggers.
    • Cancel edit support.
    • DataProvider support for the new editting features.
  • Added support for sorting:
    • UI and programmatic sorting.
    • DataProvider sorting implementation.
  • Added support for filtering:
    • UI and programmatic filtering.
    • DataProvider filtering implementation.
    • Customizable distinct values and field filters.
  • Added Coded UI and Automation support.
  • Added ScrollIndexIntoView method.
  • Added support for Rows and Columns resizing run-time (through the UI).
  • Added support for relative sizing of headers (in stars).
  • Added support for UI and programmatic selection:
    • Single, Multiple and Extended selection.
    • Range selection.
    • Unit selection (Row, Cell and Column).
  • Keyboard navigation + expandability through a command provider.
  • Localization support for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Turkish languages.
  • Added support for Rows and Columns alternation.
  • Added an option to fit the Column width to its content (new FitColumnWidthToContent method).
  • Now VirtualGrid respects all font and text alignment properties.
  • Added customizable commands for Pin, Edit, Select, Copy.
  • Formatted Copy support (for advanced cell ranges).
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when trying to edit a nullable property.
  • Full rework of UI virtualization (fixed some known issues and optimized performance).


  • The Document Outline window in Visual Studio now allows inspection of the WizardPages and their content.
  • Now changing the Wizzard page padding does not affect footer buttons and their margins. If having a custom FooterTemplate the margins inside need to be updated after the upgrade.


  • Getting paragraph's style property actual value is evaluating Normal style last when the paragraph is without explicitly assigned style and is in a table.
  • Non-breaking spaces declared with the '\~ ' control word are missing after import from RTF.

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