Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R3 2016

September 13, 2016

What's New

  • ChartView3D(CTP)
    • The new 3D chart gives your application the means to display real three dimensional data. That’s a nice-to-have addition for financial, statistical, dashboard, business, scientific and other types of applications with great end-user capabilities, such as rotating, panning and zooming.
  • PasswordBox(New)
    • Use the new RadPasswordBox control to get password input from users, which will be stored in a secure string. The control shows predefined watermark text when empty, as well as a button that can display the currently entered password instead of the specified PasswordChar.
  • LayoutControl(Official)
    • RadLayoutControl is now official and its toolbox allows you to add, remove and reorder items, plus a new splitter item for resizing operations when not in edit mode.
  • New Office 2016 Theme
    • This new theme makes your app look like Office 2016, giving your users familiar application styling.
    • With the new Office2016 theme we introduced a new approach to add icons and icon-like images. We are providing font "glyphs" via the TelerikWebUI font. The glyphs are vector symbols that can be used as information-carrying icons or interaction indicators. 
  • NuGet packages update
    • Now the nuget packages are multi framework which means that they contain both WPF40 and WPF45 libraries.
    • It is recommended to uninstall old WPF40/WPF45 nuget packages from your project before start using new multi framework Nuget Packages for WPF. That’s way you will keep your projects as clean as possible and will remove old lib files.

    • Localization packages now give you:
      • NuGet recognizes that the package is a satellite package at the time of installation.

      • The localized files are copied into the runtime package's lib folder at the time of package installation (For example: Telerik.Windows.Controls.for.WPF.de.2016.3.725.nupkg will be installed under. WpfApplication1\packages\Telerik.Windows.Controls.for.WPF.2016.3.725\lib\net40\de).
      • When the satellite package is uninstalled, the localized files are removed from the runtime package's lib folder.

      • Once the localized files are copied into the runtime package's lib folder, Visual Studio and MSBuild do the rest of the work.

All Controls

  • Added TabNavigationExtensions.IsTabStop attached property used for the Tab navigation in RadAutoCompletebox, RadComboBox, RadDateTimePicker and RadNumericUpDown.
  • Inconsistent Foreground brushes in Windows8Touch theme for multiple controls (ChartView Tooltip2D, CollectionEditor, PropertyGrid, Docking, GanttView, GridView, TreelistView, BreadCrumb, OutlookBar, TreeView, LayoutControl, RadialMenu, RibbonView, RichTextBoxUI, Tooltips, ValidationTooltip, Tilelist, HeaderedContentControl) changed to MainForeground and InvertedForeground brushes accordingly.
  • Cursor doesn't change to IBeam when it enters the control (it stays Arrow). This affects:
    • RadAutoCompleteBox
    • RadDateTimePicker
    • RadTimeSpanPicker
    • RadWatermarkTextBox
  • Caret of all input controls is stretched in Office2013 theme.
  • Telerik Document Processing: Assemblies targeting .NET Framework 4.5 (with a version number ending with .45) are not distributed anymore. Use the assemblies targeting .NET Framework 4.0. The libraries don't contain code specific for .NET Framework 4.5, thus an additional version is not needed.


  • Added NoResultsContent and NoResultsContentTemplate properties that make it possible to display text in the dropdown when there are no filtered items.
  • AutoCompleteBox's text is moved 1px left in Office2013 theme.


  • A new property "CloseOnPopupMouseLeftButtonUp" is exposed controlling whether the popup should be closed when a user clicks on the DropDownContent for RadDropDownButton and RadSplitButton.


  • Introduced ItemsPerSwipe property of RadCarouselPanel which controls the number of items displayed per page after a swipe guesture.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when items are removed while scrolling.


  • Trackball becomes unresponsive in a live data scenario with more than one chart.


  • Added AllowMultipleSelection property that allows selection of more than one item. Added SelectAll, UnselectAll and ToggleSelectAll commands.
  • RadComboBox skips every other item when navigating through items in the dropdown with arrow keys and a CheckBox is used in the ItemTemplate.
  • Hovered Item in the dropdown stays highlighted if the pointer is moved out of the control without passing through other items in Green theme.
  • Disabled editable RadComboBox has a redundant black border in Transparent theme.


  • DataFormValidationSummary control can be used outside the context of RadDataForm.
  • Created a public virtual method that exposes the ValidationResults generation - GetValidationResults.


  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.DataServices60 assembly is built against the latest stable version of OData v4 corresponding binary - Miscosoft.OData.Client. Its version is 6.15.0 and all a customer needs to do is to update the references to be the same latest version of the OData assemblies.
  • QueryableDataServiceCollectionView doesn't respond to changes after RejectChanges() call.


  • Implemented static RoutedUI Close command for RadDateTimePicker.
  • The Shift+Tab combination doesn't move the focus backwards when IsTabStop is set to True.


  • When non UIElement is placed in the content of a RadDiagramShape a null reference exception in thrown when click on the shape.
  • When DiagramToolBox's ItemsSource is set/changed runtime, no items are shown in the gallery
  • Container Auto Resizing cannot be rollbacked with Undo method / command.
  • Pan event is not fired when the Diagram is panned on touch device.
  • After a swipe operation is finished the Active tool is Pan instead of Pointer.
  • Renamed CloseButtonStyle and OpenCloseButtonStyle in RadDiagram's ToolBox for all themes to DiagramCloseButtonStyle and DiagramOpenCloseButtonStyle.


  • Obsoleted ElementSaving and ElementCleaning events. Use ElementLayoutSaving and ElementLayoutCleaning instead.
  • DragDropManager handlers are being always hooked even if the DragDropMode is not Deffered.
  • Compass additional background when trying to dock in empty DocumentHost is removed in VisualStudio 2013 and Green themes.


  • Loading source from database that contains properties from partial classes that are not mapped results in LINQ Exception.


  • Timeline and Timeruler cannot be enlarged if once shrunk.
  • Tasks are removed by performing drag and drop from the GridView part to outside of the control's borders while it is added to a RadDocking control.


  • Text search criteria can be added programmatically using SearchByText command.
  • "Search as you type" support for GridViewComboBoxColumn.
  • Introduced CanUserSelectColumns property which allows users to select a whole column via convenient list available in the GroupPanel. This option is applicable only when SelectionMode is Multiple/Extended and SelectionUnit is Cell/Mixed.
  • Made GridViewCell`s IsHighlighted and HighlightTextBlock`s DataType properties public, thus making it possible to create a custom column with a HighlightTextBlock element.
  • Introduced SelectCellRegion\UnselectCellRegion method which allows you to select\unselect a specific region(s) of cells.
  • When unfreezing a single column, sometimes its content overlaps with other columns.
  • GridView throws InvalidOperationException with ICollectionView Grouping update.
  • GridView export to excel shows binding errors.
  • IsReadOnlyBinding does not work if bound to a nested property.
  • RadGridView bound to VQCV throws an exception on pressing Ctrl+End keys and it is in edit mode.
  • GridViewDynamicHyperlinkColumn doesn't work if NavigateUrlFormatString is not set.
  • When GroupRenderMode is Flat, GroupFooterRowStyleSelector is not updated once the condition is changed.
  • Column groups are not correctly exported when group by a column which property ShowColumnWhenGrouped is set to False.
  • Concurrency issue can occur when showing RadGridView.
  • When item is modified so it's position needs to be changed according to a sort descriptor, it's removed from the SelectedItems collection.
  • Exporting only SelectedItems when RadGridView is grouped is not respected when ExportToXlsx and ExportToPdf.
  • Memory Leak when changing themes at runtime.
  • Values with valid search matches highlight other non-string cells with "contains" criterion.
  • All items are loaded on selecting the first and then the last items when SelectionMode is Extended and RadGridView source is VirtualQueryableCollectionView.
  • After clearing the source collection, adding new ones increases the count of the cached items.
  • Validation border of validated item, when the item is GridViewNewRow, is not fully visible in Windows8 theme.
  • Continuous adding and removing items from the bound ItemsSource result in memory leak.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown on inserting items from another thread and EnableCollectionSynchronization is set.
  • IndexOutOfRange exception is thrown when the grid is bound to VirtualQueryableCollectionView and then edited and scrolled down.
  • Export output of ColumnGroups, which follow one that contains non-exportable columns, is misaligned.
  • Blank ColumnGroups are not correctly exported, which breaks the export order of the other ColumnGroups.
  • Exporting columns bound to char property throws InvalidCastException.
  • Aggregates in GridViewFooterRow are not updated when a pane is re-shown in RadDocking.
  • All items are loaded when AutomationPeers are used and grid is bound to VirtualQueryableCollectionView.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on pinning an item in a custom scenario.
  • Corrected Group panel text mistake in French.
  • When GroupFooterCellStyleSelector is used and GroupRenderMode is Flat, the container's parent (GroupFooterRow) from the SelectStyle method does not have a valid group.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in GridViewCell.PrepareCellTooltip method.
  • MergedCells cannot be aligned horizontally in VisualStudio 2013 theme.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when filtering through the search panel and the grid is bound to a DataTable.
  • Column headers are misaligned with custom header and wrapped text when FilterMode of the grid is set to FilterRow.


  • Introduced Coded UI level 1 and 2 support.
  • Exposed a new LayoutControlToolBox control which allows the users to monitor the entire structure of the LayoutControl and its nesting levels. It also allows dynamic insertion of UIElements to the LayoutControl such as LayoutControlGroups\Separators etc. and tracking the items which has been deleted in the current session.
  • Added new LayoutControlSplitter which allows users to resize the LayoutControl items when the control in not in edit mode.
  • Exposed a way to disable the selected Item from being resized.
  • Exposed a way to disable the selected Item from being dragged.
  • Exposed a way to disable the ManipulationPane for the selected Item.
  • ManipulationPane is still visible when the control is in disabled state.
  • The LayoutControlMouseOverIndicator is visible when the application is started and the mouse is not over the LayoutControl.


  • Added WrapAround property which enables users to pan the Map horizontally with no limits. Also this gives the ability to position lines / curves with locations exceeding the Longitude limits [-180;180].
  • MapQuest mode is removed from the OpenSteetProvider default modes. Also MapQuest mode and OpenStreetMapQuestSource are marked Obsolete. This is because the MapQuest tile services are discontinued since July 2016.


  • Incorrect Value and Text of MaskedCurrencyInput when the DecimalSeparator' value is not the culture's default.
  • The currency symbols in RadMaskedCurrencyInput with"hr-HR" (Croatia) Culture don't work as expected.
  • Wrong value/text is produced in Numeric/CurrencyInput when UpdateValueEvent is LostFocus and number with trailing zeros is edited.
  • ScrollViewer is duplicated in a scenario having multi-line masked control in Transparent theme.
  • Wrong position of the caret when you try to replace a char with the same one and InputBehavior is set to Replace.

MS Controls

  • TextBox unexpected sizing behavior when set MinLines and MaxLines for all themes, except Expression_Dark.
  • GroupBox's content position is changed in Office2013 theme.
  • PasswordBox's password is moved 1px up.


  • Missing Focus state for MinimizedOutlookBarItem in Windows8Touch theme.
  • MinimizedAreaControl's Height is changed when adding MinimizedOutlookBarItems in Windows8 theme.

PDF Viewer

  • FixedDocumentPresenterBase VisiblePages property now is not abstract and cannot be overridden. Instead, a setter is introduced and VisiblePages property needs to be set in custom presenter implementation in order to ensure that visible pages content is loaded.


  • Introduced Clone() method in RadFixedDocument class.
  • Exporting document with encryption occasionally exports corrupted PDF documents.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown when importing destination with page number.
  • Merging two RadFixedDocument instances clears the content of the source document.
  • Performance issues exporting PDF documents containing text blocks.


  • Added AllowSelection property for enabling\disabling RadPivotGrid selection.
  • Added CopySelection and ClearSelection commands.
  • QueryableCalculatedAggregateDescription is missing in the QueryablePivotSerializationHelper.KnownTypes.


  • Added BindingModeOverride attached property of the AutoBindBehavior class, which can be used for setting the mode of the binding.
  • PropertyGridEditEndedEventArgs exposes a property Field.
  • EditorAttribute constructor can take the type's name as a string.
  • Introduced a public method ReloadData() that can refresh the control's date engine.
  • Custom editor templates can cause a memory leak if the control is placed in a separate window.


  • KeyTips are drawn incorrectly with FlowDirection set to RighToLeft.
  • Binding error is outputted when the RibbonView is not hosted in RibbonWindow.
  • RadRibbonDropDownButton is not closed when RadListBoxItem is selected with keyboard navigation.
  • DropDownButton placed in the RadRibbonGallery (expand popup content) disappears after been clicked twice.
  • The ApplicationMenu is not closed when a button's keytip is activated.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when the RibbonView is hosted in second (not loaded) Tabitem, the Keytips are activated and the MinimizeButton is visible .
  • Рўhe EscapeKey is handled by the KeyTipService even if the KeyTips are not activated.
  • KeyboardNavigationVisual of RibbonComboBox is not consistent with other ribbon buttons in Green theme.
  • RibbonSplitButton missing ButtonPartStyle and TogglePartStyle properties for all themes except Green and Office2016.


  • HTML format provider: Added support for importing lower-alpha and upper-alpha list style types.
  • Introduced RadWordsDictionary used to import MS Office custom dictionary files (*.dic) or files containing one word per row.
  • Introduced support for continuous section break for splitting a page to multiple sections.
  • Introduced RadDocumentMerger which provides the ability to append two or more documents into one or insert document into another document at a specific position.
  • Introduced Columns dialog which allows customization of columns in a document section.
  • PDF format provider: Document containing non-JPEG image or non-RGB JPEG image is not exported correctly when the compression mode is set to PdfImagesCompressionMode.Jpeg.
  • Deleting hyperlink with RadDocumentEditor leads to infinite loop if caret position is before hyperlink start.
  • When RadRichTextBox is in RadTabItem in RadTabControl, ribbon UI buttons and keyboard bindings do not work.
  • HTML format provider: Style properties of list numberings are not imported and exported.
  • RTF format provider: Paragraph copies the background color from the previous paragraph on import.
  • HTML format provider: Line-height style property is imported from HTML as Exact instead of as AtLeast.
  • Inserting line break in the middle of a span doesn't persist the span style when typing.
  • RTF format provider: Exception is thrown when exporting document with hyperlink pasted from Outlook.
  • RTF format provider: Pasting text containing a field with style in its code fragment causes KeyNotFoundException when the document is bound through RtfDataProvider.
  • UI freezes when the last row of a table with merged cell and row with set height is split into the pages.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when right clicking on an image in a repeated header table row.
  • Spellcheck does not work for text after repeated table header row.
  • When font family in imported document is with different case compared to the case of the registered font family, the font family is not preserved and falls back to the default one.
  • RTF Format Provider: the background from the previous paragraph is copied to the next one on import.
  • RTF format provider: SpacingBefore and SpacingAfter of a paragraph in a table cell is not exported.
  • RTF format provider: Table style cannot be changed after document export and import.
  • RTF format provider: When an empty table cell is exported, the font size of the applied style is wrong.
  • "ClearAll" button in Styles dialog should not have RadToggleButton.


  • RadScheduleView throws an exception when LocalizationManager is initially set to null.
  • GroupHeaders are not correctly recycled when AppoinmentsSource is changed at runtime and .Net 4.6.2 is installed on the machine.


  • Exporting document to XLSX with applied data validation rule over a large number of cells leads to performance issue.
  • PDF format provider: Cell clippings overlap the right border when exporting to PDF.
  • When a document with enabled sorting and filtering is exported and opened in MS Excel, Excel crashes if sorting is applied.
  • Document cannot be imported if formatting record refers to a missing style definition.
  • Getting the values of defined names referring cell range containing long cell values does not return the whole array string representation.


  • Introduced SelectionStrokeThickness, FillHandleSelectionStroke, SelectionStroke, SelectionFill properties of RadSpreadsheet class used to customize the UI selection.
  • Introduced SelectAllControlState read-only property of the SelectAllControl with possible values Normal and Selected. Introduced HeadingState read-only property of the RowHeading and ColumnHeading controls with possible values Normal, Selected, FullySelected.
  • Exporting document to XLSX with applied data validation rule over a large number of cells leads to performance issue.
  • Cell selection border is not placed correctly when zooming.
  • PDF format provider: Cell clippings overlap the right border when exporting to PDF.
  • When a document with enabled sorting and filtering is exported and opened in MS Excel, Excel crashes if sorting is applied.
  • "Protect Workbook" dialog has incorrect height in Green theme.
  • The Name property of a Workbook cannot be accessed in WorkbookChanged event handler when the document is changed.
  • Data validation circles are drawn over data validation input message.
  • Horizontal scrollbar appears when many sort conditions are added in Sort dialog in Windows8Touch theme.
  • Document cannot be imported if formatting record refers to a missing style definition.
  • Clicking "Find All" button resizes FindAndReplaceDialog to a smaller size and the buttons on the bottom get hidden as a result. Closing the dialog and opening it again opens it with very large size.
  • The ProtectionButton control is deprecated. Instead of it, RibbonButton should be used.


  • TabItems are flipped when the TabStripPlacement is set to Left in Green theme.


  • The screen resolution or the TilePlaceHolderSide over 226 affects displaying all tiles.
  • OutOfMemory exception is thrown after TileType property of a tile has been modified runtime and the host window is resized.
  • A Tile in RadTileList control is moving with touch even if RadTileList's TileReorderMode property is set to "None".
  • Multiple loading/unloading RadTileList bound to a collection of INotifyPropertyChanged items leads to memory leak.


  • When one of the current RadTimeSpanComponents has set Visibility to Collapsed, the control throws an exception.


  • The RadToolTip leaks when its owner is removed from the visual tree.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when a tooltip is opened on a UI thread different than the original UI thread.

Touch Manager

  • TouchIndicator is positioned incorrectly when the DPI display size is not the default one.


  • Wrong brush reference for the Connecting lines in Green theme.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when modifying the RadTreeListView ItemsSource in specific scenarios.
  • Removing all the children in a nested collection, when filtering is applied, causes an exception.


  • When using Virtualization ExpanderStyle is not applied to RadTreeViewItems.


  • DOCX format provider: Enabling import of images declared in shape elements.
  • DOCX format provider: Importing document containing bookmark start/end between paragraphs causes KeyNotFoundException.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when trying to create a watermark from a text box.
  • DOCX format provider: Image defined in 'pict' element is not imported.
  • HTML format provider: NullReferenceException is thrown while importing paragraph preceded by a list, whose list items contain other Html tags.


  • NotSupportedException is changed to ArgumentException("Stream must support writing and seeking.") when using ZipArchiveMode.Create with a stream which does not support seeking.

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