Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R2 2023 SP1

July 19, 2023


  • New resources added to ThemeSizeHelper for RadDocking control.


  • ArgumentException is thrown when mixed enum values are present in the ItemsSource.
  • The drop-down popup is sometimes not closed when hosted in an ElementHost in a WinForms application.


  • When PaneHeaderVisibility is set to collapsed leave a visible line in Windows11


  • The control is missing when using NoXaml dlls and the .NET Core or later version in the Windows 11 theme.


  • Group expander does not work with Xaml binaries and Windows 11 theme applied.
  • NullReferenceException when using HighlightTextBlock in a data template.
  • Wrong header positions in the clipboard when header cell copying is canceled in the CopyingCellClipboardContent event handler.


  • KeyNotFoundException when LayoutControlTabGroupItem is deserialized.

MS Controls

  • The checkBox is cropped in Windows 11 theme when DPI settings are high (e.g. 125%).

PDF Viewer

  • DivideByZeroException in ParallelContentElementsPainter when loading a scanned file
  • Encrypt property is ignored on import when there is CrossReferenceStream.
  • A NotImplementedException is thrown when loading a document.
  • Path geometries with a small thickness value are not displayed correctly.
  • Some encrypted PDF files are not Decrypted correctly in RadPdfViewer.
  • The stroke thickness of the thinnest line is thinner than in Adobe.
  • Wrong calculation in the text positioning when the first symbol in the text string array is empty.


  • Export the optional Signature`s Filter property when exporting to a PDF file.
  • ImageUtils dependencies are not correct.
  • An IndexOutOfRangeException executing CalculateMultidimensionalLinearInterpolationResult method of SampledFunction class.
  • An Invalid position when the TJ operator array contains empty values.
  • An InvalidCastException is thrown when a name start character (\) is followed by a literal string start character (().
  • Wrong rendering of glyphs with a specific CFF font.
  • An ArgumentException is thrown sporadically when exporting a protected document containing a form field.
  • An ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when importing a Fit Horizontal destination with a missing top value.
  • Bookmark titles are not visible when declared as indirect objects.
  • Exporting a field with missing Appearances property causes an exception.
  • Exporting encrypted RadFixedDocument with Interactive Forms leads to an invalid widget caption and name.
  • Generating a document containing Chinese symbols hangs in some specific scenarios.
  • Incorrect calculation of line spacing when LineSpacingType is set to Exact or AtLeast and the paragraph split between pages.
  • InvalidCastException when importing link annotations that are referenced with indirect reference.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when the appearance of widget annotation is missing.
  • The Path is imported with incorrect clipping and color.
  • PdfStreamWriter: Page content is corrupted when merging pages whose content has Predictor 1 set as DecodeParms.
  • Radio buttons and Check boxes are imported deselected when their field does not specify the field value.
  • Signature widgets are not imported correctly when the file is signed with safari.
  • An InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a document and the endstream is not on a new row.
  • The Helvetica-UltraCompressed font is not parsed correctly and is changed to Helvetica.
  • Annotations are misplaced when the Page boundaries have offset different than 0.
  • CffFontSource does not render apostrophe characters correctly from the FreeSerif font file.
  • CMYK JPEG image is rendered incorrectly when BitmapImage is initialized with PixelFormat differing from CMYK.
  • Content with Type1 font with MacRomanEncoding is not visualized.
  • Destinations with null properties don't scroll to the page.
  • Form Fields are not clickable when they appear inside an unsupported annotation.
  • Glyph geometries are rendered disordered when Courier and Custom Open-Sands Type1 fonts are used.
  • Images compressed with CCITTFaxDecode with BlackIs1 parameter are rendered with inverted black and white colors.
  • A KeyNotFoundException is thrown when importing a document with destinations pointing to invalid page references.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when a destination is missing from the catalog.
  • Lines with small length and big thickness are rendered as big squares.
  • Missing Annotations when opening a document containing GoTo action with Named Destination.
  • Missing content because handled IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown while decoding stream with RunLengthDecode filter.
  • Missing Text Characters when Viewing PDF Document.
  • Missing text content caused by handled ArgumenNullException while parsing Type1 font file.
  • PdfViewer's GoToPage method is not working on initial load of PdfViewer when called in DocumentChanged event handler
  • RadPdfViewer crashes when an exception is thrown asynchronously.
  • Redact annotations are not displayed correctly when the page is rotated.
  • Saving a document with a linearized document structure produces a document that fails to load in some viewers.
  • Slow import of documents containing large images with SMask.
  • Some Chinese characters cannot be found in s a specific cmap.
  • Text is displayed with bigger glyphs for some CidFontType0 fonts with CFF font source.
  • Text is missing when FontDescriptor is not fully defined.
  • An unhandled ArgumentException is thrown when importing a document containing CIDFont with negative glyph widths.
  • An Unhandled ArgumentNullException is thrown when importing a document with no pages.


  • Scrolling does not work correctly when scrolling from the first to the last item or reverse.


  • PropertyDefinition with a binding to an attached property does not transfer the binding to the editor correctly.


  • NullReferenceException when changing themes, the RichTextBox has TrackChanges enabled, and the current user is set.
  • Importing a document that does not have a valid styles table causes NullReferenceException.


  • DataValidation is corrupted on import and export when the rule uses a formula with string arguments.
  • Exception Invalid data passed is thrown when exporting with DataTableProvider and a column contains text and numbers.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when creating a combo chart with two chart types and three data columns for a series.
  • The NotBetween conditional formatting rule applies the format to all the cells, no matter if the rule is satisfied or not.
  • When an XLSM file is imported and then exported, a new ThisWorkbook object is created in the VBA browser.


  • InvalidOperationException when editing a note.


  • Added localization for the tooltips of the search UI option buttons.
  • FindAll button does not return proper results with MatchCase or MatchWholeWord options checked.


  • The control enters an infinite loop and the UI hangs when custom interval is created.


  • Tooltip in multithread scenario throws an exception.


  • Properties set in the HeaderCellDecorationsNeeded event are not respected for the row headers.


  • The Header setting of RadVirtualKeyboardWindow doesn't work when the window is opened on an environment requiring automation peers.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when inserting a table right after an empty paragraph using the editor.
  • NullReferenceException when exporting bookmarks spanning more than one paragraph.
  • FormatException when importing a document with start or end values for borders.
  • WordsProcessing: Line breaks in text content are not imported as space from HTML.
  • Paragraph properties are not imported from HTML when the paragraph is inside a list item.
  • The font fallback mechanism does not find the correct font to display unsupported special characters which results in wrong character rendering or in missing characters.
  • When a value contains points (w:pos=85.50pt) can't be properly converted.

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