Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R2 2019 SP1

June 19, 2019

All Controls

  • Added ReadOnlyOpacity, ReadOnlyBorderBrush, ReadOnlyBackgroundBrush to VisualStudio2013 theme palette.


  • In editable mode setting the Text property, will return the first matching element, not the full matching one.


  • Implemented the ShowInTaskSwitcher property that hides the Alert from the Windows Alt+Tab menu when set to false.
  • The control now supports auto height by setting the DesktopAlert `s Height property to double.NaN.


  • Introduced built-in support for SimplifiedMode in DiagramRibbon.
  • Serialization and deserialization of some properties were not culture-independent and caused an exception when using different cultures for serialization and deserialization.


  • Included ExplorerControl in VisualStudio`s toolbox.
  • A NullReferenceException in ExplorerControl.CanExecuteHelper() method when FileDialogsCommands is used in XAML and the explorer is collapsed.
  • The Search feature is not working on Windows Server 2012 R2.


  • Relations between milestones on identical horizontal coordinates are clipped.


  • Marker indicator is positioned and scaled wrong when resizing the gauge control.


  • Add support for add and remove operations in non-self-reference table relations in a hierarchical scenario.
  • Column auto-sizing via splitter double-click does not work after removing an item from the ItemsSource when setting GroupRenderMode to Flat.
  • If RadGridView is bound to an empty database table through Entity Framework, columns are not auto-generated.
  • FilteringControl's DistinctValues are not unchecked when resetting the ItemsSource of the RadGridView.
  • Editing a grouped RadGridView bound to a ListCollectionView moves the edited item to the bottom of the group.
  • GridViewMultiColumnComboBoxColumn does not respect CellTemplate and CellEditTemplate.
  • Index out of range exception in GridViewVirtualizingPanel.FlatLayoutStrategy.RealizeMergedCells.
  • GridViewRow becomes valid when its invalid cells get out of the viewport.
  • The Display element of a cell does not respect DisplayMemberPath in multiple selection in GridViewMutiColumnComboBox column.
  • A ToolTip appears on a column which does not have a ToolTipTemplate property set.
  • Unexpected keyboard navigation behavior when the last column on the right/left is invisible.
  • When the control is dropped from the ToolBox in empty Telerik project - "Method not found" exceptions are thrown.

Image Editor

  • ImageHistory Depth property in not restricting the undo stack items count.


  • Added WebHeaders property in ScaleTileSource. Users can now add request/response headers to the webclient responsible for downloading map tiles for marticular map source.


  • Caret should remain under the mouse when in Default and DefaultSelectAll SelectionOnFocus mode and the RadMaskedTextInput/RadMaskedDateTimeInput has a value.
  • When the SpinMode is set to Position and the Mask property is "d" (decimal) and the caret is on the empty placeholder non-numeric characters appear first.


  • ContentHeight property is not respected when it is set before the control is loaded.
  • An exception is thrown when opening the backstage whose items inside have KeyTips set in Office2013, VisualStudio2013 and Green themes.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when setting the PopupLaunchButtonVisibility property to Collapsed and click on collapsed gallery item.
  • When changing Foreground of RibbonTabs, Foreground of RibbonGroups is affected as well in Fluent and Crystal themes.
  • RibbonWindow icon has incorrect size on a monitor with higher DPI.
  • Standard window buttons are cut off on a monitor with higher DPI.


  • FatalExecutionEngineError is thrown when using Microsoft Pinyin IME.
  • Font of the text is changed on import from RTF when the font is not explicitly specified with \fN tag, and \defchp is missing or doesn't specify a font.
  • HtmlFormatProvider: NullReferenceException is thrown when the align or align-text attribute is defined with an empty value.
  • Images are pasted empty when copied from MS Paint, MS Snipping Tool.
  • Importing a document with broken image source on a thread different from the main one, throws InvalidOperationException as soon as the document is loaded in RTB.
  • TypeInitializationException in SystemFontsManager is thrown during initialization on some machines. The issue can be related to either corrupted or untrusted fonts.


  • Appointment disappears when mouse left button is pressed over the appointment while the edit appointment dialog is closing.
  • DragDropState.TargetedApppointment property is not updated correctly when dropping an item from an external source.


  • Last tick is clipped, when the thumb is dragged to the end of the track in some scenarios.


  • Calculating the values of formulas which includes large cell ranges causes OutOfMemoryException.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when importing data validation rule without parameters.


  • Document with many complex formulas is slow to import.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when importing data validation rule without parameters.


  • Click and move over a control inside the content of RadTabItem starts dragging of the tab header.
  • Drag reorder of pinned items causes incorrect order in unbound scenarios.
  • Selection changes after drag drop operation in the same TabbedWindow.
  • TabbedWindowCreating now fires after its Items / ItemsSource is set. Users can add additional items and / or remove the first item. Also the DraggedTab property of the TabbedWindowCreatingEventArgs is now obsolete. Instead, users can use DraggedItem property, which is of type object.
  • Items property of RadTabbedWindow is changed from ObservableCollection to IList and directly returns the Items of the underlying RadTabControl.


  • Referencing the NoXaml Navigation assembly results in design time error with message: "Cannot find resource named 'RadButtonStyle'. Resource names are case sensitive."
  • TabItem is removed when clicked with mouse middle button. In R2 2019 SP the property CloseTabsOnMouseMiddleButtonDown is introduced with default value of 'False; which fixed this issue.
  • Multiple TabItems remain visually selected when selection is cancelled in PreviewSelectionChanged event in the Fluent and Material themes.


  • DataAnnotation error not displayed when the bound object implements IDataErrorInfo and a CellTemplate without DataMemberBinding is used.


  • When calling the Stop() method now the control falls back to black.


  • RadAlert, RadPrompt, RadConfirm throw an exception when used separately (not through RadWindow.Alert() for example).

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