Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R2 2017 SP1

June 13, 2017

All Controls

  • Exposed the TraceMonitor class and ITraceMonitor interface, so they can be used in order to easily integrate analytics services for the Telerik UI for WPF/Silverlight controls.
  • TelerikWebUI font glyphs are not visible in design-time when the control is with Office 2016 and Office 2016 Touch theme.
  • TelerikWebUI font glyphs are duplicated after template extraction in VS designer or Blend in Office2016 and Office2016Touch themes.
  • ReadOnlyBackgroundBrush is not set to all the controls that are expected to implement a ReadOnly state for Material theme.
  • Mouse over state does not persist when mouse out while pressed in ButtonBase inheriting controls for Material theme.
  • MaterialAssist.IsShadowDisabled runtime changes do not have effect.
  • MaterialControl's IsSmartClipped property runtime changes do not have any effect.
  • DropImpossible icon is inconsistent throughout the controls in Office2016 and Office2016Touch themes.
  • Changed resource key of BooleanToVisibilityConverter and InvertedBooleanToVisibilityConverter used in RadBreadCrumb, RadTreeView, RadTabControl and RadWizard controls from BTVC, visibilityConverter and BoolToVisConverter to BooleanToVisibilityConverter; from InvertBoolToVisConverter and IBTVC to InvertedBooleanToVisibilityConverter for all themes. It will affect copied control templates without copied static resources.


  • Inconsistent selected color for TodayDay CalendarButton in Material theme.
  • Focus state for CalendarButton is not working in Material theme.


  • NullReferenceException is thrown when the Strategy of the series is set and AutomationPeers are initialized.
  • When the points in a series consisting of values including 0 (scientific zero - for example 1.23E-28), DivideByZeroException is thrown.


  • Background of disabled non-editable combo is incorrect in Office2016 and Office2016Touch themes with StyleManager.
  • ComboBox default height is changed to be 22px to correspond to other input controls in Green theme. It can be easily changed through the Height poperty.


  • InvalidOperationException is raised when an item PropertyChanged is fired from non-UI thread.


  • When ShortDatePattern is d/MM/yyyy and AllowParsingWithoutSeparator is true - the control throws an internal exception when entering a digit for the day and slash.
  • Tooltip for current time does not have shadow in Material theme.


  • StackOverflowException when using gliding connectors and custom Router.


  • Standalone RadPane is not visible in the designer in Windows8, Windows8Touch, Office2013, VisualStudio2013, Green[WPF], Office2016[WPF], Office2016Touch[WPF] themes.
  • Compass and RootCompass glyphs are duplicated when extracted in VS designer or Blend in Material theme.
  • The splitter in Docking is bigger in Green, Office2016, Office2016Touch and Material StyleManager themes.


  • DataFormatString is not respected when copying or exporting nested property values.
  • Incorrect order of Headers/Footers in Clipboard when selecting cells from different rows and columns.
  • Decimal separator from regional settings are not respected in edit mode when IsLocalizationLanguageRespected is set to False.
  • The application may hang on initial load when generating many columns.
  • With SelectionMode set to Extended, the SelectedItems are not synchronized with the selection performed through the UI or keyboard.
  • Reordering a non-resizable column to the right results in the column becoming resizable.
  • Column's IsGroupable property is not respected during the "grouping" process.
  • Groups are not expandable in Material theme StyleManager.
  • The current row indicator overlaps validation error icon in Office2016, Office2016 Touch and Material themes.
  • When pasting data to create new rows, the pasting logic on the existing cells stops working.
  • XamlParseException in TreeListView is thrown in Office2016 when lightweight templates with validation are used.
  • Setting ShowToolTipOnTrimmedText to false when there is an open tooltip sets it in invalid (always open) state.
  • Calling Reset on RadGridView.SelectedItems before loading the ItemsSource throws an exception.


  • NullReferenceException is thrown when removing VisualizationLayer while MapShapeData objects are processed.
  • The binding to the ShapeFill property of the map bindable wrappers is not applied on property changed.

PDF Viewer

  • NullReferenceException is thrown when importing a document with AcroForm referencing a missing PDF object.


  • The PKCS#1 signature handler always determines the document as modified.
  • Widget annotations cannot be printed when the PDF is exported with PdfProcessing.


  • Content gets overlapped by arrow in FieldListButton in Material theme.
  • Wrong single cell selection fill in Material theme.


  • PropertySetsValidationFunc is executed after the setter of a property is called.
  • Nullable properties with non-matching values are not updated after clearing the entire text of the field (PropertySets).
  • The editor of nullable properties with non-matching values does not display the default value for this type(null) using PropertySets.


  • Wrong background brush in Material theme.


  • Clicking the RadRibbonSplitButton or RadRibbonDropDownButton in XAML opens the VS designer unexpectedly.
  • Clicking RibbonButton in XAML designer opens 2 different Smart Tag adorners.
  • Changed default corner radius of all Ribbon buttons to be 0 in Material theme.
  • NullreferenceException may occur when pressing Alt + Tab keys after KeyTips are activated.
  • Adding Tabs via RibbonView's Smart Tag in design time is not possible.


  • NullReferenceException is thrown when hyperlink is removed while the mouse is hovering it.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when visualizing XAML document with an empty image.
  • Focus is not returned to the caret when the Font Family, Font Size combo boxes are used and the LayoutMode is Flow.
  • The redo command cannot be executed if the selection contains content outside of a permission range.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when a missing image with no width and height is imported from HTML format.
  • Text typed in the control appears with small lag.


  • Resize/drag Appointment time indicator overlaps Appointment title in Material theme.
  • ArgumentException in the AutomationPeer is thrown when the ViewDefinitions collection gets changed.
  • "Drag the series" checkbox in the Appointment Recurrence dialog is always checked in Material theme.


  • Memory leak when removing items from the ItemsSource collection of the RadTileList and then change any property of any of the removed items.


  • ArgumentException thrown when RadTreeListView has ChildTableDefinition with ItemsSource bound to a DataRelation.
  • Clearing the ItemsSource collection blocks the UI for significantly long time.
  • DataFormatString is not respected when copying or exporting numeric values.


  • Reduce the memory usage of the virtualization engine.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when the available Height/Width of the CompoundPanel is less than the total Height/Width of all pinned containers.
  • PushCellValue method does not work if there is no current cell.


  • OverflowException may occur when the RadWindow is run in 64bit process in scenario with more than one monitor.
  • Alert, Prompt, Confirm dialogues do not have a "flat" style for their buttons in Material theme.


  • IsContentPreserved property does not work for Green, Material, Office2016 and Office2016Touch themes.

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