Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R2 2017

May 2, 2017

What's New

  • VirtualGrid (CTP)
    • The new addition to the UI for WPF is a light-weight grid control, designed to work with large amounts of data with low memory footprint and outstanding performance.
  • Material Theme
    • Introducing a new touch-friendly, smooth and animated theme following the Material design guidelines.

All Controls

  • Added StyleManager support for the following themes:
    • Office2013
    • VisualStudio2013
    • Green
    • Office2016
    • Office2016Touch
  • Added StyleManager support for the following controls:
    • LayoutControl
    • CloudUpload
    • RadialMenu
    • TimeSpanPicker
    • GanttView
    • PasswordBox


  • RadAutoCompleteBoxAutomationPeer does not initially create peer for the child WatermarkTextBox.


  • CloudUploadList Items are wrapped in ScrollViewer in the default ControlTemplate for all themes.


  • Submenu with a single enabled MenuItem is not closed when navigating up/down.


  • Calendar buttons in century view are not disabled when out of the selectable range.


  • It is now possible to set fixed Width/Height sizes to the PaneGroups.
  • Introduced support for setting the Max/Min-Width and -Height of the RadPaneGroup instances.
  • Pane could not be dropped when the Compass is on top of its PaneGroup in Deferred mode.

DragDrop Manager

  • Added a null check in the GetDataFromObject overload methods in the DragDropPayloadManager class.


  • Introduced the "IgnoreCollapsedGroups" property in the "GridViewDocumentExportOptions" class for controlling whether collapsed groups' items should be exported.
  • DataFormatString of the column is reset when searching.
  • The TextAlignment is applied to neighbour columns when set through style for the column and scrolling horizontally.
  • Assigning a new source collection instance of ExpandObjects to a filtered grid clears its column headers and displays empty rows.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when range selection is present and ItemsSource is changed.
  • Incorrect group headers are shown when grouping a property with null values.
  • Grouped grid is not raising SelectionChanging and SelectionChanged events when an item is modified and then is deleted.
  • The filtered text from a ComboboxColumn is not highlighted when TextSearch is performed.
  • CheckBoxColumn is not directly modifying CheckBox when AutoSelectOnEdit=True and EditTriggers=CellClick in TouchMode.


  • InvalidCastException is thrown when non-FrameworkElement (Run, FlowDocument, etc.) is used in the control.


  • MapEllipseViews do not show on Width / Height update until zoom operation is performed.
  • - All RadMap classes related to BING Map SOAP services are deleted. SOAP service will be discontinued by Microsoft in June 2017. Please use BingRestMapProvider which wraps the Bing REST services APIs. - The obsoleted BingMapTrafficProvider is now deleted. Microsoft is about to discontinue the underlying service any time soon.

PDF Viewer

  • Added UI for digital signature visualization and validation, including signature dialog and panel.
  • Missing images when handled InvalidCastException is thrown trying to get solid stencil color from Pattern graphic state color.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when opening PDF file with JBIG2Decode image.


  • Implemented optimizations in PdfStreamWriter cache to reduce memory when writing RadFixedPage instances.
  • Introducing AlphaChannel property and alphaChannel constructor parameter in EncodedImageData class allowing to create images with transparency.
  • Implemented support for interactive forms and form fields, allowing reading and filling of form fields values.
  • Implemented support for Form XObjects, allowing reuse of PDF content.
  • Implemented support for validation and creation of a digital signature.
  • PdfFileSource resources are kept in PdfStreamWriter cache even after the PdfFileSource instance is disposed.


  • If an EditorAttribute's EditorStyle is set to None and a custom usercontrol is used as an editor, the DataContext of the usercontrol is not respected.
  • The binding mode of the PropertyGridEditors is not set correctly if RadPropertyGrid.Item class implements the ICustomTypeProvider interface.
  • DisplayAttribute is not respected if RadPropertyGrid.Item is bound to a collection of items which implements ICustomTypeDescriptor.
  • When both EditorAttribute and TypeConverter are applied, the TypeConverter is not respected.
  • Nullable properties with non-matching values are not updated after edit (PropertySets).


  • OverflowException may occur when the RibbonWindow is run in 64bit process in scenario with more than one monitor.


  • Memory leak with ObservableStyleCollection instances when using StylesGallery and setting RadRichTextBox.Document property multiple times synchronously.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when nested tables are moved to the next page while typing on the first page.
  • Localization values for the SearchedTextNotFound string in the Find and Replace dialog contain wrong quotes.
  • XamlParseException is thrown when importing revision date time exported with different culture than invariant.
  • MsRichTextBoxXamlFormatProvider is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.


  • Added support for Islamic calendars like Shamsi (Persian) and Hijri. The control now displays the calendar from the application culture out of the box.
  • Added SubGroupsFilter property.
  • DataContexts of recycled Slots are not updated correctly while scrolling the control.


  • Introduced support for the TRIM function.
  • Introduced support for the CHOOSE function.
  • Formula values resulting in exponential numbers with very small values are calculated as zero.


  • Cell value containing special characters is not escaped when exporting to CSV.


  • Non transparent RadWindow loses the defined size when shown with visibility "Collapsed" and then maximized.

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