Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R1 2020

January 15, 2020

What's New

  • Implemented a new Agenda view for the ScheduleView component, which allows you to display a set of appointments chronologically grouped by days.
  • Introduced a new SplashScreen component which indicates that your application is loading. Customize the look and feel of the splash screen according to the needs of your application using WPF controls.
  • TaskBoard control for WPF (also known as Kanban Board) is a powerful new control designed to enable users to track their tasks in a simple, agile-style manner. The control provides a clean and user-friendly interface for a functional task management application.
  • RadSyntaxEditor is now official with improved CSharp, VB and XML folding, a brand-new Touch support using TouchManager and other optimizations.

.Net Core

  • .Net Core 3.1 support - the assemblies are now built against .Net Core 3.1.


  • An empty popup is opened when no match to path is found.


  • Indicator part of the control is misplaced in some themes.


  • ValueTranslationService design time error is thrown when control containing RadDropDownButton or RadSplitButton in its template has a custom style based on the default one and is placed in resource dictionary.
  • Focus border is still visible after disabling and enabling buttons in VisualStudio2019 theme.
  • An exception is thrown when using a custom template without the Thumb element.
  • RadDropDownButton and RadSplitButton`s DropDownIndicator isn't rotated when the DropDownPlacement is changed.
  • No visual change of RadSplitButton when its IsToggle and IsChecked properties are set to True in Green, Office2016, Office2016Touch, Material, Fluent, Crystal and VisualStudio2019 themes.
  • Wrong color of arrow when RadSplitButton's IsToggle and IsChecked properties are set to True in ExpressionDark, Windows8 and Office2013 themes.
  • Only border appears when RadSplitButton's IsToggle and IsChecked properties are set to True in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • Implemented theme-aware validation templates with tooltips for the RadRadioButton control in all themes.


  • The VisualStudio2019 ChartPalette throws an exception when using the Telerik .NET Core assemblies.
  • [NET Core] RadChartView now reference SharpDX assemblies built against .Net Core.


  • The icon for the CloudUploadListItem's Cancel button for the Green theme is updated as it was an "x" sign. The stretching for the same button's icon for the Windows8Touch is now removed as it was cut off.


  • Focus visual is still visible when firstly set the focus of the control and then disabled it in VisualStudio2019 theme.
  • Noneditable RadCombobox's background is overridden by the RadToggleButton's background part of its template when the Green theme is applied through StyleManager.
  • There is a big gap after the last ComboBoxItem in the Expression Dark, Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2019 themes caused by incorrect value of the MaxDropDownHeight property.


  • An exception is thrown when applying the Office2016Touch theme and the NotifyOnValidationError is true.
  • Clicking on the control in XAML code opens the designer unexpectedly in Visual Studio 2017/2019.


  • The Percent text block in the PrintPreview window does not respect custom CornerRadius set through the Green theme Palette.
  • The expand/collapse icons of the collapsible Container shape are swapped for the following themes - Green, Office2016/Touch, Material, Fluent, Crystal and VisualStudio2019.


  • The AutoHideAreas of the unpinned RadPane elements are hard or impossible to resize in VisualStudio2013, Green, Office2016, Office2016Touch, Material, Fluent, Crystal and VisualStudio2019 themes.
  • The PaneBottomTemplate is missing a border that holds the normal background of the Pane for all other pane templates.
  • Compasses are misplaced in a scenario with two monitors with different DPI (when PerMonitor DpiAwareness is enabled).
  • ToolWindow disappears when maximized in a multiple-monitor setup and IsRestrictedWhenMaximized is set to true and the part on the second Window is being clicked.


  • HeaderTemplateSelector property is not respected.
  • HorizontalHeaderAlignment and VerticalHeaderAlignment properties are respected only for the ExpanderHeaderButton's content position.


  • Implemented DirectoryNavigating event which can be used to cancel navigation to particular folders.
  • Implemented ShellContextMenuOpening event which can be used to cancel the context menu or to customize the menu items in the context menu shown on empty spaces.
  • Dialogs show binding errors when navigating to a directory with a long path name.
  • Shortcuts to folders are not visible in the dialogs when there is filter applied.
  • When the DereferenceLinks property is true and link to a folder is double clicked, the dialog closes instead of navigating to this folder.


  • Exposed Searching and Searched events.
  • An API is introduced to Search As You Type with Accent Insensitive.
  • SpreadsheetStreamingExport: ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when exporting a GridView without ItemsSource.
  • SpreadsheetStreamingExport: DivideByZeroException is thrown when exporting a GridView and there are no items in its ItemsSource.
  • Attempting to extract the default style of the GridViewRow element leads to a XamlParseException for the themes: VisualStudio2019, Crystal, Fluent, Material, Green, Office2016 and Office2016Touch.
  • The ColumnGroups get scrolled over the 'row indicator part' when using the Crystal theme.
  • GridViewHyperlinkColumn does not navigate to hyperlink in .Net Core.
  • The 'PART_HierarchyExpandButton' button of the GridViewRow has incorrect width for the Visual Studio 2019 theme.
  • Search doesn't work after setting CanUserSearchInHiddenColumns property at runtime.
  • Selected Unfocused and MouseOver backgrounds of row look the same color in Fluent theme.
  • The state of invalid rows in incorrectly preserved after they are updated while not visible.
  • GridViewRow's Border wrapper element of the HierarchyChildPresenter has an incorrect BorderBrush, BorderThickness and Padding set for the VisualStudio2019 theme.
  • When the DataMemberBinding of a GridViewMultiColumnComboBoxColumn points to a nested property, the DisplayMemberPath is not respected in view mode.
  • The "Search As You Type" does not respect SearchStateManager.MatchCase property.
  • Cancelling a row edit when bound to a DataView does not invalidate the values of all cells.
  • Two grids trying to get the focus back when their validation fails, end up in a deadlock.
  • Navigating with the Tab key is slow when skipping over many columns outside of the viewport.
  • The default background color of the merged cells in the Fluent theme is now MarkerBrush with 15% opacity as the merged cells are hard to distinguish from other cells.
  • The RowValidating event is now fired when the UI virtualization prepares a row to be shown in the viewport. There is a new value in the GridViewEditOperationType enum - None for this specific case.


  • ToggleButton inside LayoutControlToolBox is not visible in Transparent and Fluent themes. 
  • Icon of ToggleButton inside LayoutControlToolBox is not readable in Crystal theme.


  • Setting SelectedIndex doesn't work right after new item is added to items collection of the control.


  • Truck Routing REST API is now supported.
  • NullReferenceException when clicking on a RadMap shown in a Window and then quickly closing the Window after the map is disposed.
  • Using OpenStreetMap provider with valid ApiKey shows 'Api Key required' in built-in MiniMap.
  • Updated "mile" abbreviation in all localization files. Included localization string for MapOsmCycleCommand in French.
  • OpenStreetMapProvider now exposes StandardModeUserAgent string property which is required for downloading standard OpenStreet map tiles. This is mandatory since a change in the tile usage policy of OpenStreet maps.


  • Incorrect grouping when Culture's CurrencyGroupSizes or NumberGroupSizes have non-equally sized groups, for example in Indian Culture.


  • Implemented design time support for opening nested RadMenuItems.

MS Controls

  • Focus state of MS Button and MS RepeatButton is visible after the control is disabled in VisualStudio2019 theme.


  • A NullReferenceException is thrown after opening the dropdown and there is an implicit style targeting RadGridView which sets the SearchMode property.
  • Dropdown does not close when OpenDropDownOnFocus is True and KeepDropDownOpen is False.
  • The RadWaterMarkTextBox in SearchAutoCompleteBox does not respect setting dynamic FontSize and FontFamily properties through theme palettes.
  • The DropDown is closed while trying to filter the GridView element when the MultiColumnComboBox is used in CellEditTemplate of a GridViewColumn.


  • The PanelBarItem's arrow icon points down when the item is Expanded for the Windows8 theme. The same arrow in all other themes points up, therefore the Path Geometry for the Windows8 theme is now updated to point down when the item is Expanded.

PDF Viewer

  • The theme of the NavigationPane's close button is not correctly applied when the theme is set using StyleManager. When the theme is set using the implicit styles mechanism (NoXaml), the close button is not correctly themed for the themes Fluent, Material, Office2016 and Office2016Touch.


  • Implemented "sh" content stream operator.
  • If the font family name is defined using a language other than English, the font is not applied to the content.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when Đ°uthenticating a user password.


  • The Checkboxes in the PivotFieldList are not themed correctly when using the Green theme with StyleManager.


  • Indicator is not updated when reducing the size of the parent control.
  • Changing IsIndeterminate property at runtime is not supported in the Crystal and VisualStudio2019 themes.


  • AmbiguousMatchException is thrown when a derived class hides a property of the base class.
  • Memory leak when the Item property is changed multiple times runtime.


  • Button image is clipped when IsAutoSize property is True.
  • There is no visual representation of the selected state of RibbonBackstageItems for the Material and Fluent themes.
  • Updated inaccurate localized strings for French (RibbonWindowRestoreDown, RibbonWindowMinimize, RibbonWindowMaximize, RibbonViewQATShowBelow, RibbonViewLayoutModeButtonContent).
  • RadRibbonDropDownButton`s DropDownIndicator isn't rotated when the DropDownPlacement is changed.
  • Reworked the VisualStates/Triggers for the RibbonRadioButton, RibbonToggleButton and RibbonSplitToggleButton to show visual representation when they are both toggled/checked and hovered at the same time.


  • Implemented partial support for structured document tags (content controls in MS Word). Currently, supported features are: import, export, work with document elements and basic editing.
  • Implemented support for paste options keyboard shortcuts.
  • Importing an image with invalid URI from HTML causes UriFormatException.
  • StackOverflowException/ArgumentException is thrown when calling SplitAnnotationRange(range, pos) and position is outside the range.
  • StackOverflowException/ArgumentException is thrown when updating a document with annotations and with enabled spell checking.
  • StackOverflowException/ArgumentException is thrown on DOCX import when bookmark range end is last in a block.
  • The layout updates stop as a result of a handled NullReferenceException after pasting a table with an empty first cell as the first element in the document.


  • Implemented a new Agenda view for the ScheduleView component, which allows you to display a set of appointments chronologically grouped by days.
  • Borders of Previous, Next and Today buttons are visible in the Fluent theme when using StyleManager. Unify NavigationButtonBaseStyle to target telerik:RadButton in all themes.
  • GroupHeaderButton's Foreground has a TemplateBinding to the GroupHeader's Foreground that interrupts the attempts to customize it through a Style.
  • The size of group headers is wrong when navigating between view definitions.


  • Telerik.Windows.Documents.Proofing.RadGridView and Telerik.Windows.Documents.Proofing.DataGrid assemblies are missing for .NET Core project.


  • Introduced an API to disable fill handle.
  • Added MID to the supported functions.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when opening a document containing not supported BuiltInNumberFormat.
  • Fixed exporting of chart series to image in .NET Framework 4.5 and later.


  • Introduced an API to disable fill handle.
  • Implement hiding or showing sheets using UI or API.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when opening a document containing not supported BuiltInNumberFormat.
  • An exception is thrown when using a fill handle on a cell in a hidden row.
  • The CurrentBackgroundBorder element of the SheetSelectorTabItem has a fixed width in the Crystal, Fluent, Material, Office2016 and Office2016Touch themes which doesn't stretch accordingly for longer text values.


  • Added XmlFoldingTagger for creating folding regions in XML, XAML and HTML files.
  • Exposed SelectionChanged event.
  • Monospaced font optimization works now for all monospaced fonts.
  • ControlTemplate is not correctly extracted in VisualStudio.
  • "Find All" button in Find and Replace dialog does not work out of the box since there is no default TextSearchHighlightTagger.
  • Replace buttons in Find and Replace dialog are not disabled when the control is in read-only state.
  • Strings in XML, XAML and HTML files are not colored if they are partially visible in the viewport.
  • Multiline comments like "/* comment \n comment */" are not colored and have no folding in C#, JS, XML, SQL.
  • Removed the ZoomStep property and the GetValidScaleFactor method.
  • Implemented TouchManager integration. User can pinch, swipe, touch select text in the editor.
  • DarkPalette's KeywordColor and XmlElementColor and NeutralDarkPalette's XmlStringColor are hardly readable.


  • Dragging and dropping of controls from the toolbox to the content of the selected tab in the designer doesn't add the controls in the tab content.
  • Narrator does not read the selection of tab items.
  • System.InvalidOperationException: Recursive call to Automation Peer API is not valid.

Touch Manager

  • Added a new property called IsEnabled to entirely disable the TouchManager.


  • Screen readers do not read the TreeListViewRows properly - their class name, their selected state etc.
  • TreeLines position is changed when there are frozen columns and the control is scrolled.
  • GridViewToggleButton with an Arrow PresentationMode has an incorrect expand icon for the Crystal theme.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when there are pinned columns, and DataProvider is changed.
  • The mouse cursor is not "Cursors.Hand" when the mouse is over the filtering control button.
  • Only the first selected item is returned in the AddedItems argument of the SelectionChanged event when using the Extended selection mode.
  • Only the rows before the currently selected row are returned in the AddedItems argument of the SelectionChanged event when selecting with Ctrl + A.
  • All duplicate FilterlingControl's resources and styles are renamed to avoid any conflicts when using a VirtualGrid and a GridView together. For example DistinctValueListBoxItemStyle is now VirtualGridDistinctValueListBoxItemStyle in the scope of VirtualGrid.


  • A DivideByZeroException is thrown when there are no items in the Listbox and the ScrollIntoView method is called.


  • Calling Start or Stop when there are no cameras available causes an exception.
  • [NET Core] RadWebCam now reference SharpDX assemblies built against .Net Core.


  • When being maximized from one monitor to another directly, the "Show window contents while dragging" OS option is disabled and the Taskbar is only on the main monitor - RadWindow is not correctly maximized on the second monitor.
  • ElementNotEnabledException when the CanExecute method of the command of a response button returns false.
  • Performance issues and crashes when per-monitor DPI awareness is enabled.
  • Exception is thrown when DpiAwareness PerMonitor is enabled and the project is located in folder which name contains the "#" symbol.
  • Width and Height can't be bigger than the ones on the initial monitor when a higher resolution second monitor is added at runtime.


  • An overridden method of a custom WizardCommandProvider is never called.


  • ArgumentException is thrown while exporting PDF documents containing a paragraph with background and spacing after.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown while evaluating the values of style linked to a table style. Table style shouldn't have a linked style.

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