Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R1 2018

January 17, 2018

What's New

  • Fluent Theme - Introducing a new animated theme following the latest Fluent design guidelines. The theme will help you deliver truly modern look into any desktop application and fit in the contemporary appearance of the Windows operating system.
  • PivotGrid - The control now supports UI editing of the cells values and raises an event allowing custom recalculation of the data source depending of the new value. This feature provides an option to implement custom data validation.
  • RadSpreadsheet - Implemented RadSpreadsheetRibbon control improving startup experience and letting you stay up to date with new features.
  • RadPdfViewer - Implemented RadPdfViewerToolBar control improving startup experience and letting you stay up to date with new features.

All Controls

  • RadGlyph now supports TelerikWebUI font glyphs alongside with exporting to ImageSource and Geometry.
  • Fluent Theme - new theme with two variations following the latest Fluent design guidelines.
  • MaterialControl's IsRippleCentered is not calculated properly when in Expander with ExpandDirection different than Down.


  • QR code image is blurry when the Text property is changed while the control is collapsed.
  • Setting Background or Foreground to RadBarcodeQR or RadBarcodePDF417 does not have effect.


  • Extensibility issues with the Breadcrumb's overflow button.
  • CurrentItem is not automatically set when the DataContext is set at runtime.


  • System.ArgumentNullException when List of QualitativeRanges is bound.
  • ProjectedValueBrush and FeaturedMeasureBursh have the same brush for default value in Office2016 and Office2016Touch themes.


  • In non-editable ComboBox hitting 2 or more times a letter, the corresponding item starting with this letter should be highlighted.
  • Disabled state of RadComboBoxItems is not defined in Expression_Dark theme.


  • Add a functionality to open the dropdown on focus. It will be controlled through OpenDropDownOnFocus property.


  • Changing UndoRedoService's UndoBufferSize and RedoBufferSize runtime has no effect.
  • Setting RotationOrigin of RotationService leads to wrong rotation angle calculation.


  • In nested docking, a floating sub-pane is visible although the parental docking is not visible.


  • Added а context menu in all dialogs.
  • The localization resources are translated to all supported languages. New localized strings are added for 'new folder' and confirmation messages
  • Implemented DereferenceLinks property for RadOpenFileDialog.
  • Added RestoreDirectory bool property to save the last used dir at last close.
  • Added validation logic to indicate whether the entered Win32 file names are valid in SaveFileDialog.
  • Added "New Folder" button for creating new directories in the current directory.
  • Added DirectoryRequesting event which can be used to filter the displayed Drives and Folders in the Dialogs.
  • Implemented file and folder names editing via F2 key and Mouse Click.
  • Implemented FileSystemWatcher which watches for file and folder rename, creation and deletion.
  • In the Details view, mouse right button affects the selection.
  • Breadcrumb history is initially filled with redundant items.
  • Programmatically set file can't be opened by the user if the full path is not specified.
  • A file can be opened, while the control is designed for Folders only.
  • SaveFileDialog does not open overwrite confirmation message box if the file name is typed without extension.
  • Overwriting file with extension not registered in the file system but present in the extensions filters might result in duplication of the extension in the FileName of RadSaveFileDialog.
  • ShowDialog method now returns nullable bool (the DialogResult) instead of to be void.


  • Memory leak when hovering a cell from the GridView part.
  • MinorTicks are not aligned with MajorTicks in Office_Black/Blue/Silver, Transparent, Summer, Vista, Windows7, Expression_Dark and Windows8 themes.


  • Default TickLocations of RadialScale does not fit the default Range and BarIndicator location in Windows8Touch and Office2013 themes.


  • CopyingCellClipboardContent event should be thrown for Header and Footer cells depending from ClipboardCopyMode values.
  • Added the CanUserSearchInHiddenColumns property which indicates whether users can search for content in hidden columns.
  • Implement a programmatic option that enables fast selection of a range of items - SelectItemsRange methods.
  • Control now supports freezing columns on both left and right side. The new properties that control the right-side behavior are: RightFrozenColumnCount and RightFrozenColumnsSplitterVisibility.
  • Added ShouldGenerateFieldFilterEditors property to GridViewColumn to control whether field filter editors for a given column should be generated or not.
  • Group header aggregates are shown although row's ShowHeaderAggregates is set to False.
  • When there are no aggregate results and GroupHeaderAggregatesAlignment="BelowGroupKey" the group header row is stretched unnecessarily.
  • GridViewEditorPresenter does not update DataContext on CollectionChanged.Replace.
  • Filtering control stops working when deleting a data item, while editing.
  • Search as you type does not highlight the full matched text, when cells with the same text exist.
  • Search logic does not process special symbols correctly when they are placed in double quotation.
  • When applying VQCV with custom IEnumerable as a source to the ItemsSource of GridView and filters the grid through filtering control, ExportToXlsx exports wrong items.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when changing NewRowPosition after themes have been switched.
  • Text Search logic throws an exception when used with EntityFramework IQueryable.
  • VQCV returns wrong values for IndexOf(index) when index is equal to VQCV.Count.
  • New row position is not updated when NewRowPosition property is changed from Bottom to None in Green, Office2016 and Material themes.
  • XAMLParseException is thrown with Material theme with StyleManager and ShowSearchPanel is true.
  • No value is exported when binding to nested/indexer property with ToString override defined.
  • As of R1 2018 the GetCellContent method is no longer used for exporting a custom column content. Instead, the GetExportCellContent one of GridViewBoundColumnBase needs to be overridden.


  • Memory leak when at least one child element is added in the control.


  • Improved Keyboard Navigation with Arrow Keys in scenarios with the following non-default panels: StackPanel, VirtualizingStackPanel, WrapPanel, VirtualizingWrapPanel.
  • Changing the CurrentItem of bound ICollectionView does not update the selection while the control is unloaded and then loaded (placed in TabControl or DropDownButton).


  • Added CanvasDark, CanvasLight, CanvasGray, RoadOnDemand and AerialOnDemand modes in the BingRestMapProvider.
  • Map freezes if the Language of the Map is not 'en-US', map shape data is added in VisualizationLayer and map is zoomed.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when pasting from context menu.
  • Minus key on AZERTY keyboard does not toggle the value in Numeric / CurrencyInput.
  • RadMaskedInput is higher than other inputs in Office2013, Green and Office2016 themes when using StyleManager.
  • RadMaskedInput is higher than other inputs in Green theme when using implicit styles.


  • RadMenu Automation peer leads to Jaws reading only the first letter of GridView cell.


  • When minimized and then reloaded, RadOutlookBar cannot be Maximized.
  • OutlookBar's title is higher when using StyleManager compared to implicit styles in Office2013 theme.

PDF Viewer

  • Implemented Save method in RadPdfViewer allowing to save PDF changes without showing SaveFileDialog.
  • Support for Encryption Algorithm 4.
  • Improved performance and memory consumption when rendering monochrome images, gray-scale images, and indexed images with BitsPerComponent 1 and BitsPerComponent 8.
  • Implemented RadPdfViewerToolBar control and improved design-time experience of RadPdfViewer and its satellite controls.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown when importing CrossReferenceStream whose Prev value is CrossReferenceTable.
  • ImageMask is rendered inversed when non-default Decode array is used which results in wrong transparent pixels.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when presenter is changed on DocumentChanged event.
  • Ograve glyph is not rendered in WinAnsiEncoding.
  • Slow page loading when there is a lot of text.
  • OutOfMemoryException is thrown when viewing documents with large images.


  • Support for Encryption Algorithm 4.
  • Improvements in color spaces import functionality including improved support for DeviceN and Separation color spaces and SCN color space operator.
  • TextSelection.GetSelectedTextAsync(*) throws NullReferenceException when invoked in non-WPF application.


  • Implemented DistinctValuesLimit property for the OlapDataProviders (Adomd & Xmla) to allow showing more than 1000 distinct values.
  • Implemented UI and events for creating a custom editing solution.


  • The value of a union property (which is owned only from one of the object) is not displayed initially when PropertySetMode is set to Union.
  • The last item added in collection editor is lost when property grid item is changed after adding.


  • Mini toolbars (SelectionMiniToolBar and ImageMiniToolBar) stay visible when specific keys are pressed.
  • 'Telerik.Windows.Documents.FormatProviders.Html' assembly is shown in Add Reference dialog of Visual Studio as 'Telerik.Windows.Documents.FormatProviders'.
  • Application hangs due to InvalidOperationException when RadDocument.DefaultTabWidth is 0 and there are tabs in a paragraph.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when applying formatting with Paragraph Properties dialog to multiple paragraphs with different types of indents.
  • Performance and memory improvements in DOCX and RTF format providers when exporting documents containing fields.
  • Added translations for the localization strings in the Row tab of Table Properties dialog and in the Create Source dialog.
  • NumPages field in headers/footers is exported with wrong values to PDF.
  • Documents with line spacing 0 are not imported correctly from RTF.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when the template of SelectionMiniToolBar is edited, and text properties are changed while the bar is opened.
  • Ctrl+Down does not move the caret to the beginning of the next paragraph.
  • Dragging RadRichTextBox from toolbox to Visual Studio designer doesn't generate the UI chosen in the configuration wizard.
  • ManageStyles dialog's contents are not quite readable.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when exporting to PDF in multiple threads.


  • When single occurrence of recurring appointment has been edited through the built-in dialog, an incorrect window is brought to front (not the one ScheduleView is placed inside).


  • Autofill throws exception when autofilling long number value with text format.
  • Autofill turns numbers to ordinal when text format is applied.


  • Implemented RadSpreadsheetRibbon control and improved design-time experience of RadSpreadsheet and its satellite controls.


  • Scrolling the TabStrip does not work well when TabStripPlacement=Left or Bottom and ScrollMode=Item.
  • Protected method SetTemplate() is now removed from the control.


  • Setting PreservePositionWhenMaximized property to true, leads to hiding of minimized TileView item during dragging or minimizing/maximizing operations.


  • Slider has wrong tooltip when Material theme is set through StyleManager.


  • Slider has wrong tooltip when Material theme is set through StyleManager.


  • A NullReferenceException is thrown in RadTimeSpanPickerAutomationPeer.GetChildrenCore() method.


  • Extended selection can throw exception about an existing selected index.
  • Passing through the same item multiple times can desynchronize extended selection.
  • When the control is measured with infinite size an exception is thrown.
  • Moved the definition of the SortingState enumeration to Telerik.Windows.Controls.dll.
  • Columns can be resized not only from the resizers.
  • When control is loaded, the first click on header cell does not sort.
  • SelectedIndexes may contain more values than the actual count of selected indexes.


  • Setting SelectionOnFocus property to CaretToEnd/DefaultSelectAll/CaretToBeggining is not respected.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when exporting table without cells to PDF.
  • When merge field is evaluated to null or empty string, result fragment is not removed from the merged document.
  • HTML import of font-family enclosed in quotes is incorrect.

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