Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF R1 2017 SP1

February 21, 2017

All Controls

  • Introduced new RaisePropertyChanged method in the ViewModelBase that uses the CallerMemberName attribute (.Net 4.5 only).


  • Index returned from HighlightBehavior is not respected when filtered list contains a single item.


  • Making selection through UI breaks OneWay binding to the SelectedItem property.


  • Nested RadDataForms breaks the control's Commands functionality.


  • Exception in VirtualQueryableCollectionView on filtering with nullable DateTime value.
  • Dragging column header over non reordable column results in permanent Not Allowed drag cue.
  • Merging dictionaries can cause binding errors for GridViewPinButton.IsPinned.
  • Results returned for a column bound to nullable double are not highlighted.
  • Improved the initial loading time when adding a large set of column groups.
  • Pressing the edit icon in new row inserts wrong data with GroupRenderMode="Nested".
  • Adding new item through the row indicator while editing a sorted grid, results in wrongly added data of the edited item.
  • An Exception can be thrown when updating the DataContext of the FieldFilterControl and a custom defined controls in the filter are bound to different types.
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when using search panel and column DataType is not set.
  • Setting IsReadOnlyBinding throws an exception when the binding source is different from the default one.
  • Changing ItemsSource of the GridViewComboBoxColumn runtime leads to empty cells in that column.
  • ErrorIndicator and EditIndicator icons overlap when validating new row in Office2016, Office2016Touch and Green themes.
  • "Cannot create a top-level child window" exception is thrown when using ShowToolTipOnTrimmedText in xbap application.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown from the synchronization of the pinnedItems state when the ItemsSource collection of RadGridView is changed by asynchronous operations.
  • Clicking row indicator on newly added row adds an additional row.
  • Mouse arrow cursor appears above the drop not allowed icon when dragging column headers.

Image Editor

  • Setting IsPanningEnabled property to true before applying the template of RadImageEditor results in exception.


  • Setting ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility attached property of LayoutControl or LayoutControlGroups won't get applied.


  • RadListBox does not raise the Initialized event.


  • BingRestElevationCompletedEventArgs, BingRestRoutingCompletedEventArgs and BingRestSearchLocationCompletedEventArgs don't expose UserData property which should return the UserData object set in the corresponding rest request.

Outlook Visual Studio project template

  • NullReferenceException is thrown design time in MainView.


  • When minimized during run-time change of themes item's header overlaps the minimizing toggle button in some themes.

PDF Viewer

  • Setting VisiblePagesCacheOffset property to int.MaxValue hangs the PdfViewer application.
  • Document is not loaded when it is created with PdfDocumentSource from Uri and with ReadOnDemand option.
  • Setting VisiblePagesCacheOffset to cache all PDF document pages slows the initial load for documents with a lot of pages.


  • EndStream keyword cannot be found which results in InvalidOperationException.
  • Metadata streams are not exported as plain text when the exported file is PDF/A.


  • OutOfMemoryException is thrown when loading document containing large images.


  • Implemented virtual UpdateAppointmentItemContentTemplateOverride method.
  • CurrentTimeIndicator rendering optimization.
  • Improved the ScheduleViewDragDropBehavior in order to call ConvertDraggedData only once on mouse enter when the new CacheConvertedDragData property is set to true.
  • If SnapAppointments is enabled the Appointments disappear after dropping them outside of the current day.
  • Using custom LocalizationManager in order to change the ViewDefinitions Title - throws StackOverflow exception.


  • Documents with global print area cannot be imported because of thrown SpreadsheetNameException.
  • General number format containing locale code is not recognized as General and the numbers in the cell are replaced with "General" text content.
  • Images are not rendered when ext tag element has zero width or height.


  • General number format containing locale code is not recognized as General and the numbers in the cell are replaced with "General" text content.
  • Images are not rendered when ext tag element has zero width or height.


  • ObjectDisposedException is thrown when the GC finalize all objects from the ZipArchive.

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