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Release History

UI for WPF Q3 2015 SP1

November 3, 2015

All Controls

  • The Text property of the MS TextBox is not shown in the CodedUI and it has Telerik.UIA technology name when the Extension.Core assembly is used.
  • TextBox is not recognized properly if nested in another control when recording CodedUI test.


  • There is no highlighted item when pasting a letter using mouse interactions.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the InitializeTextBoxPart() method when the control is disposed by its Dispose() method.


  • Decimal numbers 0 after the decimal point are not displayed until a different than 0 number is entered.


  • Axis is rendered incorrectly in a remove-add scenario.
  • Chart produces a legend item without a marker fill when the series is collapsed initially.
  • Non-positive values are incorrectly plotted as 1 on a logarithmic axis.


  • Shift + Tab navigation doesn't work as expected when deriving from ComboBox and overriding DP metadata of the IsEditable property.
  • IsEditable ComboBox loses template binding background in Office2013 theme.


  • Exception is thrown when the ErrorTooltipContent is set to null and the current input cannot be parsed.
  • DateTimePicker internally breaks OneWay binding to the SelectedValue when selecting through the UI.


  • StackOverflow exception is thrown when the diagram is layouted with AStarRouter and connection bridges.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown by shape resizing.


  • Support for disabling the export of particular columns. GridViewDocumentExportOptions exposes a new property - ExcludedColumns of type IList<GridViewColumn>. When a column is added to that collection, it will not be exported.
  • Changing CreateItem method's access modifier from internal virtual to protected internal virtual.
  • Setting DragElementAction to "ExtendedSelect" prevents from deselecting with Ctrl + mouse click.
  • Changing AlternateRowBackground at run-time is not visually respected untill RadGridView is measured.
  • RadGridView does not lose the focus when tabbing out and TabNavigation is set to Once.
  • DataBinding is lost when setting a DataTemplate as ContentTemplate for GridViewCell.
  • Style set through GroupFooterRowStyleSelector is not applied in case implicit styles are used.
  • Style set through GroupFooterRowStyleSelector is not persisted when a group is expanded and collapsed.
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown on sorting GridViewExpressionColumn without Expression property being set.
  • Filter dialog does not close if user opens some of the combobox filters.
  • Pressing Enter key when SelectionUnit is "Cell" does not move down the focus and selection.
  • When a cell is marked as invalid by a data error (INotifyDataErrorInfo, IDataErrorInfo), entering valid content does not remove the error until the edit operation is commited.
  • GridViewHeaderCells are not draggable when RadGridView is hosted in DropDownButton.DropDownContent.
  • Updating language should not recreate DataMemberBinding if it has been null or modify its BindingMode.
  • IsPropertyChangedAggregationEnabled property cannot be set using Style.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in SetIsTouchHitTestVisible when entering in edit mode of GridViewCombobox column.
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown in StringFilterEditorAutomationPeer.GetChildrenCore method.


  • Added a new property "IsScrollIntoViewEnabled" that allows selection of an item without scrolling to it.


  • IndexOutOfRangeException is produced when removing and adding points in PolylineData at runtime.


  • MaskedCurrencyInput with French Culture throws FormatException when pressing Up / Down arrow keys.
  • Cannot change value from 10 to 9 or from -1 to 0 in CurrencyInput and NumericInput with Mask="" and SpinMode="PositionAndValue".


  • MenuItem is not disabled when placed in MenuGroupItem and command's CanExecute returns false.

MS Controls

  • TextBox in Office2013 has a negative outer margin when disabled that hides parts of the hosting element.


  • When the ValueFormat is set and right-clicking the text, the Copy command in the ContextMenu is disabled as the selection from the text is lost.
  • OneWay binding to the Value property cannot be used as the control breaks it.

PDF Viewer

  • When scrollbar width is changed, Fit To Width option does not set the width to fit the screen.
  • PDF document containing two cross reference tables does not merge defined entries correctly.
  • Fixed BindingExpression path errors.


  • Font that is not embedded and does not have FontFamily cannot be imported.
  • MediaBox, Rotate and Resources properties are not inherited from the parent Pages node.
  • Dash character is not exported when using standard fonts.


  • Changing PropertyDefinition.IsReadOnly property runtime causes a NullReferenceException.
  • Property of type GridLength cannot be edited.


  • RibbonWindow support for Windows 10 OS.
  • When Maximized and Windows Classic theme is applied the Minimize/Restore/Maximize buttons are clipped and there is a gap between RibbonTabs and TitleBar.
  • Exception is thrown (Width and Height must be non-negative) in the WindowTitlePanel when resizing.


  • The color pickers in RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI do not track the current style in the document.
  • HTML Format Provider: Table width style property is not imported correctly when the value is in points.
  • Paragraph formatting is lost when a field result fragment has multiple lines.
  • HTML Format Provider: Рўable width style property is not imported correctly when the value is in inches.
  • RTF Format Provider: Nested fields are imported as raw text .
  • Deleting middle column in a table, which has vertically merged cells in the first and the last columns, results in a wrong table layout.
  • Merging vertically equal number of table cells in all columns in a table with cell spacing leads to frozen UI.


  • An appointment can be dropped outside the visible hours when dragged to the top of the DayView, if SnapAppointments is enabled and DayStartTime is set.
  • GroupHeader's Content height is too small and cuts off the name of the days in the WeekViewDefinition in Windows8 theme.


  • Implemented public API for retrieving the used cell range for a specific property.
  • SetValue(DateTime value) overload resets previously set format.
  • Visibility property value is not respected and hiding/unhiding sheets does not work.
  • Cells without style id are not imported correctly which may lead to incorrect formatting.
  • Setting empty string using SetValueAsText creates document which can not be imported using Excel.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when importing number formats with id 41, 42, 43 or 44.
  • Text in rows with zero height is rendered as dots when exporting to PDF.
  • Importing or creating formatCode string "General" is interpreted as text instead of General number format.


  • Cells without style id are not imported correctly which may lead to incorrect formatting.
  • Formulas are lost when pasting in the Formula Bar.
  • Updating a number in a cell that is used in a formula as a referred one breaks the alignment of the cell which contains the result.
  • Text in rows with zero height is rendered as dots when exporting to PDF.
  • Setting the Workbook property using Task in the UI thread causes RadSpreadsheet to freeze.
  • Importing or creating formatCode string "General" is interpreted as text instead of General number format.


  • AutogeneratingTile event is not thrown if a new item is added to the source collection.
  • Command of a Tile is not executed when using Touch.


  • Value of component becomes 0, if the previous value is no longer present in the dropdown.
  • When a TimeSpanComponent has Header=null, the header area is not collapsed in VisualStudio2013, Windows8, Office2013 and Windows8Touch themes.
  • CloseButtonContainer is renamed to ButtonsContainer.


  • RadTreeListView throw an InvalidCastException when adding heterogeneous child items while having defined filtering.
  • Setting TreeLinesVisibility to "Hidden" at run-time does not hide the TreeLines.


  • The binding is not applied initially on a RadMaskedInput's Value defined in the ItemEditTemplate.


  • Window content is hidden after it was first closed then shown, minimized and maximized.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when showing a window in XBAP application.


  • Block.Measure throws exception when exporting to PDF paragraph with negative left and/or right indents.
  • Styles in a document are not imported when css class contains dashes.


  • NullReferenceException when creating ZIP archive bigger than 4 GB.

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