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Release History

UI for WPF Q2 2015 SP1

July 27, 2015

All Controls

  • Added CodedUI support for Visual Studio 2015.


  • RemoveItemButton is not displayed when the Text of the AutoCompleteBoxItem is too long and can't be visualized on the current rows available space.


  • BreadcrumbBarItem's and History SplitButton's Background and BorderBrush are changed from AccentBrush to AccentDarkBrush on press in VisualStudio2013 Blue theme.


  • BusyContent property doesn't consider the new Culture if changed dynamically.


  • MouseOver state is not consistent in Windows8 theme.


  • An ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when a SeriesProvider is used and an element is added and removed.


  • A Design Time Exception occurs when a custom style is used with implicit styles.
  • Outer border is lost when you hover the selected item in Windows8Touch theme.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when setting List of Colors to RecentColorsItemsSource.


  • Added "UpdateTextOnLostFocus" dependency property.


  • When the InputMode of the control is set to TimePicker, the DateTimeWatermarkContent is wrongly displayed.


  • ToolWindow's width is stretched to two monitors width when it is undocked from another ToolWindow that's maximized.


  • IsPropertyChangedAggregationEnabled alternates between two modes for handling PropertyChanged for RadGridVIew. Setting it to true (Current default logic) enables an internal optimization that handles the PropertyChanged event occurrences on a fixed time period that improves rendering performance for multiple simultaneous updates. Disabling it should free the resources that are taken by the timer, forcing RadGridView to process each occurrence separately.
  • Optimized processing of repeated PropertyChanged occurrences from the bound data items.
  • GridView with a column with * width and ShowColumnFooters="True" has horizontal scrollbar when it is resized.
  • Exception is thrown in SilverlightUIAutomationHelper when GridView is populated and CodedUI test performs typing action.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown in Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.Model.CellValueFactory.CreateFormulaCellValue().
  • GridViewColumnGroups.Header does not respect any content different from string.
  • RadGridView is not focused if you click on the row indicator of the selected item in case the previously focused element is in ToolBar or RadToolBar.
  • Single aggregate function is always exported as string.
  • GridViewColumnGroup.HeaderTemplate is not respected in Windows8, Windows8Touch and ExpressionDark themes.
  • Tapping on GridViewGroupRow or GroupHeaderRow does not expand the group.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in GridViewCell.UpdateValue when scrolling.
  • Navigation does not work correctly when the control is nested in a WinForms form, measured with auto height.
  • GridViewRow's and GridViewCell's ToolTip disappears after leaving edit mode.
  • Columns are not autogenerated when grid is bound to collection of ICustomTypeDescriptor objects.


  • When ListBoxPanel is used as ItemsPanel, scrolling with the mouse to the bottom causes the items on the top to vanish.

MS Controls

  • Validation tooltip for the native CheckBox in all themes.


  • Added "ReadOnly" property.
  • Added "UpdateValueToMatchTextOnLostFocus" dependency property.
  • HideTrailingZero property doesn't work as expected for values smaller than 0.0001.

PDF Viewer

  • Exception is thrown when loading a destination with indirect page object marked as free.
  • Some images with SMask could not be displayed.
  • ImageMask is not scaled correctly to match the masked image size.
  • Glyphs with negative font size are rendered with too big stroke thickness.


  • When StrokeLineThickness is not set during path import the path geometry is later exported with thickness 0 instead of 1.
  • BitmapSource created with GetBitmapSource method cannot be used to encode image because of ObjectDisposedException.
  • Single and Double Quotes are not recognized as valid keyword start characters.
  • ShowTextArray operator interprets number values with opposite direction.
  • When negative sign is right after array start the number is parsed as positive number.
  • Importing RadFixedDocument from byte array causes ObjectDisposedException on export.
  • TextLead parameter should be interpreted with opposite sign when used by MoveToNextLine content stream operator.
  • Exporting document with encryption occasionally throws FormatException.


  • DataProvider.StatusChanged is not called when the QueryableDataProvider.Source throws exception.


  • Ctrl + Home/End, PageUp/PageDown do not work correctly when PropertyGridCommandProvider.ShouldProcessHandledEvents property is set to False.
  • Wrong values of the properties with similar names when having PropertySetMode set.


  • Рђ System.InvalidOperationException is thrown when RadDocumentPane is selected and the ribbon is minimized.
  • RibbonButtons change their FontSize after SelectionChange of the RibbonTab.
  • There is a gap between the RadRibbonWindow border and the RadRibbonView on Windows7 OS.


  • Improved initial loading time.
  • Deleting entire row in a table with many merged cells could lead to content swapping in some of the cells in the row below the deleted row.
  • Absolute UriSource in the NoImage property of the NoImagePlaceHolder class throws an exception if pack URI scheme is not known.
  • Invalid hex colors parsing is not skipped when importing from HTML.
  • Docx Format Provider: Exception is thrown when importing a document which has footers that are not declared with autoclosed tag.
  • Table Properties dialog extends in width when large number is typed in NumericUpDown control.
  • Spellchecking specific text causes NullReferenceException.
  • Wrong localization strings in French in FontPropertiesDialog and InsertHyperlinkDialog.


  • Introduced PdfSettings property in PdfExportSettings class which is used to specify settings when a workbook is exported to PDF.
  • Setting style name that does not exist in the style repository throws null reference exception, which is not correct type of exception.
  • PictureElement that does not have SizeElement is imported with zero size.


  • Introduced PdfSettings property in PdfExportSettings class which is used to specify settings when a workbook is exported to PDF.
  • Hyperlink dialog is not properly aligned.
  • Fonts Gallery resizes when scrolling and then empty spaces are displayed at the right and at the bottom.
  • "Create new theme fonts" dialog's alignment is incorrect in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • There is extra space between the heading and the text in "Create New Theme Fonts" dialog.
  • "Colors" drop-down menu text is clipped in Windows8Touch theme.
  • Setting style name that does not exist in the style repository throws null reference exception, which is not correct type of exception.
  • Memory leak is caused when RadSpreadsheet is in window.
  • Fixed scrolling performance.
  • PictureElement that does not have SizeElement is imported with zero size.


  • RadTileList template is incorrectly extracted in Visual Studio 2012 + and Blend. GroupHeaderHeight property is not set in xaml anymore. Its default value is defined only in the definition of the corresponding dependency property. That way the behavior will remain unchanged. The only scenario that might be affected is when there is a custom style that relies on the previous default value. In that case it should be set to "25" directly in this style.


  • Performance is degraded when modifying source collection.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in QCV.InternalIndexOf() method.


  • Incorrect visual state of RadTreeViewItem is produced when RadTreeView is disabled while mouse cursor is over TreeViewItem.
  • ArgumentOutOfRange Exception may occur in VirtualizingPanel when the bound CollectionViewSource is refreshed.


  • The header is cut when Window is minimized in Windows8Touch and Expression_Dark themes.
  • When IsRestrictedWhenMaximized = true, maximizing the window on the second screen goes out of the bounds of the display.
  • When RadWindow has higher header, the minimize button is not aligned to the other buttons in Windows8Touch theme.


  • The Wizard is not visible in the designer of both Visual Studio and Blend.


  • Fields in headers and footer are not updated when UpdateFields() method is invoked.
  • Text in Headers and Footers is not replaced.
  • Fixed Open XML SDK validation errors related to invalid child elements.
  • Html format provider fails to export more than 9 paragraphs associated with one list level.
  • Mail merge does not preserve the style properties of the merge field.
  • Mail merge doesn't respect document variables.

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