Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF Q2 2014

June 18, 2014

CloudUpload (New)

  • Allows users to easily upload files to a cloud storage of their choice

PdfProcessing (New)

  • Enables users to import and export PDF documents without the need of any third-party libraries
  • Allows to create, load and modify PDF documents using an intuitive API

All Controls

  • VisualStudio2013 theme
  • NullReferenceException at Telerik.Windows.Controls.TypeConverterWrapper ConvertBack method
  • TypeConverterWrapper passing invalid results breaks the binding, instead of creating validation error
  • Implement PropertyChanged Notification for Count property of DataItemCollection
  • Touch does not work correctly when a control is unloaded and loaded again
  • In Office2013 theme VerticalAlignment of the Label is set to Center


  • Provide a way to modify the highlighted index when filtering
  • Make it possible to implement custom item Highlighting logic of items in the DropDown portion of the control
  • Add a possibility to set minimum populate delay to the control
  • When the ItemsSource is bound to a big collection typing in the TextBox of the control leads to performance issues
  • Memory leak in the SearchText property of the AutoCompleteBox
  • DisplayMemberPath binding and TextSearchPath binding don't work in Single SelectionMode
  • The caret goes to the beginning of the text in certain scenario
  • Setting SearchText initially is not working in Multiple SelectionMode


  • Insert/Remove items from the ItemsSource throws InvalidOperationException
  • Exception is thrown when removing multiple items from the business collection displayed in the RadBook


  • (CodedUI) In Breadcrumb recorder test always click the first button
  • RadBreadcrumbBarAutomationPeer inherits now from System.Windows.Automation.Peers.ItemsControlAutomationPeer instead of System.Windows.Automation.Peers.FrameworkElementAutomationPeer


  • When changing implicit themes at runtime, the FeaturedMeasure disappears


  • RadButton, RadDropDownButton, RadSplitButton - Focus State should be under Content in Transparent theme
  • RadSplitButton arrow is not centered when different DropDownButtonPosition is set
  • The MouseOverChecked state is missing in Windows8 theme for RadToggleButton and RadRadioButton


  • Implement MajorTickLength property for the chart axes
  • ArgumentException caused by BarSeriesAutomationPeer after clearing the Series collection of a RadCartesianChart
  • DivideByZeroException is thrown when trying to zoom in a DateTimeContinuousAxis with a single series with a single data point
  • Left stroke is incorrectly drawn when zooming an AreaSeries with empty points and StrokeMode All
  • Scatter line is drawn incorrectly when zooming in on data that is not consecutive
  • Stacked areas are drawn incorrectly when categories appear in different order in the different series
  • Spline is drawn in a weird way when empty points are present and non-empty points are far away
  • Stacked areas are drawn incorrectly when data points' categories are not in the exact same order
  • Stacked areas are drawn incorrectly when series have different value axes


  • SplitButtonStyle is not applied properly
  • ColorButtonStyle and ExpanderButtonStyle properties are now deleted. Use the newer SplitButtonStyle property in order to set the corresponding ButtonPartStyle and TogglePartStyle properties of the RadSplitButton


  • Add DataTemplate for the selection box of an editable RadComboBox
  • (CodedUI) Create CUIT level 4 for RadComboBox
  • After closing and reopening the DropDown scrolling is no longer possible on touch enabled devices
  • ComboBoxItem is not read from the Narrator when navigating to it with the keyboard
  • Exception is thrown when setting VirtualizingStackPanel and IsVirtualizing="True" and scrolling with Touch
  • Memory leak when RadComboBox is inside RadTabItem and RadTabControl is unloaded


  • Memory leak in DataFormComboBoxField
  • DataFormComboBoxField clears its selected value when switching between data templates


  • Entering date that contains letters causes ArgumentOutOfRangeException when SelectedDate is bound and AllowParsingWithoutSeparator is set to True


  • (CodedUI) Create CUIT level 4 for RadDateTimePicker
  • When you type some value that is not in the ItemsSource the SelectedValue becomes null and the text in the WatermarkTextBox is deleted
  • The CloseButton content is not changed when you apply a different culture in ExpressionDark theme


  • AutoFitButton Path is clipped in Office2013 theme
  • DiagramLayoutComplete event is fired before the animation are completed
  • Connection visualization is not correct when Diagram is integrated in Tab


  • Make Save/Load layout support LinqToXML
  • Add VisualState to the DocumentHost Panes for Selected and not focused state
  • Top Autohide Area has the same style as the Document Host
  • Provide a way of indicating the active ToolWindow in the office themes
  • Make the Activation of Panes change the VisualState of all ToolWindows in the control


  • ToggleButton should not be Transparent on MouseOver in Windows8Touch theme
  • When the control is disabled, the content should not be disabled
  • Incorrect Width and Height of the ToggleButton in Windows8 theme


  • ExpressionEditor throws a NullReferenceException when in CellEditTemplate


  • Implement the Deadline property of the GanttTask class


  • Exception is thrown when implicit theme is changed at runtime
  • As of Q2 2014 the RadGauge control in the Telerik.Windows.Controls.Gauge.dll is deleted. Use the newer RadGauge control that is in the Telerik.Windows.Controls.DataVisualization.dll instead


  • (CodedUI) GridViewCell gets recorded as UITestControl instead of WpfGridViewCell
  • (CodedUI) A CodedUI test with edit a cell fails with NotSupportedException
  • (CodedUI) Test fails on playback on cell edit
  • (CodedUI) With 4.5 binaries navigate to an element inside CellTemplate is not possible
  • (CodedUI) With 4.5 binaries navigate to GridViewRow is not possible
  • (CodedUI) When RadGridView is grouped GridViewRow does not have a DataItem (UISpy)
  • (CodedUI) ArgumentNullException / NullReferenceException in System.Windows.Automation.Peers.AutomationPeer.EnsureChildren()
  • (CodedUI) Improve compatibility between 4.0 and 4.5 for CodedUI testing
  • (CodedUI) ITableProvider.GetItem method does not return the automation peer of the item if it is outside the view port
  • (CodedUI) Custom properties of GridViewRow are not displayed properly in the CodedUI test builder
  • (CodedUI) Name of the ListBoxItems inside DistinctValuesListBox to be the corresponding value
  • (CodedUI) Performance degradation due to GridViewDataControlAutomationPeer.GetItemPeers method
  • Wrong selection when data is real time updated in GroupRenderMode="Flat"
  • "Element is already a child of another element" exception is thrown when ControlPanelItem has custom content
  • SelectedCells count is incorrect after selecting all rows
  • First group top border is missing when there is a new row and it is in edit mode - Windows8 theme
  • Element is already a child of another element exception is thrown at design time - Windows8, Office2013 themes
  • RadGridView.SelectedItem binding is broken when SelectionUnit is changed to Cell
  • Columns data get overlapped after updating simultaneously DisplayIndex and IsVisible properties
  • Pasted rows are not correct after coping all rows with SelectionMode Extended due to the additional cells that remain in SelectedCells collection
  • SelectedCells count is not correct when selecting multiple items with Extended mode
  • Columns and column groups get misaligned after restoring GridView settings using PersistenceFramework
  • InvalidOperationException in GridViewItemContainerGenerator.LinkContainerToItem()
  • Only the first cell from SelectedCells remains in the collection after changing the mode to Multiple or Extended
  • Infinite Layout cycle when UI virtualization is disabled
  • RadGridView is consuming resources when its IsBusy property is set to False
  • GridViewCell's ToolTip disappears after leaving edit mode
  • NullReferenceException in GridViewCell.Editor_Loaded method
  • NullReferenceException in GridViewCellInfo.ctor
  • CheckBox content in FilteringControl do not show seconds when parent column is bound to DateTime property
  • NullRefException in design time in GridViewVirtualizingPanel.DestroyContainers and GridViewVirtualizingPanel.NestedLayoutStrategy
  • Delete GridViewMaskedTextBoxColumn. Use GridViewMaskedInputColumn instead
  • Delete GridViewIndicatorCell


  • Implement IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem property in order to disconnect the connection with CollectionViewSource
  • Make it easier to drop an item after the last item in the control
  • When SelectedIndex is changed the SelectedItem property is not updated if the control is initially Collapsed and vice versa
  • Setting SelectedItems in the constructor selects only the first item, not all of them
  • The SelectionChanged event is not fired if the ListBox is not visible
  • When the control is unloaded, changing its selection doesn't cause its SelectionChanged to be triggered
  • DragDropEffects are not working correctly with ListBoxDragVisualProvider
  • When drop item after the last one the there is too much space between ListBoxDragCue and the last item
  • If a dragged item is not over an existing item of the ListBox control the drop cue is not displayed
  • When ItemsPanel is set to RadWrapPanel with Horizontal Orientation, the dropVisual is Horizontal
  • In some cases Drop Cue of the ListBox goes out of its boundaries while dragging an item
  • NullReferenceException is thrown if EmptyDragVisualProvider is used and drag and drop operation is performed


  • Improve map shapes visualization when zooming
  • ObjectDisposedException is thrown in VisualizationLayer.StopBackgroundThread
  • Removing of the data item from the collection don't remove correspondent MapShapeBindableWrapper from layer
  • VisualizationLayer do not show items when MapLayer.Location is bound to the data model and items are placed directly to the layer in XAML
  • The buttons' foreground in CommandBar is not correct in Expression_Dark and Windows8 themes
  • The MapShapeData objects in VisualizationLayer aren't rendered correctly when built-in mini map is used
  • Zooming to level which does not contain tiles clears available tiles from previous level


  • AutomationProperties.Name is not applied to the control
  • "Cut" then "Paste" in MaskedTextInput does not work as expected
  • Cut command replaces symbols that are cut with placeholders in no-masked
  • Incorrect Space Key Behavior. Space must not be allowed in Currency and Numeric input
  • MaskedInputBase handles the OnMouseWheel event even when the SpinMode property is set to None
  • Pasting values in the controls, clears the current value in order to paste the new content
  • NoMask and FormatString="n0" (n1 , n2 n3....) parsing issues with German, Italian Cultures


  • As of Q2 2014 RadMaskedTextBox control is deleted. Use the newer RadMaskedInput instead


  • Display documents with incorrectly specified Type0Fonts


  • Add SaveToStorage method that takes as parameters a list of the StorageIds to be saved
  • Allow persisting values in cross-version applications
  • Improve XmlSerialization logic in the PersistenceFramework


  • Sorting dates defined in OLAP Cube as dates, not as strings
  • Add support for ordering of data as it is stored (SortOrder.None option)
  • Add localization of month names and UI culture support
  • Label Filter for Date-Week displays nothing in the Items part
  • Exception is raised in some cases in RadPivotFieldList when opening Label Filter dialog and there are null values in ItemsSource
  • Values box in RadPivotFieldList is not localized
  • Users are unable to modify SupportedAggregateFunctions collection


  • Add ScrollIntoViewAsync – a method that allows scrolling property into view while virtualization is on
  • Add Single EditMode - an edit mode that enables edit of a single property.
  • BindingMode is OneWay when there is editor template and PropertySetMode is None
  • NullReferenceException at Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.PropertyGrid.AutoBindBehavior.BindEditor()
  • Localization for the Display Attribute does not work with PropertySets
  • NullReferenceException in GetItemStatusCore method of CollectionEditorPickerAutomationPeer
  • Optimize PropertyDefinitions processing for not expanded nested properties
  • Change VerticalContentAlignment of PropertyGridField to Stretch In Office2013 theme


  • HeaderStringFormat property is not working as expected
  • Memory leak in RadRibbonView when it is hosted in a RadTabControl
  • TabControl MouseOver visual state modified in Windows8Touch theme
  • RibbonView minimized button screen tip is misaligned
  • The RibbonView TabStrip ScrollViewer is displayed unexpectedly
  • The ContextualGroups in Windows8Touch theme are not correctly displayed
  • (CodedUI) The properties of RadRibbonContextualGroup can't be found in test
  • (CodedUI) The properties of RadRibbonWindow can't be found in test


  • Rtf Format Provider: Inherit row properties from one row to another if there is no \trowd control word
  • Html export: added option for to always export span tag for Span document elements
  • Header/footer cannot be unlinked when previous header/footer is empty
  • The first modification of any property of a style present in Styles Gallery is not applied
  • ImageEditorDialog doesn't apply changes into the image inside the document
  • Modifying default tab width does not affect the layout
  • The preferred width of merged table cell is exported to docx with wrong value
  • Improve performance of DocumentSelection.GetSelectedParagraphs() method


  • Provide a way to find the exact location when an appointment is dropped
  • Make possible to find out from which Resource the dragging operation has started when the Appointment has multiple resources assigned
  • Provide a way to have appointments with different height set in the AppointmentItem Style
  • If the ScheduleView is placed in a RadWindow, close dialogs sometimes open behind it
  • Error message is raised in EditRecurrenceDialog when deleting the value of the NumericUpDowns in the RecurrencePattern panel
  • GroupHeader Pressed state does not work as expected


  • Р•mpty Run in MS FlowDocument causes exception when MS RichTextBox is spellchecked


  • Add filtering functionality
  • Add sorting functionality
  • Introduce export to PDF
  • Add Error cell value
  • New MessageShowing event that allows modifying or suppressing all alerts displayed to the user
  • Introduce automatic update for all defined names and cell references when the workbook name is changed
  • Add automatic translation of cell references when cells/rows/columns are inserted or deleted
  • Win32Exception is thrown when the function tooltip is shown in an XBAP application
  • Exception caused by setting the VisibleSize property of a protected worksheet
  • Exception produced by setting the VisibleSize property and resizing rows/columns of the worksheet
  • Hyperlink dialog raises exception when the text to display is incorrect formula
  • RadSpreadsheet UI stops updating after the general error or missing operand error window is closed
  • The shapes adorner does not update properly after deleting an image and then performing an undo and redo
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when clicking the FindNext button of the Find and Replace dialog in an XBAP application


  • Add filtering functionality
  • Add sorting functionality
  • Introduce export to Pdf
  • Add Error cell value
  • Improve performance when importing documents containing numerous cell references
  • XlsxFormatProvider crashes when importing shared string with same value and different properties
  • NullReferenceException thrown when cells are inserted or removed
  • Setting the value in a whole cell range that contains different formats wipes out the already set formats
  • Upon file import, the Workbook Name property is not set to the name of the imported file


  • MouseOver and MouseOverSelected states are modified so that they are consistent with RadRibbontab in Windows8Touch theme
  • Tabs scrolling in TabStrip doesn't work correctly
  • TabControl items get unexpected white background from ScrollViewerElement in Windows8 theme


  • Tile SelectedVisual Border is not clickable in Windows8, Windows8Touch and Office2013 themes


  • FluidContentControl does not work with Office2013 theme
  • MaximizeMode set to "One" doesn't work as expected in nested RadTileViews
  • When a TileView item is selected, the Toggle button in the Header is disabled in Windows8Touch theme


  • TimePicker doesn't show the initially selected time in Windows8 theme


  • Add TouchManager.IsTouchEnabled property
  • Memory leak in TouchManager(EventHandler<TouchEventArgs>)


  • RadToolTip is not closed on mouse leave


  • TreeListView Connecting Lines
  • (CodedUI) Tests for RadTreeListView cannot be run if ExtensionsCore assembly is referenced
  • (CodedUI) With 4.5 binaries navigate to an element inside CellTemplate is not possible
  • (CodedUI) CustomType of the cells in RadTreeListView are updated to be WpfGridViewCell rather than WpfTreeListViewCell
  • (CodedUI) Improved compatibility between 4.0 and 4.5 for CodedUI testing
  • The AutomationControlType of RadTreeListViewAutomationPeer is updated to DataGrid
  • Output errors when AutoExpandItems is bound to IsChecked of an external checkbox
  • TreeListViewRowCoreValidationStyle is throwing design time exception in Office2013 theme


  • Allow cancelling a drag operation originating from certain items
  • Drag is started unexpectedly from a control in the header of the TreeViewItem
  • Speed Up Lines Drawing / Updating Process. This improves greatly the performance when Scrolling and Bringing Into View
  • TextDropAfter, TextDropBefore, TextDropIn, TextDropRoot properties do not work with NEW DragDropExecution mode
  • IsDragPreviewEnabled and IsDragTooltipEnabled properties don't work with the new DragDrop functionality
  • TreeViewItem Background gets lost when Selecting and then moving Focus from the item in Windows8 theme
  • Obsolete 3ViewSettings.DragDropExecutionMode property. Make its default value - "NEW"


  • Html format support
  • Lists support
  • Support for comments
  • Support for bookmarks
  • Support for page, line and column breaks
  • Fields update engine - support for expressions, IF,COMPARE,DATE,TIME fields
  • DocxFormatProvider crashes when exporting document with .wmf image


  • ZipArchive throws the NotSupportedException when it is opened from a Stream which does not support the Flush method

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