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UI for WPF Q2 2008SP1

September 9, 2008

RadControls for WPF Q2 2008 SP1

  • New Features
    • Improved selection handling
      • SelectionChanged event has been added
      • SelectedItem and CurrentItem properties have been added to support XAML- only selection handling
    • Support for current (focused) cells and Tab/Shift+Tab key navigation through the cells
    • Accessibility Support through automation peers for RadGridView
  • Bug fixes:
    • Grid group reorder-related exception
    • Grid filter values broken after column reorder
    • Editing a hierarchy master row exception
    • Removing a record from a grid group did not work when filtering was applied
    • Event setters in global GridViewRow styles caused an exception
  • New Features
    • Handle scollviewer attached properties
  • Bugfixes
    • Bug with clicking over a zero value
    • The repeat buttons of the NumericUpDown did not actually repeat
  • New Features
    • Tab functionality
    • Enhanced user-input experience
  • Bugfixes
    • Issue when dragging the selection range
  •  Changes
    • The DatePicker theme is now consistent with the other controls.
    • All events are now routed events
    • CalendarButtonContent’s IsEnabled setter is now public
  • BugFixes
    • IsReadOnly now disables input and selection but does not disable the calendar
    • Disabling the DatePicker disables the toggle button as well.
    • Added TypeConverters to the Nullable<Enum> properties, they can be set in the xaml now.
    • The zoom animation not played when the control was first loaded.

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