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Release History

UI for WPF Q1 2016 SP1

February 17, 2016

All Controls

  • Added ReadOnlyBackground brush for Green theme.


  • VerticalContentAlignment has no effect on the AutocompleteBox.
  • No items are returned by the AsyncFilteringBehavior if the ItemsSource contains objects of a nested class.
  • VerticalContentAlignment's value is updated from "Center" to "Stretch".


  • The busy indication of the BusyIndicator is not visible if it is placed inside a tab in TabControl.


  • An exception is thrown when rapidly recreating series with Direct2D render options.


  • EditableComboBox foreground does not change through Windows8Touch palette.
  • Missing TemplateBinding property for ScrollViewer.CanContentScroll in the ControlTemplate of RadComboBox.
  • MouseOver and Focused brushes are modified for Windows8Touch theme.


  • Updated description button in DataForm for Green theme.


  • DateTimePicker loses focus if it has been hovered for Wondows8Touch theme.


  • Resizing grouped Shape and ContainerShape stops unexpectedly.
  • Editing ViewModel's property via SettingsPane works only for the first selected Shape.
  • Green theme is not applied Design time in VisualStudio 2012, 2013 and 2015.


  • Provided a way to access the MainWindow's (or any other Window's) resources in the generated ToolWindow instances.
  • Added ToolWindowCreated, PaneGroupCreated and SplitContainerCreated events that are raised when the control's DefaultGeneratedItemsFactory creates elements at runtime.
  • Added override for the DockingPanesFactory's CreatePaneForItem() that accepts the RadDocking instance.
  • Active pane is incorrectly changed on lost keyboard focus.
  • The selected RadPane in a RadPaneGroup is changed in nested Docking when selecting a RadPane in the outter RadDocking.

DragDrop Manager

  • Drag is started when you click on an element with opened ContextMenu (or RadContextMenu).


  • When setting the HorizontalHeaderAlignment to center, this changes only the content position but not the expand\collapse button itself.


  • MajorTick foreground cannot be changed through the palette for Windows8, Windows8Touch, Office2013 and VisualStudio2013 themes.
  • Exception is thrown if Telerik.Windows.Controls.GanttView.xaml is merged with build action "Resource" for Green theme.


  • Search criteria are applied on complex properties.
  • Introduce ShouldCloseFilteringPopupOnKeyboardFocusChanged property in order to control whether the filtering popup should close on keyboard focus change. Its default value is False. RadGridView's FilteringDropDown ShouldCloseOnKeyboardFocusWithinChanged method now returns True when the user set GridView's ShouldCloseFilteringPopupOnKeyboardFocusChanged property to True.
  • Optimized GridViewRow/Cell automation API. This change should improve general performance on touch-enabled devices, or other UI Automation environments.
  • Editing dynamic property through a CellEditTemplate editor (DataTemplate) passes "null" to the property setter.
  • Copying special characters results in incomplete pasted text in Excel.
  • ConvertBack() is not called when DynamicObject is used and IValueConverter is applied to the column's binding.
  • Lightweight GridViewCell templates with validation, do not display validation errors in display mode (Green theme).
  • Currency border remains visible when the cell is in edit mode and lightweight templates are applied in Green theme.
  • Row selection background overlaps row validation background in Green theme.
  • GridView border lines are blurred in Green theme.
  • Infinite measure cycle occurs when loading a lot of items and having disabled UI virtualization.
  • Text search style is applied randomly when scrolling.
  • The TextBox in SearchPanel is not focused on invoking Search command in Green theme.
  • There is one pixel difference on the right between the GridViewSearchPanel and GridViewGroupPanel and the rest of the grid in Office2013 theme.
  • Special characters (like @/*/&, etc.) are not respected on searching if they are the first char in the search criteria.
  • Filtering dialog does not close when the user switches the application. The user must set GridView's ShouldCloseFilteringPopupOnKeyboardFocusChanged property to True.
  • Lightweight GridViewCell template does not have bottom border in edit mode in Green theme.
  • NullReferenceException in QCV.InternalIndexOf method when DataLoadMode is Asynchronous and group descriptors are added.
  • Button placed in RadGridView remains in Pressed state after swiping on it.
  • Clearing text in TextSearch clears FilterDescriptors applied to RadGridView.
  • Setting a style for GridViewRow, based on the default one, does not respect changes in Foreground in Green theme.
  • Changing ItemsSource does not reset search criteria.
  • Inserting two equal search criteria results in ArgumentOutOfRange exception.
  • Scrolling performance is bad when ValidatesOnDataErrors.IsViewMode is used and the data source is System.Data.DataView.
  • Implicit row's style should be not cleared when the SelectStyle method of RowStyleSelector returns null.
  • MeasureOverride of GridViewVirtualizingPanel is called once more even when ShowSearchPanel is false as VisualStateManagers invokes its logic later than the first required measures. The two states "SearchPanelVisible" and "SearchPanelCollapsed" are removed. Instead, the Visibility of GridViewSearchPanel is controlled by binding directly to the ShowSearchPanel property. This ensures that no unnecessary calculations will be made.


  • Exception is thrown when ListBox is inside initially collapsed Grid and an item is selected.


  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when the Location of a ViewModel implementing INotifyLocationChanged is changed.
  • VisualizationLayer's UseBitMapCache property has now default value of False. This will generally speed up the rendering performance when using Map Shape Data objects - zooming, panning, scaling, changing geometries.


  • Letter can be typed after select all in MaskedTextInput with Mask="Pddd".
  • When the control is Multiline and ReadOnly the input area is larger in Green theme.

MS Controls

  • Thumb in Horizontal Scrollbar is not visible with Windows8, Office2013 and VIsualStudio2013 themes.
  • ScrollBar transparent RepeatButtons do not work correctly in VisualStudio2013.


  • ValidationErrors are cleared on LostFocus if the selected value is not changed.


  • RadMenuItems' and DropDownMenu's default FocusVisualStyle is removed in all themes.


  • Added ExpanderStyle property of the RadPanelbarItem for controlling the Style of the Expander path.

PDF Viewer

  • Improved memory usage when rendering big images.
  • Decreased memory usage when rendering text and graphics.
  • Some documents (e.g. ones that don't contain images) cannot be printed if .NET Framework 4.6 or greater is installed.


  • InvalidCastException is thrown when importing PdfLiteralString with escaped characters.
  • Some glyphs are overlapped in the imported document since ShowTextArray operator does not respect FontSize and HorizontalScaling when positioning text fragments.
  • Import/export of document causes memory leak because FlateDecode does not dispose CompressedStream instances.


  • QueryableDataProvider: The query requests are increased each time a filter is performed from an items filter dialog.
  • QueryableDataProvider StatusChanged event is not raised when the distinct values query throws exception for a QueryableFilterDescription.


  • RibbonWindows' buttons hover/press area is too small in Windows8 theme.
  • Backstage fails to get its FontFamily and FontSize from RibbonView when reopened in OfficeBlack, OfficeBlue, OfficeSilver, Summer, Vista, Transparent, ExpressionDark and Windows7 themes.
  • Black bar appears on Windows10 OS when the RibbonWindow is in Maximized state.
  • When RibbonWindow is maximized and Windows Basic theme is applied, the Application icon and Minimize/Restore/Maximize buttons are clipped after the theme is changed at runtime.
  • Application title is not visible on Windows 10 OS with Windows8 theme applied.
  • FontSize of ApplicationTitle and WindowTitle in Windows8Touch theme is changed to 15 px.
  • RibbonWindow buttons are not constistent with RadWindow in Windows8Touch theme.


  • RTF format provider: Improved compatibility with WordPad and RichTextBox when exporting transparent colors.
  • When Redo action is executed after deleting a table with applied style, the rows after the first row in the restored table lose their style.
  • Formatting in headers/footers is lost when performing mail merge.
  • When RadRichTextBox is declared before RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI in XAML, current font is set to 'Verdana'.
  • When several paragraphs are selected and ParagraphProperties dialog is opened/closed, the properties of the paragraph with the cursor are applied to all paragraphs.
  • Memory leak when typing and deleting content.
  • Memory leak when changing the AssociatedRichTextBox property of StylesGallery.
  • Docx format provider: Symbols ('sym' element) with locally set font family are displayed as squares on import.
  • GreenPallete is not applied to selection color.
  • The header of Row properties tab in Table Properties dialog is not localized.


  • Double click on the disabled slots shows the EditAppointmentDialog when an appointment is selected.
  • VisibleRangeCommand is fired twice when the view is changed with the headers in ScheduleView.
  • The view is moved to the second day in the VisibleRange when changing the DayStartTime of TimelineView runtime.
  • The TimeLineView is corrupted, when scroll into view an appointment that is not in the visible range.
  • The binding of ActiveViewDefinitionIndex is broken, when the ViewDefinitions are added in code-behind.
  • Exception is thrown when ScheduleView is outside the visual tree in a control which does not inherit Window.
  • Clicking on a read-only slot creates an appointment in a certain scenario.
  • Last appointment is not shown when there are more than 4 appointments for a day in MonthViewDefinition and the theme is Windows8Touch.
  • Appointments are stretching even when StretchAppointments is set to "false".
  • Drag and Drop is performed when left clicking after right clicking (opening a context menu).
  • Exception is thrown when Dragging Appointment and ScheduleView is in Popup.
  • ScheduleVeiw doesn't save the TimeZone of the exception occurrences when exporting to iCal.
  • Exception is thrown when ScheduleView is merged from file with BuildAction - 'Resource' in Green theme.
  • ScheduleView dialogs' background is changed in Green theme.
  • High Importance and Low importance icons have incorrect fill in Green Light theme.


  • If more than one range is referred in Indirect function, returned value is 0, instead of Reference error.
  • Slow import of documents containing many UnionExpressions.


  • Improved the logic for searching formulas in Insert Function dialog.
  • Paste works on a protected sheet when the MessageShowing event is handled.
  • If more than one range is referred in Indirect function, returned value is 0, instead of Reference error.
  • Exception is thrown when StopDialogContent is opened with GreenTheme.
  • Slow import of documents containing many UnionExpressions.


  • Setting SelectionMode to Single does not clear SelectedItems collection.
  • SelectedItem is changed on selecting other items when SelectionMode is Multiple or Extended.
  • Setting SelectedItem to null does not clear SelectedItems.
  • SelectedItem and SelectedIndex cannot be set to the same value after SelectedItems were cleared.
  • Selecting range of tiles does not work properly when all tiles were deselected and immediately selected while holding the Shift key.
  • Removed CornerRadius from Tiles in Green theme.


  • MouseOver is missing in TimeSpanPicker for Windows8Touch theme.


  • Improved vertical scrolling performance.
  • Optimized GridViewRow/Cell automation API. This change should improve general performance on touch-enabled devices, or other UI Automation environments.
  • IsExpandedBinding does not work correctly when alternation is applied.


  • WatermarkTextBox shrinks when WatermarkContent is hidden in Green theme.


  • Added HostCreated event to RadWindow, which is raised after the WindowHost creation.
  • If RadWindow is used as main Window and is minimized in Windows 8, the taskbar thumbnail is not rendered correctly.
  • Window is cropped when maximized on display with DPI higher than 100%.


  • RTF format provider: Improved compatibility with WordPad and RichTextBox when exporting transparent colors.
  • <li> element containing <p> is imported as two Paragraphs in a list instead of one when importing from HTML.
  • Child paragraphs of list level does not have the same left indentation as the list when importing from HTML.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when 'sdt' content tag has a child which is not a 'p' (paragraph).

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