Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF Q1 2016

January 12, 2016

All Controls

  • New flat and easily customizable Green theme which exposes a flat design combined with a green accent. It brings along two variations — Dark and Light. We made it lightweight where the number of the visual elements is reduced by using triggers, easier for customizations. Furthermore several new properties are exposed. You can change the disabled and read only opacity which impacts on accessibility. The integrated corner radius can also be adjusted in order to guarantee a nice and smooth touch to the Telerik UI for WPF controls.
  • New public API (TouchManager) that will help you to introduce custom touch gestures in your WPF application.
  • TimeSpanPicker control is now official.
  • The Text property of the MS TextBox is not shown in the CodedUI and it has Telerik.UIA technology name when the Extension.Core assembly is used.
  • Security rules for the following assemblies are changed to used .NET Framework 4 rules (level 2 transparency rules): Telerik.Windows.Documents, Telerik.Windows.Documents.Fixed, Telerik.Windows.Controls.Spreadsheet, Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet, Telerik.Windows.Zip, Telerik.Windows.Zip.Extensions.
  • Telerik.Windows.Maths assembly removed. InterpolationExtensions and RVector classes removed.


  • Added BoxesItemTemplateSelector, BoxesItemStyle and BoxesItemStyleSelector properties.
  • Background is not applied to AutoCompleteBoxItem in Expression_Dark, Office2013, VisualStudio2013, Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes.
  • Foreground is not applied to AutoCompleteBoxItem in ExpressionDark theme if TemplateSelector and StyleSelector are both used.


  • BusyIndicator is visible, but IsBusy = False when DisplayAfter != 0.
  • Content of the BusyIndicator is disabled even if DisplayAfter is set.


  • Calendar buttons do not clear the Selection state in single mode when clicking fast.


  • Implemented TypeConverter property for the ChartSeriesProvider which eliminates the need of the series view models to know about chart specific types.
  • Empty values support for ChartDataSource.
  • MVVM support for dynamic annotations creation (ChartAnnotationsProvider).
  • Ability for any type of ChartSeries to be created via a series provider.
  • Exposed a UIUpdated event that notifies when the UI of the chart is updated.
  • Exposed a PlotAreaClipChanged event that notifies when the PlotAreaClip of the chart changes.
  • Implemented OriginValue property for bar and area series that allows the origin to be set at a number different than zero.
  • Implement a SeriesCreated event for the ChartSeriesProvider to allow a more flexible series creation and set up.
  • Support for DefaultVisuals by all series.


  • Improved MVVM support by adding command provider support.


  • Pad arrows' size is inconsistent in all themes.
  • Luminance Pad shows incorrect color if the alpha channel is not 100 %.


  • Added IsDropDownTabNavigationEnabled property which provides an option to disable the Tab navigation in the dropdown of non editable ComboBox.


  • DataField's description indicator does not display a tooltip in the area around the question mark path.
  • Property name is not displayed in the validation summary in case EditorTemplate does not contain data fields, but editors like TextBox.


  • Implemented IsInputRestrictedToSelectableDates property in order to allow only selecting dates by input in the selectable range (when SelectableDateStart/SelectableDateEnd/BlackoutDates are used).
  • Added TodayButtonVisibility and TodayButtonContent properties for showing/hiding a button that selects current date and time.
  • Changed height of footer panel and Close button in Windows8Touch for the DateTimePicker.


  • ShowDuration is not respected in XBAP.


  • The DataContext of the DocumentHost is not changed if its parent's DataContext is changed.
  • Calling the LogicalTreeHelper.GetChildren() does not include the DocumentHost and its contents.


  • Implemented a new property that allows you to apply a custom style on the expander ToggleButton (HeaderButtonStyle).


  • The cue is wrong when dragging a GanttTask which Start is not visible in the Viewport.
  • Changed BorderBrush value of GanttPresenterHeaderSplitter style in Office2013 theme.
  • The WidthProperty is moved from ColumnDefinition to ColumnDefinitionBase class.


  • ClipboardCopyMode exposes new member - SkipEmptyRows. Once it is set, if a copied row has only null or empty values, it will not be copied and reflected on pasting. The same rule applies if SelectionUnit is Cell/Mixed.
  • Introduce ExportToWorkbook() and ExportToRadFixedDocument() extension methods that return Workbook and RadFixedDocument objects , so they can be manipulated directly.
  • Creating a collection of control panel items as a resource would enable them to be reused in many RadGridView instances.
  • Support for text search. A new property - ShowSearchPanel - is exposed. Once set to true or Ctrl+F combination is performed, a panel will be displayed above the grid. The user will be able to write what he/she is looking for and filter the items based on the search criteria.
  • Introduced DataTemplate support for ButtonContent and Content properties of the ControlPanelItem.
  • FrozenColumnsChanged event fired whenever columns are frozen or unfrozen. Via the FrozenColumnsChangedEventArgs you can get AddedFrozenColumns, RemovedFrozenColumns and AllFrozenColumns.
  • Introduced ShouldRespectIEditableObject property. Setting it would either prevent RadGridView from invoking the interface's methods, when the respective data operation occur, or allow it.
  • The first character is lost on typing in column with CellEditTemplate having RadMaskedDateTimeInput.
  • If GroupRenderMode is Flat, there are BindingExpressionPath errors when using DataTrigger for GridViewRow.
  • Pasting is possible when there is/are no selected cell/s or row/s in the GridView.
  • Rows are not correctly rendered when SortDescriptors are applied and items are added to the SelectedItems collection on ItemsSource.CollectionChanged.
  • Row's style is not updated when the SelectStyle method of RowStyleSelector returns null.
  • Custom GridView FilteringControl does not close when a date is selected from the RadDateTimePicker inside.
  • TextWrapping, TextDecorating, TextTrimming and TextAlignment are not respected when applied through Style for GridViewDataColumn.
  • Committing correct values after receiving row-level validation errors, does not update the row's tooltip.
  • When the HorizontalContentAlignment of the GridViewCheckBoxColumn's CellStyle setting to Center, the checkboxes in the columns remain on the left side in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • Mask property of GridViewMaskedInputColumn is not respected when the bound property is of nullable DateTime type.
  • DateTime values are not localized properly in FilteringControl.
  • DateTimePicker in FilteringControl is closed unexpectedly when clicking on its navigation buttons.
  • The object is not being locked in the Equals method, thus a NullReferenceException is being raised in a multithreading environment.
  • Tap and Swipe gestures are not working in RadGridView when it is placed in Popup.
  • GridViewAlwaysVisibleNewRow translation is not correct in French.
  • InvalidOperationException is raised when a nested property of type DynamicObject with null value is used.
  • SelectionDrag ScrollViewerAdjusted event handler can result in a memory leak. Undisposed event handler keeps reference to RadGridView.
  • GridViewNewRow is not in the view port when it is added by tabbing through the cells of the previous row and NewRowPosition="Bottom".

Image Editor

  • Drawing tools do not work with stylus device.
  • "Image Preview" label aligned with the top item of the left-hand tools menu in Office 2013 theme.
  • Left Border of the ToolSettingsPanel is visible when the panel is collapsed in Office2013 and Windows8 themes.
  • "Image Preview" scroll bars are not aligned with the image when it is scaled in Office2013 theme.


  • Using SelectedItemsSource when the control's ItemsSource is a CollectionView is allowed.
  • Made it possible to allow "auto" scrolling on text input while the IsScrollIntoViewEnabled is set to False.
  • The first item is not selected if navigated to it via the keyboard when the control has the focus and is in Single or Extended SelectionMode.


  • Cluster is not expanded when single item is left in the cluster.


  • Support for entering minus symbol when the Value is Null or Zero in no-masked scenarios.
  • Minus sign cannot be removed with Add / OemPlus keys when the Value is null.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when pressing Alt + Key in RadGridViewCell with RadMaskedDateTimeInput in CellEditTemplate.


  • Menu group headers foreground is not the correct color in Windows8Touch.

MS Controls

  • When the MS ListBox is disabled in VS2013 theme the selected item is not readable.
  • Changing Scrollbars' Width or Height through implicit style was not possible.
  • Arrows' size wasn't the same in horizontal and vertical Scrollbars in Windows8 theme.
  • Changed ScrollBar size in ExpressionDark and Windows7 themes.


  • IsReadOnly property of NumericUpDown doesn't work in ExpressionDark theme.


  • XAMLParseException is thrown when you have a style based on MinimizeButtonStyle and use OutlookBar together with RibbonView.
  • Several OutlookBar styles and templates are renamed due to inconsistency or too generic names which may lead to exceptions: п»їп»ї - DefaultMinimizedButtonContentTemplate renamed to OutlookBarMinimizedButtonContentTemplate. - п»їп»їDropDownStyle renamed to OutlookBarDropDownStyle. п»їп»ї - MinimizeButtonStyle renamed to OutlookBarMinimizeButtonStyle. п»їп»їп»їп»ї - MinimizedContentButtonStyle renamed to OutlookBarMinimizedContentButtonStyle. - MenuItemStyle renamed to OutlookBarMenuItemStyle п»їп»ї - OutlookBarHorizontalSplitter renamed to OutlookBarHorizontalSplitterStyle. п»їп»ї - OutlookMenuItemTemplate renamed to OutlookBarMenuItemTemplate. - п»їп»їOutlookFooterToggleButton renamed to OutlookBarDropDownButtonStyle.

PDF Viewer

  • DefineFont operator throws InvalidCastException when reading font key string.
  • Improved the performance when touch-panning over a page content.


  • Implemented support for transparent images.
  • Implemented import and export of Type1 fonts.
  • Implemented support for Grayscale colorspace in JpegEncoder.
  • Added support for import and export for Lab, CalRgb and CalGray color spaces.
  • Optimized image quality and import/export performance by introducing API for inserting JPEG and JPEG2000 images from stream without decoding and re-encoding the image.
  • Implemented support for import and export of all SimpleFont properties.
  • Implemented support for import and export of TrueTypeFont with FontFile3.
  • Implemented support for import and export of Type0Font properties.
  • Implemented support for import and export of all CidFont properties.
  • Implemented support for import and export of all FontDescriptor properties.
  • Implemented support for import and export of CidFontDescriptor properties.
  • Implemented support for Import and Export of CIDFontType0.
  • Font Widths are not imported correctly, which leads to overlapped glyphs in the exported document.
  • OpenTypeFontSource ItalicAngle property throws NullReferenceException when exporting some imported fonts.
  • Importing page with empty content causes EndOfStreamException.
  • Importing TrueTypeFont that is not embedded results in creating CidFontType2 with incorrect glyphs charcodes mapping.
  • Pdf stream object DecodeParms is ignored on import which causes images to disappear.
  • PdfStream is not read correctly when the stream length does not point to endstream keyword.


  • The description panel of RadPropertyGrid is now re-sizable.
  • Introduced GroupStyle and GroupStyleSelector support for RenderMode.Flat to control group row appearance. The used style should be targeting the RadToggleButton element.
  • Improved MVVM support by adding command provider support for CollectionEditor and CollectionEditorPicker.
  • Incorrect value is set after selecting the None value in FlagEnumEditor.
  • Editors that are generated by EditorAttrbute do not update their header's content after property change.
  • Incorrect value is present in FlagEnumEditor when deselecting all values.
  • Creating a PropertyDefinition with the ComboBox inside its EditorTemplate and setting IsReadOnly of the current PropertyDefinition in SelectionChanged of the ComboBox throws StackOverFlowException.
  • Cannot edit a property of type Thickness.
  • The DateTimePicker cannot be closed via its Close button if placed in PropertyGrid with Touch.
  • The ShowEditor logic is not executed if Tapped with Touch.
  • SelectedField property and SelectedFieldChanged event are removed after having been obsoleted for 2,5 years. SelectedPropertyDefinition property and SelectionChanged event should be used instead.


  • Items in RadCollapsiblePanel are not rendered correctly on Windows7 with DPI 125%/150% and UseLayoutRounding set to true.
  • ArgumentException is thrown if the AccessText of the Backstage contains more than one characters.


  • Implemented "Repeat Table Header Row" feature which allows repeating table header rows on every page the table spans.
  • Implemented Row options tab in Table Properties dialog.
  • Nested table as first element in a cell is crashing the application when it is split between two pages.
  • RichTextBox's touch doesn't work with stylus device.
  • Font family combo box updates incorrectly the value of font size combo box and prevents applying the font size of the selected text.
  • DocxFormatProvider: If run content (<w:r>) contains multiple breaks and text elements, the inlines are imported disordered.
  • A memory leak occurs when scrolling.
  • Improved touch gestures performance.
  • Selecting table from table adorner doesn't work with touch.


  • DayStartTime/DayEndTime properties are applied for each day in TimelineView.
  • Added ResizeCursor property of the AppointmentItem and ScheduleViewDragDropBehavior in order to be able to change the resize cursor initially as well as during the resize operation).
  • Setting an appointment with monthly recurrence pattern for 14 months resets it to 12 months.
  • EditAppointmentDialog is shown when a slot is selected in DayViewDefinition, the ViewDefinition changes and the day header in MonthViewDefinition is clicked.
  • The first click after changing a view via GroupHeader is not registered.


  • Added the ability to copy worksheets from a workbook and insert it to the same or different workbook.
  • Implemented mechanism for invalidating formula expressions by the returning expression.
  • Added the ability to access the properties of CellReferenceRangeExpressions.
  • Added support for "INDIRECT" function.
  • ListDataValidationRule doesn't respect culture specific list separator.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when cyclic reference error is caused by CellReferenceRangeExpression.


  • Added support for "INDIRECT" function.
  • Memory leak when changing the Workbook in binding scenario.
  • ListDataValidationRule doesn't respect culture specific list separator.
  • Some borders are not applied using BordersMenu from the Ribbon.
  • Memory leak when opening documents.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when cyclic reference error is caused by CellReferenceRangeExpression.
  • Improved touch gestures performance.


  • RadTileList supports multiple selection. It exposes SelectionMode property that can be set to Single (default one), Multiple or Extended. In case one of the last two is set, SelectedItems collection will be filled.
  • Support for custom offset between the groups. RadTileList exposes a new dependency property - GroupOffset of type double. Once it is set, the space between the groups will be that value.
  • ItemContainerStyleSelector is now respected and the styles are applied to the corresponding tiles.
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when updating SelectedIndex/SelectedItem in SelectionChanged event handler.


  • SelectionThumb handles are not centered in Office2013 and VisualStudio2013 themes.


  • TimeSpanPicker CUIT level 1, 2 and 3.
  • Components' headers are not localized when the culture is changed runtime.
  • Selected value for a component is not scrolled into view if outside of the visible area of the dropdown.
  • TimeSpanPicker's first component doesn't automatically scroll to first item when the dropdown is opened.
  • Types of Minimum, Maximum and Step properties of StepTimeSpanComponent, DayTimeSpanComponent, HourTimeSpanComponent, MinuteTimeSpanComponent, SecondTimeSpanComponent and MillisecondTimeSpanComponent are changed from double to decimal; default values are also changed from double to decimal.

Touch Manager

  • Touch is not registered if stylus is used instead of finger.
  • Obsoleted the IsTouchHitTestVisible property. Use TouchMode instead.


  • TransitionControl throws an exception if you change the content too frequently.


  • Items get deselected, when expanding more than one level deep hierarchy of previously selected items.


  • Cannot check/uncheck a TreeViewItem with single tap in scenario with CheckBox support.
  • ToggleButtons' background in the ExpanderStyle could not be customized through the palette in Windows8Touch theme.
  • ArgumentException is thrown when Windows Display Size is Larger (150%).
  • Disabled state of TreeViewItem's expander button is not consistent in Vista, ExpressionDark, Windows7 and Windows8 themes.


  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException in VirtualizingWrapPanel.OnItemsChanged().


  • Added an IconTemplate property that provides an easier way to change the predefined dialogs' exclamation/question mark images.
  • Window appears chopped when has set MinWidth larger than the set Width.
  • Window is not rendered correctly initially if its AllowTransparency is set to False.
  • Snapped to the left/right Window is with incorrect size when restoring it from minimized state and its Width was set to a value greater than 50% of the screen.


  • Custom DataContext is not respected in the footer if Wizard's FooterTemplate is used.


  • Implemented export of transparent images to PDF.
  • Optimized JPEG images export to PDF by decoding only the image headers instead of decoding the whole image data.


  • Decompressing zip which contains Zip64ExtraField for CompressedSize of the ZipEntry throws exception.

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