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Release History

UI for WPF 2024 Q1

January 31, 2024

What's New

  • Implemented DateRangePicker control which enables choosing date intervals with user input or selecting range in calendars popup. Highly customizable due to predefined ranges options for fast picking a well-known range, custom selectable period or blackout dates.
  • Introduced keyboard support for Filtering (F5 key), Grouping (F7 key), and Sorting (F3 key and Shift + F3 for multicolumn sort) in RadGridView. Improved keyboard navigation through the Filtering UI.
  • Introduced support for embedding file streams in PdfProcessing.


  • The current 2024 Q1 is the last release that supports .NET Framework versions 4.0, 4.5 and .NET Core 3.1. The next 2024 Q2 release will target .NET Framework 4.6.2+ and .NET 6.0+.
  • Added TicksToDateTimeConverter.
  • BooleanToVisibilityConverter Convert method throws a NullReferenceException when null value is provided.
  • The source code can not be built in Debug70 and Debug70.NoXaml configurations using scripts.
  • Wrong XAML files are shipped with the Net Core themes archive.


  • Enabled support for drag-drop of Docking instances placed in different windows.
  • Drag-drop to docking with no groups or document host is not possible.
  • RadPaneGroup's content is cropped if negative values are set to its Margin property.


  • Upgrade sample applications to use configuration based on .NET 8.
  • The R3 2023 SP1 Demo program is missing the vb.net code.


  • Addressed some of the most impactful bugs affecting the control.
  • Added check/uncheck keyboard support (Enter, Space keys) for the CheckBoxes in the distinct values list of FilteringControl.
  • Implemented GroupHeaderRowMinHeight property, which allows for setting the MinHeight of the GroupHeaderRows.
  • Introduced keyboard support for Filtering (F5 key), Grouping (F7 key), and Sorting (F3 key and Shift + F3 for multicolumn sort) in RadGridView. Improved keyboard navigation through the Filtering UI.
  • Incorrect resizing of columns when there is a column with star(*) width on the left of the currently resized column.
  • Clipped rows when the ItemsSource is assigned a VirtualQueryableCollectionView and the rows are not of equal size.
  • Setting the default filter operator in the FilterOperatorsLoading to an unavailable operator (FilterOperator.Contains for DateTime column) leads to an exception when filtering.
  • Improve the visual state when hovering the close button in the filter popup.
  • The Pin button in GridViewPinRowColumn cells is harder to click in Office2019, VisualStudio2019, and Windows11 themes.
  • Pinned rows don't work when the control is hosted in RadDocking with some of the Telerik themes.
  • GridViewMultiColumnComboBoxColumn does not have any selected value in edit mode when SelectionBoxesVisibility is set to Collapsed/Hidden.


  • Items in VisualizationLayer disappear when using the NoXaml assemblies and the MergedDictionaries are removed and readded.


  • AutoComplete can suggest already selected items when there are multiple items containing the same text.
  • When DeferTextChange is False selection in the MCCB is cleared when non-matching search text is entered.
  • When DeferTextChange is True selection in the RadGridView is cleared when the selected item(s) are filtered out and then the search text is removed.
  • SelectedItems are not present in the watermark when SelecitionBoxesVisibility is Collapsed.

PDF Viewer

  • Interactive FormFields can be modified when IsReadOnly is set to true.


  • Added support for embedding ZUGFeRD invoices.
  • Exposed the IsBold property of FontBase.
  • Introduced support for embedding file streams.
  • DrawTable is not setting the HasPendingContent property correctly.
  • Import-export specific document with Type1Font mangles text.
  • Missing characters when exporting a document containing different font types but with the same name and properties.
  • A NotSupportedException is thrown when decoding a CalRgb ColorSpace image.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown on export because the value of TransformMethod property is not obtained.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown on import because the value of the TransformMethod property is not obtained when Refence is set as an indirect reference.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when getting the hash code of CFF font`s UnderlineThickness.
  • An unwanted Stopwatch is contained in the DocumentCatalog class.
  • A password is asked although adobe opens the document without one.
  • Some characters in Wingdings (or custom) font are exported with a different font.


  • Improve RadRibbonSplitButton, RadRibbonToggleButton and RadRibbonButton styles when they are placed in QuickAccessToolBar.
  • Removed focus border around buttons in the title bar for the Windows 11 theme.


  • The number edit field is not visible in the Table Properties Dialog in the Windows 11 Theme.
  • Enter key pressed after multiple cells selection inside a table removes content from all cells.
  • Memory leaks due to content controls and caret events.
  • Memory Leak in RichTextBox due to improper code in Telerik.Windows.Documents.Utils.DelayedExecution.
  • Setting the document to null causes an exception.
  • Shift + left in the first table cell and Shift + right in the last select the whole cell content.
  • The list text is missing from TOC items.
  • After a mouse-click on the last possible position on a line the caret moves to the first position on the next line.
  • Reverse selection starting from the last position in a paragraph before a table will select the first row


  • Alt + Click selection cannot select the last slot for any day in WeekViewDefinition.


  • Added the GetContainerForItemOverride virtual method which is called when the AppointmentItem container is being created.
  • Missing or misplaced special slots when using group virtualization and resizing the ScheduleView.


  • An InvalidOperationException is thrown: The axes are incorrectly paired exception on import.
  • The XlsxFormatProvider.Import method closes the stream passed to it as an argument.
  • Left and Top-most borders are not rendered when exporting to PDF.


  • In Conditional Formatting, certain dialogs displayed cropped elements.


  • Enabled input via IME. It should be used with monospaced optimization turned off.


  • VisiblePeriod is changed when using the NoXaml dlls and the ResourceDictionaries are cleared and readded.


  • ToolBar: Add new consistent style for RadComboBox when added in RadToolBar


  • When the TextAlignment is set to right the Filter Icon overlaps the text in the header.


  • Inline image surrounded by bookmarks is incorrectly measured when the document contains numbering fields.


  • Added support for extraction of AES-encrypted archives.
  • Changed GetCryptoProvider() method signature. It now accepts EncryptionSettingsBase instead of EncryptionSettings.
  • Removed long-time obsoleted classes: CompressionType, ZipCompression, ZipInputStream, ZipOutputStream, ZipPackage, ZipPackageEntry. Use ZipArchive, CompressedStream, and ZipArchiveEntry instead.

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