Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF 2010.2924

September 23, 2010

Q2 2010 SP2




What’s New:

  • Added: Support for ReadOnly attribute and DisplayFormat attribute (only DataFormatString part).
  • Introduce a property "ValidatesOnDataErrors" which can switch validation modes (InViewMode, InEditMode).
  • Added: IsReadOnlyBinding property for RadGridView and GridViewBoundColumnBase.
  • Added: Copied and Pasted events.
  • Exporting numbers to ExcelML now always uses InvariantCulture.
  • Copy & Paste commands are now handled by the KeyboardCommandProvider instead of the OnKeyDown override.
  • Added caching to GridViewComboBox column elements.
  • Added: Select the whole content in the textboxes on TripleClick.
  • Enable TAB navigation inside RowDetails and cells.
  • Copying to the Clipboard now skips hidden columns as well as columns and rows whose cells have all been cancelled by the user.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Issue related to ValidatesOnDataErrors property.
  • Fixed: When cell leaves edit mode, element outside RadGridView takes focus for a while.
  • Fixed: FieldFilter editors disappear when the FilteringControl template is modified through the FilteringControlStyle property of the column.
  • Fixed: Bug where pasting onto GridViewComboBoxColumn would not work - implemented OnPastingCellClipboardContent for ComboBoxColumn.
  • Fixed: Issues with clipping part of the cell content on horisontal scrolling.
  • Fixed: Row Details are not displayed when there is a RowStyle defined that changes the GridViewRow template.
  • Fixed: Clicking on a selected row after scrolling down does not deselect all other rows.
  • Fixed: IsReadOnlyBinding precedence logic (RadGridView has precedence over GridViewDataColumn)
  • Fixed: A bug where resizing a column which is after an invisible column results in exception.
  • Fixed: Argument exception when dragging header cells in ChildWindow.
  • Fixed: CellEditEnded event is fired when only row is in edit mode (cell is not in edit mode).
  • Fixed: InvalidOperationException is thrown when hyperlink outside RadGridView is pressed while RadGridView has focus.
  • Fixed: Not Draggable column now remains not draggable after open and close the filtering popup.
  • Fixed: Issue with disappearing items on Zoom.
  • Fixed memory leak with header cells notifications.
  • Index was out of range exception when changing columns collection and the grid is scrolled.
  • Fixed: Issue with docking and incorrect measured gridview columns.
  • Fixed: Issue with maximizing window.
  • Fixed: Flickering on selection while scroll down.
  • Fixed: UniqueName now is generated properly in case not set.
  • Fixed: Issue with ValidatesOnDataErrors property - works only when set on a grid level.
  • Fixed: Exception when CanExecuteExpandHierarchyItem was called and CurrentCellInfo is null.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in GridViewScrollViewer.
  • Fixed: CellStyleSelector.SelectStyle not being called when the GridViewCell's property is changed and PropertyChanged is raised.


What’s Fixed:

  • If Flowdirection is set to RightToLeft, the scheduler's calendar (between the next/previous buttons) always pop to the left.
  • An exception when the scheduler is hosted in Winforms application.


What’s New:

  • Added Axis.MajorTicksVisibility property - toggles the visibility of the axis major ticks.
  • Added Axis.AxisLabelsVisibility property - toggles the visibility of the axis item labels.
  • Added logic to apply RadCharInstance.DefaultView.ChartArea.FontSize to the SeriesItemLabel.
  • Added RadialSeriesDefinition.StartAngle property that gets or sets the starting angle for the first item in the pie / doughnut series.
  • Added PlotAreaMouseLeftButtonDown, PlotAreaMouseLeftButtonUp, PreviewPlotAreaMouseLeftButtonDown and PreviewPlotAreaMouseLeftButtonUp events on the ChartArea object that, where the event args contain information about the X and Y logical values.
  • Added ChartLegend.ReverseLegendItemsOrder property to reverse the legend items order.

What’s Fixed:

  • Memory leaks in certain scenarios with dynamic data.
  • Bar series items still animated when ChartArea.EnableAnimations is set to false.
  • Performance issues with categorical charts when the control is bound to a large amount of data.
  • Series item labels not updating when the chart is bound to an observable collection, and an element of the collection is modified.
  • Pie/Doughnut slices not redrawn when their respective DataPoint.YValue changes.
  • Bubble series item positioning and size incorrect in specific scenarios.
  • Exception with Scatter series type when having multiple DataPoints with the same XValue.
  • Exception in zoom / scroll scenarios if the RadChart.ItemsSource contains only a single point.
  • Tooltip not hiding when navigating away from RadChart.
  • DateTime formatting issue in item tooltips when the chart is populated manually.
  • SeriesDefinition.Appearance.Foreground property not applied on the series item labels.
  • LegendLabel not populated when using the grouping & aggregates feature.
  • Minor ticks not updating when switching from horizontal to vertical series type.
  • Exporting engine did not take the element margin into account when performing the export operation.
  • Legend header should be collapsed when empty.
  • Ghost lines in RadChart with wide items range and narrow axis range.
  • Incorrect axis rendering issue when setting specific manual axis range (0,10,1).
  • Additional Y axes not sized correctly in some scenarios.
  • ChartLegendItem.MarkerStrokeThickness is not template-bound to its respective marker shape.
  • Fix for doubled data series on zoom/scroll with UseDefaultLayout =false (broken with weekly internal build).
  • Enabled click events for WPF 3D series types.
  • Bars and series item labels not exporting correctly when trying to perform the operation in the window constructor (you still need to wrap the export call inside a Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(...) though).
  • Initialization of complex properties in constructors resulted in ignoring declaratively set AxisX / AxisY elements, etc. and their property values when RadChart was placed inside ItemsControl DataTemplate.


What’s Fixed:

  • When the selected tab item is removed, the first tab is selected.


What’s New:

  • Add SelectItemByPath method.
  • Set TreeView.IsVirtualizing to VirtualizingStackPanel.IsVirtualizing if is set.

What’s Fixed:

  • BringIntoViewIndex not calculated correctly when removing item.
  • DoubleExpand issue when modifying bound ObservableCollection.
  • Edit mode not stopped, when click outside the treeview.
  • Fix the implementation of the UI Automation.
  • Keyboard navigation doesn't work properly when a new RadTreeViewItem is added and selected.
  • Navigation with keyboard doesn't work correctly, when the PreviewSelected event is handled.
  • Not working - creating automation peers for TreeViewItems.
  • The edit mode of a RadTreeViewItem is not cancelled on lost focus.
  • The RadTreeViewItem's are not independent when IsTriStateMode="False".
  • Improper focus management in edit mode.
  • Window.IsEnabled not working properly with the items when the tree is virtualized.


What’s New:

  • TreeListViewRow will now change its HierarchyExpandButton every time the value of IsExpandable changes.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Null refference exception when TreeListView is hosted in IE.
  • Fixed: When moving items along branches in TreeListView, sometimes indentation is wrong.
  • Fixed: TreeListView rows were not aware of the drop position (before, after , inside) on drag and drop.
  • Fixed: Issue where items could not be expanded/collapsed using keyboard-activated commands.


What’s Fixed:

  • Closing a contextual tab in the ribbon, the first tab is the ribbon is selected instead of the tab that was selected before opening the contextual tab.
  • Tabs are not shown when binding to collection of RadRibbonTabs.
  • The Content of the RibbonButton and RibbonToggleButton isn't displayed as disabled when the buttons are disabled.


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Setting the IsTotalItemCountFixed property during initialization creates the ViewModel prematurely.


What’s New:

  • Added: IsAutogenerated attribute when the Layout is Save/Load.

What’s Fixed:

  • Binding of AnimationSelectorProxy property to the AnimationSelector property shows errors, because they have different type.
  • The Docking control crashes if the element with VisualRoot is removed from the ControlTemplate of the ToolWindow control.


What’s Fixed:

  • On editable ComboBox the watermark is not hidden when the Text property is set, but the selection is not updated.
  • Clicking the Clear button does not reset the Text property when there is no selection and the user typed text that didn't match any item.


What’s Fixed:

  • Collapse animation steals focus.
  • When the RadColorSelector is in a ControlTemplate, the NoColorText property isn't applied.


What’s New:

  • ProgressBarIndicator is not updated when Maximum or Minimum is updated.
  • The Maximum property could not be set in XAML if in DataTemplate.


What’s New:

  • Rating: Add a property to manage the precision of the rating.


What’s Fixed:

  • A Visibility property of the TileViewItem cannot be bound.
  • FluidContentControl doesn't change its states accordingly to the defined thresholds.
  • Optimize animation performance when large content is used.


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Various resizing issue.


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • PanelBar: When the items are re-ordered inside the PanelBar - the headers are cleared.


What’s Fixed:

  • DegreeMetric constructor throws exception when NaN double is passed as parameter.


What’s New:

  • Added UI Automation.
  • Use FocusVisualStyle property to control focus visual.

What’s Fixed:

  • Cannot set a Theme in runtime.


What’s Fixed:

  • StackOverflow issue when binding SelectionStart and SelectionEnd.


What’s Fixed:

  • When starting to delete the number from the beginning with Del key, it stops when reached the GroupSeparator


What’s New:

  • Add localization support for RadDateTimePicker default strings.

What’s Fixed:

  • Clear SelectedDate and SelectedTime when they get null value.
  • When only date is selected, TimeOfDay is set to Now by default.
  • Not open the dropdown when the control is placed inside a RibbonBar.


What’s New:

  • Make the Background of the indication part of RadBusyIndicator not connected to the Background property of the whole control.

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