Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF 2010.1603

June 2, 2010

Q1 2010 SP2




What’s New:

  • Added ItemTemplate property to GridViewComboBoxColumn.
  • Added: ColumnWidthChanged and ColumnWidthChanging events.
  • Added: GridViewCsvExportOptions type to control exporting in CSV format.
  • Changed the namespace of LookupElement from Telerik.Windows.Controls to Telerik.Windows.Controls.Gridview.
  • ElementExporting and ElementExported events added to GridViewDataControl.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixing problem with ShowInsertRow when clicked numerous times resulting in StackOverflowException.
  • DeleteCommand fixed to work with argument.
  • Fixed issues with navigation (Tab/Arrow Keys) and selection.
  • SelectionChanged event is not longer raised when group is expanded.
  • Hierarchy with selectors fixed.
  • GroupPanelStyle did not apply correctly when set in XAML initially.
  • Fixed bug in GridViewSelectColumn: CheckBox in header is not unchecked when source collection of RadGridView is cleared.
  • TextBlock is not longer set as Content for a GridViewHeaderCell when that cell has ContentTemplated defined.
  • An exception is thrown when RadGridView is bound to DataTable/DataView and the GridView is grouped by column which has elements with null values in the ItemsSource.
  • When Window is closed RowEditEnded is not fired.
  • RadDataPager now respect HorizontalContentAlignment and VerticalContentAlignment.
  • Having a System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DisplayAttribute.Order larger than the column count throws an exception.
  • Header cell gripper double click to respect star columns
  • Fixed: Problem with reusing of cells content in unbound columns without cell template.
  • Fixed: A "forbidden" cursor should not be shown when dragging a group panel cell out of the group panel in order to ungroup.
  • Fixed: An issue with Grouping and current item synchronization

  • You can now set the current cell using the new class CurrentCellInfo.


What’s New:

  • Expose a method to convert logical units to physical ones.
  • The DataItem property for aggregated DataPoints is now populated with a list of key value pairs, holding info about the aggregated data.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fix: Custom PointMarks line does not change color accordingly.
  • Fix: Single large value on Y shows one tick instead of two. Wrong scale is shown as well.
  • Fixed issues with non-solid color brushes.
  • Minor ticks not enabled by default on the X axis.
  • PaletteBrushesUseSolidColor now works properly in all themes.
  • Fixed: A problem with horizontal slider focus.
  • Fixed: Linear series initially rendered in "fast" mode did not toggle correctly to "items" mode if labels/pointmarks/tooltips were later enabled.
  • Fixed: Self-drawing series rendering broken with BuildItemStyleDelegate refactoring.


What’s New:

  • Add option to update the Value on focus lost.
  • Arrows keys do not propage even when IsSpinEnabled is false.
  • Implement Action on focus functionality.
  • Make the MaskedText property bindable.

What’s Fixed:

  • In None mask if no value is set and handle ValueChanging the result is exception.
  • It is not possible to set null values to Numeric and DateTime masks.
  • The MaskedText cannot be properly bind if the EmptyContent property is set.
  • The MaskedTextBox cannot be focused right after initialization.
  • Context Menu commands don't work.
  • MaskType="DateTime" doesn't update its content if Value set to Today or 12:00 AM and have EmptyContent set.
  • The SelectionStart and SelectionLength properties doesn't work.


What’s New:

  • Deferred dragging added.

What’s Fixed:

  • The thumb disappears when it is set to maximum value.
  • A ranged slider is expanded over the whole track.
  • Cannot properly move the SelectionRange.


What’s New:

  • Editing the DropDown menu's style in Blend produces a style for the ContextMenu.
  • The selected tab is not displayed.
  • Make TabItem's data context propagation optional.

What’s Fixed:

  • Exception thrown when the theme is changed at runtime.
  • Changing tabItem.Content does not update TabControl.
  • After deleting a tab which is not currently selected, it is impossible to immediately switch to certain tabs.
  • The ScrollVeiwer in the TabControl accepts focus.
  • The default value of IsTabStop for the TabItems is True.
  • It is not possible to add a TabControl from the Toolbox of the VisualStudio 2010.
  • Clicking outside of the overflow menu crashes the application.


What’s New:

  • Added: StateChangeEnded event.
  • Focus the current TileViewItem.
  • Minimize and Maximize icons are displayed on each item header.


What’s New:

  • Add Hierarchical Container Reuse.
  • DefaultImageSrc cannot be set to an object of type BitmapImage.

What’s Fixed:

  • Make the CheckedItems collection observable.
  • A Horizontal scrollbar remains, when it is no longer needed.
  • CheckedItems collection is null in OnItemsReset() method.
  • The arrow is blurred in the Windows7 Theme.
  • The Focused visual state is not correct in the Windows7 and Vista theme.
  • Fix and improve the support of UI Automation.
  • OptionType isn't respected when the RadTreeView is virtualized.
  • The right clicked item loses focus when the ContextMenu is open.
  • NullReferenceException on UpdateLayout() in the ItemPrepared handler.
  • Sometimes the ItemEditTemplate is not applied In the Add/Remove/Disable example in the QSF, the right clicked item loses focus when the ContextMenu is opened


What’s Fixed:

  • Minimizing Window that has its IsRestricted property set to true and big content (bigger than the restricted area) causes it to go out of the screen.


What’s Fixed:

  • Autocomplete is able to select disabled items.
  • In editable mode the EmptyText is visible when there is no selection, but the Text property is not empty.


What’s New:

  • Fixed a memory leak in RadScheduler.


What’s Fixed:

  • Dock throws an error when placed in TabControl.
  • When Docking control not visible, but added to the visual tree and after that it is shown some visual glitches appear.
  • When using Windows7 theme for the Docking control and Save/Load the layout and there are floating panes, some glitches appear.
  • Docking popup doesn't work in Windows Forms host.


What’s New:

  • Added RibbonWindow.

What’s Fixed:

  • Modifying the properties of RibbonTab doesn't affect the TabItem on the strip.
  • Setting theme on RibbonBar do not populate to the nested elements.
  • when minimized, leaves an open popup in specific cases.
  • In Windows7 theme if you have ApplicationButtonVisibility="Collapsed" the QuickAccesToolbar does not display the first 2 items.
  • Extra height issue when the RibbonBar IsMinimized="True".
  • The title of the RadRibbonBar is not visible in "Windows7" theme.


What’s New:

  • Allow hard covers.
  • Programmatically fold a corner to indicate that the user can turn the corner.
  • Option to select the starting corner (up or bottom) when turning the pages programmatically.
  • Add IsVirtualizing property.
  • Integration with RadDataPager.

What’s Fixed:

  • PageFlipEnded event not thrown when programatically changing the RightPageIndex.
  • ContentAlignment not Template Bound Correctly.
  • Border Properties not Template Bound.
  • Wrong RightPageIndex when programatically turning pages.
  • ContentAlignment not bound in BookItem.
  • Crashes when cleaning and readding items.
  • Setting RightPageIndex in XAML does not work.
  • Crash when ItemsSource set to Null.


What’s New:

  • Added ItemTemplate property to RadCorousel.
  • Items now raises CurrentChanging and CurrentChanged events when its ItemsSource is changed.
  • Fixed design-time exception caused by RadCarousel.
  • Fixed run-time exception in RadCarousel caused by selection change.


What’s New:

  • Using the RadDropDown button as a normal button.


What’s New:

  • Adorner layer not found when setting Window's ResizeMode to CanResizeWithGrid.


What’s Fixed:

  • Exception was thrown when the theme is changed at runtime.
  • The IsExpanded property of a disabled item cannot be changed.

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