Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF 2010.1422

April 21, 2010

Q1 2010 SP1




Important Changes:

  • The enumerator of RadGridView.Items now enumerates data items only (use RadGridView.Items.Groups to retrieve group items).

What’s New:

  • Added support for BorderBrush and BorderThickness for GridViewRow.
  • Editable field filter logical composition operator (And/Or).
  • New overload of the GridViewDataContro.GetDistinctValues method that accepts the number of distinct values to return as a parameter.
  • Group footer row now uses its Item as aggregate source.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Exception of type InvalidCastException is raised when CellEditTemplate is used.
  • Fixed: Issue with filtering funnel visibility, not correctly initialized when bound column is prepared with ItemPropertyInfo on ElementType change.
  • Fixed: An exception is thrown when RadDataPager.Source is bound to RadGridView.Items and RadGridView.ItemsSource is bound to a DomainDataSource.Data.
  • When non-default theme was set, default aggregate result list in footer was missing the function caption.
  • When IsSyncrhonizedWithCurrentItem is true (default) the current item is now also set as selected when RadGridView is loaded.
  • Items that are no longer visible due to filtering are removed from the SelectedItems collection.
  • Fixed design-time exception caused by RadCarousel.
  • Fixed run-time exception in RadCarousel caused by selection change.
  • Fixed RadDataPager to respect HorizontalContentAlignment and VerticalContentAlignment.
  • Fixed: Having a System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DisplayAttribute.Order larger than the column count throws an exception.
  • Header cell gripper double click now respects star columns.
  • Fixed: A problem with reusing of cells content in unbound columns without cell template.
  • Fixed: A "forbidden" cursor should not be shown when dragging a group panel cell out of the group panel in order to ungroup.
  • Fixed: Issue with Grouping and current item synchronization.
  • Fixed: Custom sorting issues with multiple column sorting. Added IsMultipleColumnSorting property in GridViewSortingEventArgs.
  • Removed legacy MouseMove handler which caused incorrect sorting.
  • When BrindIndexIntoView is called and item at the specified index is removed an exception was thrown.
  • When column's data type was nullable bool, cell displays "true" or "false" instead of the CheckBox.
  • Frozen column splitter is not synchronized with columns after columns reorder.
  • MouseOver and Selection visual bug for GridViewRow in Silverlight.
  • The Select All check-box of the filtering control is left in indeterminate state after clearing the filter programmatically.
  • Fixing problem with vertical scroll bar when some GridViewColumn visibility is changed.
  • HeaderRowStyle and FooterRowStyle not applied correctly runtime.
  • New row cannot be committed when ItemsSource is changed.
  • Last items deleted gap fixed in different way since last item/last cell cannot be scrolled fully.
  • Columns now set the SourceField of the aggregate function when the property is not explicitly set.
  • The HorizontalContentAlignment of the DetailsPresenter should be "Stretch".
  • Column header/footer not scrolling properly after changing theme run-time
  • RadGridView cannot autogenerated its columns when bound to an empty DataTable.
  • Indent problem for groupfooter row fixed when setting hierarchy after grouping
  • ComboBoxColumn problem when binding to a nested property fixed.
  • Missing group header when exporting to HTML.
  • Problem with binding to DomainDataSource which is sorted and page size is changed to 0.
  • When delete last items the grid is not updated properly (gap on the top)
  • RadDataPager: Assigning null to RadDataPager.Source clears its PageSize.
  • Grid header cells not displayed when initially all columns are not visible.
  • RadDataPager: When DomainDataSource.Data is supplied as the Source of a RadDataPager at runtime an exception may occur.
  • DataFormatString property does not work with binding to a nested property
  • Self-Referencing hierarchy does not use root grid Items to create child ItemsSource
  • QueryableCollectionView now responds correctly on CollectionChanged events
  • When clearing the text of a field filter text-box and applying the filters, the EventArgs of the following Filtering and Filtered events should not contain anything in their Added property.
  • Deleting the text from a filtering text-box when the column type is numeric inserts a zero instead of leaving the text-box empty.
  • When RadComboBox is used as edit template null value is set after edit
  • Null reference exception when TAB on grid and there is no current cell
  • When a distinct value is checked/unchecked from the filtering UI and the Filtering event is cancelled, it does not return to its previous state.
  • When ColumnGroupFooterTemplate is in use for a cell, the template jumps in different cell when scrolling out of view (horizontally) and returning back in view.
  • e.Cancel added for Exporting event args
  • DataFormatString does not work when the grid is bound to DataView
  • Aggregate results in some group footers were taken from the wrong group when recycling ( scrolling ) in specific scenarios.

What’s Improved:

  • HorizontalContentAlignment property of the GridViewGroupRow now properly aligns the AggregateResultsList. There is no need to edit GroupRowTemplate to position aggregates to the left or right.
  • The GridViewFooterCell and GridViewGroupFooterCell had incorrect paddings which are now removed. The text in those cells is now properly aligned with the one in the GridViewCell.


What’s New:

  • Localize strings in the appointment dialog.
  • Improve Drag and Drop API.

What’s Fixed:

  • Selected Visual States are broken after drag and drop.
  • SelectedTimeSlot is not highlighted if it is from the current view.
  • Missing details in the recurrence dialog when the recurrence is set to WeekDay.
  • The start and end time of an appointment are not correct after drag in MonthView.
  • TimeLineView does not display the correct dates when it is switched from MonthView.


Important Changes - Removed items in Telerik.Windows.Controls.Charting.dll (Q1.2010 -> Q1.2010 SP1):

  • Axis.DefaultFormat property has been removed – use Axis.DefaultLabelFormat instead.
  • AxisY.AutoScale property has been removed – use AxisY.AutoRange property instead.
  • BaseChartItem. ChartItemClickEvent routed event has been removed – use BaseChartItem.ItemClickEvent routed event instead.
  • ChartArea.ChartItemClick event has been removed – use ChartArea.ItemClick event instead.
  • DataSeries.Label property has been removed – use DataSeries.LegendLabel instead.
  • ISeriesDefinition.DefaultFormat property has been removed – use ISeriesDefinition.ItemLabelFormat instead (applies to SeriesDefinition class as well).
  • ISeriesDefinition.DefaultLabelFormat property has been removed – use ISeriesDefinition.ItemLabelFormat instead (applies to SeriesDefinition class as well).
  • ISeriesDefinition.ToolTipFormat property has been removed – use ISeriesDefinition.ItemToolTipFormat instead (applies to SeriesDefinition class as well).
  • SeriesMapping.Label property has been removed – use SeriesMapping.LegendLabel instead.

What’s New:

  • PaletteBrushesUseSolidColors
  • Styling delegate RadChart.CustomItemStyle(Control,Style) made obsolete. Introduced new styling delegate RadChart.CreateItemStyleDelegate(Control,Style,DataPoint,DataSeries).
  • Added the PaletteBrushes collection to the ChartArea object as well, allowing for customization of the palette at ChartArea level.
  • Added support for interactivity features (ItemClick, ToolTips) for zooming / scrolling scenarios.
  • Introduces SeriesDefinition.LegendItemLabelFormat property that allows you to format the legend item labels.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed missing notification for Axis.RangeChanged event did not invalidate the LabelsPanel arrange pass properly in some scenarios causing incorrect label layout.
  • PaletteBrushesUseSolidColor now works properly in all themes
  • Fixed: A problem with horizontal slider focus.
  • Fixed: Linear series initially rendered in "fast" mode did not toggle correctly to "items" mode if labels/pointmarks/tooltips were later enabled.
  • Fixed: Self-drawing series rendering broken with BuildItemStyleDelegate refactoring
  • Obsoleted and renamed RadChart.CustomItemStyle delegate to RadChart.CreateItemStyleDelegate + enabled it for selfdrawing series.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when connector polyline is not present in the label template.
  • Last data point not shown for DateTime X axis with small interval and zoom/scroll.
  • Problem with PolyLine in WPF and missing change notifications when the default LabelSettings instance is replaced.
  • Issue with incorrect series item rendering when the horizontal axis is collapsed.
  • NullReferenceException when databinding the control to an empty collection.
  • ToolTips not displayed in correct location for Area chart when populated with mixed (positive / negative) data.
  • Notification issues with the zoom/scroll axis slider in some specific scenarios.
  • Issue with default style settings lost when customizing SeriesDefinition.SeriesItemlabelStyle.
  • Issue with ChartItemClickEventArgs.DataItem not populated properly in the ChartArea.ItemClick event handler.
  • NullReferenceException when trying to edit series templates (bar, pie, etc.) in Blend design-time.
  • Performance issue in databinding scenarios that do not use the default chart layout.
  • Issue with ZoomScrollSettings.MinZoomRange not recalculated correctly in specific scenarios.
  • IndexOutOfRange exception when manually adding datapoints in indexed mode (i.e. no XValue specified).
  • Issue with Axis.AutoRange = false and Step value not set.
  • Fixed a databinding problem with multiple item mappings and empty itemssource.


What’s New:

  • Make TabItem's data context propagation optional.

What’s Fixed:

  • After deleting a tab which is not currently selected, it is impossible to immediately switch to certain tabs.


What’s New:

  • Added: Hierarchical Container Reuse.

What’s Fixed:

  • DefaultImageSrc cannot be set to an object of type BitmapImage.
  • TreeViewItem removed during MouseDown fails with exception.
  • Dropping a Hierarchy of Items in a different item does not update the indentation of the descendats.


What’s New:

  • Added: Option to hide the quick access toolbar customize menu.
  • Added: RibbonWindow.
  • Allow programmatic access to the application menu

What’s Fixed:

  • In Windows7 theme if you have ApplicationButtonVisibility="Collapsed" the QuickAccesToolbar does not display the first 2 items.
  • Modifying the properties of RibbonTab doesn't affect the TabItem on the strip.
  • Setting theme on RibbonBar do not populate to the nested elements.


What’s New:

  • Show compass when drag pane over the DocumentHost, when the DocumentHost is empty.
  • Panes that are not dockable in the DocumentHost area can be docked there using the DocumentHost compass.

What’s Fixed:

  • When have two groups in a ToolWindow and close one of them the ContenxtMenu cannot be shown on the ToolWindow.
  • When move the GridResizer with the keyboard the preview elements are not removed.
  • Docking popup doesn't work in Windows Forms host.


What’s New:

  • ICommandSource implementation.
  • TextSearchMode.StartsWithCaseSensitive, TextSearchMode.ContainsCaseSensitive fields in TextSearchMode.

What’s Fixed:

  • MouseWheel does not work in Firefox.
  • TextSearch.StartsWithCaseSensitive behaves as ContainsCaseSensitive.
  • Alt+Down (Alt+Up) should open the dropdown.
  • The theme cannot be changed at runtime.


What’s Fixed:

  • ToolWindow of the Docking control and the Window control don't render in a secondary monitor, placed at the left or top of the main one.
  • RadWindow fires closed event before closing animation complete.


What’s New:

  • Add option to update the Value on focus lost.
  • Implement Action on focus functionality. .
  • Make the MaskedText property bindable.

What’s Fixed:

  • When using inside GridView MaskedTextBox throw an exception when the text is edited.


What’s New:

  • Bind Visibility property of MinimizedOutlookBarItem to OutlookBarItem.
  • Make CreateMinimizedItem method virtual so custom minimized items can be created.


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed a problem with adding user controls to the information layer.
  • Fixed visibility issues of framework elements in the information layer.
  • Fixed a problem InformationLayer.GetElementsInRectangle.
  • Switching between different providers is now working correctly.


What’s New:

  • Implement FirstPage, NextPage, PreviousPage and LastPage commands.
  • Integration with RadDataPager.
  • Make Pages Selectable in Blend.
  • Option to select the starting corner (up or bottom) when turning the pages programmatically.
  • Programmatically fold a corner to indicate that the user can turn the corner.
  • UI Virtualization added.

What’s Fixed:

  • Exception on Edit ControlTemplate.
  • PageFlipEnded event not thrown when programmatically changing the RightPageIndex.
  • Cannot click button placed in book item.
  • Crashes in XBAP


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed problem with measuring of Radial Gauge.
  • Fixed bug with calculation of the size of the Needle indicator properly when Min or Max values are bounded.
  • Fixed numeric gauge theming.


What’s New:

  • Deferred dragging.

What’s Fixed:

  • Cannot properly move the SelectionRange.


What’s New:

  • Using the RadDropDown button as a normal button.


What’s Fixed:

  • When ClickToOpen & NotifyOnHeaderClick are True submenu cannot be opened.
  • RadMenu - used wrong color for background in Vista.
  • Fixed AccessKey support in RadMenuItem.


What’s Fixed:

  • ContextMenu clear its DataContext even if InheritDataContext is False.
  • Focused RadMenuItem in RadContextMenu is not cleared on Close.
  • Keyboard navigation is working correctly when there are multiple separators.

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