Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF 2009.31314

January 13, 2010




What’s New:

  • Added synchronization between source collection GroupDescriptions and DataItemCollection GroupDescriptors. Domain Data Source Support
  • Cell editing can be canceled on a single Esc key click; Row leaves edit mode on double press the Esc key
  • Added: EditIndicator to account for the row being in edit mode
  • Added: Synchronization between source collection Sort descriptions and DataItemCollection Sort descriptors
  • Added: Return old values to the GridViewRow when edit is canceled
  • Virtualization for comboboxes in GridViewComboBox column is now enabled by default
  • Editor is focused when GridViewCell enters in edit mode when CellEditTemplate is used
  • Now RadGridView validation mechanism is used with CellEditTemplate
  • Added: Filtering "Match case" functionality

What’s Fixed:

  • Horizontall scroll viewer should be calculated according to grid view header row width and not data row width, since the grid might have no data in it
  • Fixed: Bug causing column headers to scroll wrong in hierarchy
  • Fixed: Problem with correctly clearing of SortingState in HeaderCell
  • Fixed: Problem with sorting indicator not updated correctly when new sorting state is assigned in Sorting event
  • Fixed: Grouping with DataLoadMode= Asynchrous does not work for child grid
  • Fixed: problem with changing display index of auto-generated columns
  • Fixed: Insert row is not indented in case of hierarchy
  • Fixed: TableRelation's DataSource is not used when hierarchy is created
  • Fixed: Misalignment with right aligned footer cell contents
  • Fixed: Problem with DDS when items are already retrieved in the source collection view
  • Fixed: DistinctValues do not respect INotifyCollectionChanged passed as e.ItemsSource through the DistinctValuesLoading event
  • Custom scrolling enabled - template bindings changed to Binding with RelativeSource TemplatedParent + code in OnVerticalOffsetChanged and OnHorizontalOffsetChanged commented
  • Fixed: Null reference exceptions after commit edit
  • Fixed: Null Reference exception in GridViewCell HandlePendingEdit
  • Fixed: Exception with grouped grid on two levels and call of CollapseAllHierarchyItems/ExpandAllHierarchyItems in Grouped event
  • Flickering horizontal scroll bar in grouped scenario with star column is now fixed
  • Selection is now cleared when the source collection of RadGridView is cleared
  • Fixed: An empty gap appears in RadGridView after collapsing an expanded group row
  • Fixed: An empty gap appears in RadGridView after hiding the row details of a grid row
  • Fixed: Row Details are not unloaded when their respective row is unloaded (recycled)
  • Fixed: Sorting state not correctly displayed when header cell is recycled
  • Fixed: Vertical scrolling does not work properly when row height is different from the default height
  • IsBusy should not be set in DataLoaded internally
  • GridView columns are exported in correct order after columns reorder
  • Fixed: ActionOnLostFocus when CellEditTemplate is used
  • Fixed: Problem in RadGridView causing Expression Blend to crash


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed an exception in pie/doughnut series when YValue=0 for all items
  • Fixed a bug with AutoRange =false and MinValue=MaxValue for AxisX
  • Fixed a null reference exception when clearing AdditionalYAxes collection
  • Resolved a problem with line and spline series not redrawing properly
  • Resolved a problem with bar series overlapping with strict mode enabled
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in dynamic data update scenario
  • Fixed a problem with template not applied in WPF when changing it via Style setter
  • Fixed bars width with date and time data
  • Fixed an issue with bar series animations restarting when chart is in a tab control and a tab is repopened
  • Removed last pointmark and last label from templates
  • Clearing the Additional Y axes collection no longer throws null reference exception
  • Fixed null reference exception in some scenarios with ObservableCollection data update
  • Fixed a bug with last pointmark positioning in certain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue when AxisX.AutoRange is set to false but the DataSeries does not provide values for XValue
  • Fixed a design time issue with automatic legend height

What’s Changed:

  • Added SeriesDefinition.Visibility property. Value SeriesVisibility.Hidden stands for hiding the series without rearranging the chart, SeriesVisibility.Collapsed is for hiding the series and rearranging the char
  • Stripline animations are now disabled by default


What’s New:

  • TimelineViewDefinition add the feature to generate 1month or 1year or 1 week long time slots
  • Implement TimeSlotTemplateSelector
  • Add a property to allow to users a range of available ViewMode choices
  • Make RecurrenceChoiceDialogDefaultRecurrenceMode apply for deleting of recurrent and do not show recurrence choice dialog when deleting an ocurrence
  • Add header template customization feature for AppointmentDialogWindow

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Keyboard navigation bug
  • Fixed: When placed in Popup and set Cancel to editing event args, the event is fired many times
  • AvailableViewModes fixes and example


What’s New:

  • Pane - Enable hiding PaneHeader without changing the ControlTemplate of the PaneGroup

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: When Moving Pane with Frame as Content an exception is thrown
  • Fixed: When no DocumentHost and unpin all panes an exception is thrown
  • Fixed: Save/Load layout cannot serialize generic types


What’s New:

  • Added: TextSearchMode and IsFilteringEnabled properties to replace the FilteringMode property. Obsolete FilteringMode.
  • Added: SelectAllTextEvent property that specifies the events which will cause the text in the TextBox to be selected.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: PageUp/Down can't scroll up/down when items are below 10 in  IsEditable ComboBox


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Initially maximized bug - When maximized, opened, closed, the browser is resized and reopened, it is not maximized correctly
  • When window is initially maximized it appears normal
  • Width and Height of the RadWindow control are ignored
  • Fixed: Bug in zoom - Window breaks the browse
  • Fixed: The application crashes if the window is created before the RootVisual is initialized


What’s Changed:

  • Delay and RepeatInterval properties are marked obsolete

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: User cannot enter number with a leading decimal point
  • Fixed: Incorrect value can be entered if the maximum is set twice
  • Fixed: ValueChanged event throws wrong arguments when the value is set to Maximum or Minimum
  • Fixed: Holding Up or Down  and removing the focus from control causes the value to continously increase/decrease


What’s New:

  • Autoclose behavior to be available only in Ribbon Buttons

What’s Fixed:

  • Double click on the first selected tab do not minimize
  • When ApplicationButton is not visible, QAT doesn't look good
  • If ApplicationName or Title properties are null exception is raised
  • Problem when modifying the Items collection by using the Insert methods
  • RibbonBar is not visible in WPF design surface
  • RibbonTab item doesn’t scroll in WPF


What’s Fixed:

  • ExpandAll does not expand items before the viewport when virtualized
  • Adding items to a node do not display the expand arrow
  • ExpandItemByPath does not expand LoadOnDemand items that have no children


What’s Fixed:

  • Value Binding Default Mode
  • Incomplete value displayed with special symbol like '-' and '_'
  • Not working correctly with double value bound in code
  • DateTime mask error when used with left/right arrows


What’s Fixed:

  • Minimizing an item requires 3 clicks after first time through
  • Items not rendered correctly initially in WPF
  • Add Localization support
  • Items not rendered correctly when added at runtime


What’s Fixed:

  • Border appears over the tabitems
  • When make a custom style for TabItem the foreground of selected state disappears.


What’s New:

  • Implemented MinimumRangeSpan and MaximumRangeSpan

What’s Fixed:

  • When we have selection range and click in the selection, the left thumb is immobilized
  • When slider is in range mode, moving to end using the keyboard causes the range to decrease
  • Ticks are not updated when Minimum equals Maximum
  • Moving the mouse wheel causes the browser to scroll(if it has scrollbars) instead of moving the slider's thumbs
  • Not working properly when placed in a pane and pinning/unpinning the pane
  • Validation animation bug
  • Ticks are not updated when Minimum equals Maximum


What’s Fixed:

  • When using ItemContainerStyleSelector the Level property of items is always 0 (not set yet)
  • When moving the focus with the TAB key, the PanelBar content does not get focused
  • Scrollviewer bug
  • Add new setter in the default style for the TabNavigation property
  • Memory leak in mouse event handling


What’s New:

  • Implement Title property for OutlookBarItem

What’s Fixed:

  • Remove SelectedItemHeaderTemplate  as it is not used
  • Changing the Header of an OutlookBarItem is not reflected if the item is in the Minimized/Overflow area


What’s New:

  • The DataContext of the button can be transferred to the DropDown

What’s Fixed:

  • RadioButton does not update its checked state after re-enabling the control
  • Theme Change while DropDown is open may result in unresponsive UI
  • DropDown indicator has no Pading.Right and looks odd
  • The DropDownContent cannot be stretched
  • ToggleButton does not update its checked state after re-enabling the control


What’s New:

  • Add preview events for expand and collapse


What’s Fixed:

  • TemplateBinding Background,  BorderBrush, BorderThickness


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed text selection


What’s Fixed:

  • LayoutCycle when the Content property is not set
  • LayoutCycle in certain cases

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