Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF 2009.2701

June 30, 2009

Q2 2009

New Controls:

RadColorPicker official edition - Select from the 25 color palettes coming with Telerik WPF ColorPicker. A lightweight UI component, yet highly configurable and customizable, RadColorPicker helps you fine tune the colors for your application.

RadTimePicker official edition - powerful databinding, different views – month, year, decade, multiple views, culture awareness, flexible date navigation and transition animations, fully blend skinnable – RadCalendar for WPF has it all. What is more, you can further improve the usability of the control with RadTimePicker. It allows you to arrange its items using different panel types.

RadDragDrop official edition - Our Drag & Drop Framework allows users to drag any element and drop it onto any other element. The associated events allow users to completely handle the Drag & Drop process, thus easily building complex and flexible business logic.

RadExpander official edition - RadExpander can be placed anywhere in your application and embed any content inside the drop-down area. RadExpander also gives you the control over its ExpandDirection to let you adjust the control as per your custom layout.

RadToolbar official edition - Use Telerik WPF ToolBar to implement tool and button strips. Its powerful customization capabilities and rich collection of toolbar items allow you to craft every button on the toolbar independently to either display text, image or both.

RadComboBox official edition - Telerik WPF ComboBox is not yet another dropdown-list control. The control has number of advanced features like several edit modes, autocomplete, filtering, rich event and programming model, as well as full customization capabilities..

RadWindow official edition - RadWindow for WPF allows the creation of Child and Dialogs Windows in both Desktop and XBAP applications with the same API, functionality and appearance. The control can have its appearance and content customized. RadWindow provides a flexible API to easily control its behavior and makes possible implementation of complex logic for a great range of scenarios.



  • Important Changes
    • Record Manager is now obsolete and is not used any more in the internal logic of RadGridView
    • DataRecords, GroupRecords and ExpandableRecords are obsolete and their logic is now handled by QueryableCollectionView
    • FilterDescription, SortDescriptions and GroupDescriptions properties are now obsolete and are substituted by FilterDescriptors, SortDescriptors and GroupDescriptors
    • DataControl selection no longer uses Records - it now uses Data Items
    • With our Q2 2009 we introduced new column property Header (of type object) similar to MS DataGrid and now HeaderText is obsoleted. Generally with this new property you can build any kind of UI directly in XAML without styles
    • Telerik,Simple, and Caramel themes are no longer supported
  • What's New
    • New improved LINQ-based Data Engine
    • Row Details
    • ExcelML export
    • Footer row with aggregate functions per groups and per entire RadGridView
    • Office_Blue and Office_Silver themes
    • Alternating rows styling improvements
    • Verical/Horizontal gridlines implemented in cell template + improved API at the RadGridView level (GridLines property)
    • Enabled/Disabled visual state
    • Combobox column for easier setup of look-up data columns
    • Added IsResizable property to GridViewColumn
    • Added DataLoading event
    • Support for changed args.ItemsSource in DataLoading event
    • Added IsReorderable property to GridViewColumn
    • The group header now will use DisplayMemeber path of the ComboBox column
    • Cell editing now starts on MouseUp and multi selection (win explorer style
    • Automation peers for header row introduced
  • What's Fixed
    • Hierarchy: Column headers are not reordered when reordering columns in child grids
    • Hierarchy: Expanded child GridViewDataControl goes blank after expand of other record
    • Issue with not visible horizontal scroll bar when Data Source is empty
    • Improvements to validation logic CellValidating event raised when ValidationMode=Row
    • TAB key can navigate to other cells after failed row validation
    • Setting ItemsSource to null, when scrolled in hierarchy caused exception
    • VerticalGridLines properties are no longer bound when column is null
    • Expanding a grouped hierarchy child resets the master viewport
    • Fixed memory leak problems
    • Cells did not display values when bound with DataMemberBinding={Binding XPath=@Prop}
    • Bug with GridViewNewRowAutomationPeer
    • Bug with failing cell validation and second edit does not change IsInEditMode of the cell
    • Editing is not committed when return is pressed for TextBox editor with AcceptReturn = true
    • When switching to columns width mode Fill runtime , group headers rmained with the wrong width
    • Group headers did not use DisplayMember of combo column when no UniqueName was set
    • Fixed a column resizing bug when there are invisible columns in the grid
    • Fixed bug with backward TAB navigation and custom row layout
    • Fixing bug with CreateCellTemplate to respect defined CellTemplate for Boolean columns
    • Column headers not correctly positioned when programmatically expanding a hierarchical grid row in the DataLoaded event handler


  • Important Changes
    • Replaced usage of IWindow with RadWindow
    • Used RadComboBox instead of ComboBox in SchedulerTimePicker
    • Themes changes
    • Culture property is now obsolete. LocalizationManager.DeaultCulture should be used instead
  • What's New
    • Added NavigationHeaderStyle property. This property can be used to customize or hide the navigation header
    • Added TimeRulerHostStyle property. This property can be used to customize or hide the time ruler's container
    • Added OpenModalDialogs property. Default value False
    • Added MonthViewScrollBarVisibility property. Default value Visibility.Visible
    • Added IsInlineEditingEnabled property. Default value False
    • Added CalendarVisibility property. Shows/Hides the calendar placed inside the navigation header. Default value True
    • Added a calendar placed inside the navigation header
    • Added AppointmentTemplateSelector property.It defines the look and behavior for each appointment. The default value is null. This is a dependency property
    • New themes added: Office Blue and Office Silver
    • German localization added
    • Added SelectedViewStartDateChanged event in RadScheduler. This event is raised when the visible StartDate of the displayed view gets changed
    • Added AppointmentEditAction property in EditingEventArgs class. This property can be used to recognize what causes the editing – Resize,Drag or DoubleClick
  • What's Fixed
    • Fix to duration helper - display Zero time slot as 0 minutes, not 0 weeks


  • Important Changes
    • Axis.DefaultFormat is now obsolete. Please, use DefaultLabelFormat property instead
    • SeriesDefinition.DefaultFormat is now obsolete. Please use DefaultLabelFormat property instead
    • SeriesDefinition.ToolTipFormat is now obsolete. Please, use ItemToolTipFormat property instead
  • What's New
    • Added Silverlight 3D charts (9 types): Line, Bar, StackedBar, StackedBar100, Area, StackedArea, StackedArea100, Pie, Doughnut
    • Expression Blend support - chart elements and series can now be dropped and used inside blend
    • Improved styling options
    • Introduced numerous style properties which enable customization of RadChart series, axis elements and more
    • Added new properties to the Appearance API
    • Added automatic databinding support for nested collections
    • Numerous XAxis improvements
    • Strict Mode - Allows position elements according to their XValue. Read more here
    • Ticks Distance - Determines the minimum spacing between two ticks of the XAxis
    • Label Rotation Angle - Allows you to rotate XAxis labels by a given degree
    • Label step - Instructs the axis to skip displaying every n-th label
    • Categorical axis - Allows you to treat axis items as categories
    • Two new themes - Office Blue and Office Silver
  • What's Fixed
    • Chart was hanging up in case of added empty series
    • Tooltips now can show date time values
    • Fixed a databinding problem with certain series (Area, SplineArea, etc.) when binding to datasource with single or no items


  • What's New
    • Added RangeBase.LabelForeground and RangeBase.TickBackground dependency properties -- the LabelForeground sets foreground for the range labels; the TickBackground sets background for the range ticks
    • Added LabelProperties.UseRangeColor dependency property -- this property indicates whether the RangeBase.LabelForeground property should be used as foreground for the range labels
    • Added TickProperties.UseRangeColor dependency property -- this property indicates whether the RangeBase.TickBackground property should be used as a brush for the range ticks
    • Added support for zero-length gauges
    • Added ScaleBase.ShowFirstLabel dependency property -- this property indicates whether the first tick and its label should be displayed; this property is useful when major tick marks are set using MajorTickStep property.
    • Added IndicatorBase.RefreshMode and IndicatorBase.RefreshRate properties -- when RefreshRate is set to non-zero value (time period), the indicator will be moved to new position only once per the specified time period; the value which will be set to the indicator is calculated according to the RefreshMode property; this functionality is useful when the indicator values are updated multiple times in a very short period.
  • What's Fixed
    • Fixed memory leaks in certain scenarios
    • Fixed various appearance-related problems with gauge themes
    • Fixed animated indicators to work correctly with bindings now


  • What's New
    • Accordion mode (horizontal orientation)


  • What's New
    • Indeterminated mode
    • Vertical orientation


  • What's New
    • Vertical orientation


  • What's New
    • Edit Templates
    • New Edit events - EditCanceled, EditStarted, PreviewEditStarted
    • Drag/Drop between treeviews

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