Telerik UI for WPF

Release History

UI for WPF 2008.31217

December 16, 2008

RadGridView Icon


  • New themes
    • Office_Black theme has been added
  • New features
    • New API has been added for starting/canceling new row insertion
  • Improvements
    • Scrolling performance improvements
    • Tab navigation across cells improvements
  • Bugfixes
    • ThemeResourceKey was not properly applied to GridViewDataControl
    • Last row was not displayed when scrolling a grouped grid
    • An exception was occurring when navigating with the keyboard
RadCarousel Icon


  • New themes
    • Office_Black theme has been added
  • Bugfixes
    • Keyboard navigation was not working due to a focus-stealing bug
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  • New Features
    • XML provider example illustrating how to use XML as a data source for RadScheduler
    • Better Blend support - ability to edit AppointmentTemplate
    • 2 new translations: Spanish and Turkish. Thanks to Juan Crespo and Ko├žSistem
    • Introduced two new Read-Only dependency properties: VisibleRangeStart and VisibleRangeEnd. They are changed whenever the RadScheduler's visible dates are changed
    • Added missing description and category attributes
  • Improvements
    • Drag and drop experience has been improved
  • Changes
    • Two unused properties MinVisibleDateTime and MaxVisibleDateTime have been removed
  • Bugfixes
    • Appointment duration was not correctly calculated in recurrent cases
    • Inline editing, drag, drop and resize did not fire the AppointmentEditing and AppointmentEdited events
    • Drag and drop resets appointment time
    • Long recurrent appointments in the last visible week(s) are not displayed now
    • Edited recurrent appointments can now be resized using the mouse
    • Recurrent appointments longer than 1 day are currently not displayed in Day view
    • Setting AppointmentSource twice did not correct fire events
RadChart Icon


  • New Themes
    • Office_Black theme has been added
  • New Features
    • Doji support for CandleStick series
    • Axis label formatting
    • Series item label formatting
    • Item labels for 3D series
    • Implemented rounding of values in labels
  • Improvements
    • Added DataBinding support for High, Low, Close, Open values
    • Added LegendLabel property to DataPoint and DataSeries
  • Bugfixes
    • Changing datapoint values in 3D series now properly updates the chart
    • Fixed numerous typos in examples

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