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UI for WinForms Q2 2008

July 22, 2008

RadControls for WinForms Q2 2008 Release Notes (v7.0.0.0)

New Controls and Components (click here to find out more)
  1. RadMultiColumnComboBox
  2. RadApplicationMenu
  3. RadContextMenu and RadContextMenuManager components


  1. Added Expressions support for RadGridView columns - now GridViewDataColumn .Expression property can be set to switch to a computed column mode. Parsing and calculation is identical like MS DataTable column expression. When Expression property is reset to empty or null string, the column switches its mode to normal - bound or unbound column.
  2. Export to excel:
    • Added a new way to export to excel added (through ExcelML)
    • The previous export to excel method now uses late binding and correctly reports an error when there is no Office installed.
  3. Moved GridViewTemplate.CurrentColumnChanged to RadGridView.CurrentColumnChanged.
  4. Smart tag has been improved.


  1. Fixed - If you set a value in the grid, and have a conditional formatting for that value, it does not apply unless you call the Update() method with GridUINotifyAction.StateChanged.
  2. Fixed - Unhandled exception in grid bound to IBindingList on adding new item in the list.
  3. Fixed - RadCheckBox editor looses value when the grid loses focus.
  4. Fixed - NullReferenceException when a form with grid is showing.
  5. Fixed - When changing existing DataSource and set CurrentRow = null RadGridView still highlights the old current row.
  6. Fixed - Grid is displays incorrectly when hiding all columns with grouping enabled.
  7. Fixed - Columns can't be resized in grid with hierarchy and a large number of columns.
  8. Fixed - Filtering a CommandColumn throws an ArgumentNullException.
  9. Fixed - You cannot programmatically add rows to a child view in a hierarchy.
  10. Fixed - When there is a long group header text, double clicking for auto fit resize, sets width of column based of group header size, not column content text.
  11. Fixed - When bound to IBindingList, RadGridView creates records, but it should not. When adding a new record from the UI, and pressing TAB to move to the next cell, a new record is created.
  12. Fixed - When sorted programmatically, RadGridView does not sort correctly.
  13. Fixed - The filtering row can be selected.
  14. Fixed - Clear rows of the grid causes exception.
  15. Fixed - BeginEdit() does not close the old spin editor.
  16. Fixed - BegintEdit() opens wrong editors.
  17. Fixed - Setting ShowRowHeaderColumn to false does not work for child templates in hierarchy mode.
  18. Fixed - When you bind two grids to one BindingList and then change the records in the BindingList, the changes are reflected only to the second grid bound to the BindingList.
  19. Fixed - Conditional formatting doesn't work with DateTime columns.
  20. Fixed - There is no way to focus any filtering cell programmatically.
  21. Fixed - SelectionChanged is fired twice when MultiSelect is false.
  22. Fixed - When loading data from a DataReader the column width can't be set in design-time
Breaking changes
The following obsolete properties have been removed:
  • FilteringMenuLocalizationSettings
  • RadFilteringMenuItem
  • FiltersOperationMenu
  • CreateFilterOpMenu
  • FilterChanging
  • FilterChanged
  • FilteringMenus
  • FilterOperationsMenu (use RadGridLocalizationProvider).
  1. Fixed: Resize and SizeChanged events fired twice for a floating DockPanel
  2. Fixed: Cannot move Tabbed Document to a previous Tab Group by using the ‘Move To Previous Tab Group options from the ‘Context Commands’.
  3. Fixed: Setting a docking panel to ‘Auto Hide’ messes up the layouts. 
  4. Fixed: Saving a floating panel, then loading the docking manager and closing the floating panel, the floating panel would not disappear
  5. Fixed: RTL display issues
  6. Fixed: Setting DockPanel's Width or Height properties do not resize the panel
  7. Fixed: DocumentPane.Closing event does not fire always
  1. New menu items:
    • RadMenuHeaderItem - menu item displaying header text;
    • RadMenuButtonItem - menu item containing a button.
  2. New easy to use RadContextMenu component, which replaces the RadDropDownMenu in the VS toolbox. Offers advanced design-time support.
  3. New RadContextMenuManager component - this component, when placed on a form, enables a RadContextMenu for every control placed on the form.
  4. New RadApplicationMenu control. This is a new menu control with similar style to the application menu in MS Office 2007. Here are some of the major properties of the control:
    • Items - regular (left) column items;
    • RightColumnItems - right column items;
    • ButtonItems – application buttons.
  5. Improved RadDropDownMenu class. Added new properties:
    • HeaderText - when set, a new menu column containing the text is added on the left side of the drop down menu like in the Windows 2000 start menu;
    • HeaderImage - when set, a new menu column containing the image is added on the left side of the drop down menu like in the Windows 2000 start menu.
  6. RadMenuStrip now uses the latest Telerik layouts.
Breaking changes
  1. Changed the default value of the PopupElement property from RadSubMenuLayoutPanel to RadDropDownMenuElement (RadDropDownMenu class).
  2. The RightColumnItems and BottomStrip properties have been removed from the regular RadMenuStrip menu. If you want a two column menu like the one in MS Office 2007, you should use the new RadApplicationMenu control and its RightColumnItems and ButtonItems.
  3. Properties no longer used in RadMenuStrip - in the latest version the menu items have new serialization policy. Because of this, it is possible to experience some visual glitches in menu themes. In this case we suggest to remove the following unneeded properties serialized in your Designer.cs file:
    • Bounds
    • Location
    • AutoSize
    • MinSize
    • MaxSize
    • HasTwoColumnDropDown.
  1. New: RadForm can now be themed through the Visual Style Builder
  2. New: Works under Windows 2000 OS with .Net 2.0 (without SP1)
  3. Improved shape and border behavior
  4. Improved maximization problems on multi-monitor systems
  1. API and API reference revamped for the following features:
    • animation settings
    • auto-loop
    • opacity control
    • relative item path.
  2. New: Support for auto-looping items, with rich set of customization options
  3. New: Relative item paths - a customizable option which allows for automatic scaling of the items’ path according to RadCarousel’s size
  4. New and much improved Visual Studio designer that offers:
    • Convenient defaults when selecting new CarouselPath;
    • Path preview, with adjustable UI settings;
    • Drag and drop customization for item path points;
    • Automatic conversion from relative to absolute path point coordinates.
  1. Fixed all reported issues on performance, item navigation, virtualization, painting, DataBinding, reflection painting, etc.
Breaking changes
  1. RadCarousel.EnableRelativePath property introduced, which defaults to true. According to this all points in carousel path are treated not as absolute coordinates, as previously, but in scale from 1-100 where (0, 0) corresponds to carousel’s top left corner and (100, 100) is the bottom-right corner. Path defined prior to Q2 release, will most probably result in item path that goes outside the visible bounds of the carousel. To fix this, developers should either set the RadCarousel.EnableRelativePath property to false, or convert the path points from absolute to relative. You can use the carousel designer to automate this conversion for you. To do this you should:
    1. Open the designer, and set carousel’s EnableRelativePath to False and answer “NO” to path conversion query.
    2. Change the EnableRelativePath back to “True” and answer Yes to convert the points from absolute to relative coordinates.
  2. CarouselParameterPath.AllowRelativePath was removed in favor of RadCarousel.EnableRelativePath.
  3. CarouselParameterPath.OpacityChangeCondition was removed in favor of RadCarousel. OpacityChangeCondition.
  1. New: RadTreeNodeCollection is now a ObservableCollection<RadTreeNode> in order to allow change notifications.
  2. New: a new void AddRange(IEnumerable<RadTreeNode> nodeCollection) method override was added in the RadTreeNodeCollection.
  3. Changed the Add(RadTreeNode node) method in the RadTreeNodeCollection - it no longer returns RadTreeNode.
  4. New: RadTreeView now allows nodes to be dragged to an empty tree view.
  1. Fixed problem with editing a node text.
  2. Fixed serialization problems with UI element editor.
  1. Application menu changed to the new RadApplicationMenu control. Due to this switch the following properties have been changed:
    • Changed the type of the ExitButton property from RadButtonElement to RadMenuButtonItem (RadRibbonBar class).
    • Changed the type of the OptionsButton property from RadButtonElement to RadMenuButtonItem (RadRibbonBar class).
    • Changed the type of the StartMenuBottomStrip property from StripLayoutPanel to RadItemOwnerCollection (RadRibbonBar class).
    • Changed the type of the ApplicationButtonElement property from RadDropDownButtonElement to RadApplicationMenuButtonElement (RadRibbonBarElement class).
  2. Fixed - EnableKeyMap property did not work (it did not turn off the Alt-key mapping function in spite of EnableKeyMap=false)
  1. New: major refactoring of the RadCombobox popup class - it now uses the RadForm class.
  2. New: mouse wheel iterates through the items when combobox is focused and the popup is not shown.
  3. Improved the autocomplete behavior in the DropDownList mode - typing text now locates the first item that matches the text.
  4. Changed the event cycle when selecting from the list using mouse. Now the events are fired in the following sequence (mirroring the MS combo behavior):
    1. TextChanged
    2. SelectedValueChanged
    3. SelectedIndexChanged
  5. Changes in RadComboBoxElement:
    1. ShowDropDown is changed to ShowPopup
    2. CloseDropDown is changed to ClosePopup
  1. Fixed - displaying the end of the text in the textbox part.
  2. Fixed - repeated Enter event.
  3. Fixed - when the parent user control hides, the DropDown stays visible.
  4. Fixed - Memory leak when using RadForm with RadComboBox
The shadow of the popup window is temporary disabled - it should be available in the Q2 2008 SP1 release.

Other controls
  1. All Controls and TPF:
    • Breaking change: All themes (except ControlDefault, which remains built-in) are now extracted as standalone components. This improves the application’s loading time if it uses only one or a small subset of the provided themes. For more information, go to Managing predefined themes in Q2 2008;
    • Performance improvements: RadThemeManager keeps track of the loaded files to avoid theme loading redundancy.
    • Fixed - When a RadControl is in another RadControl (RadPanel, RadForm etc.), using mnemonic causes double fire of the Click event
    • Fixed - ScreenTips allocate more space than needed at run-time. 
    • Fixed - If the screen tip editor form is opened in design time, the screen tip template object is created and serialized even if the screen tip template is not set to the control
  2. RadLabel:
    • RadLabel has been refactored.
    • AutoSize behavior has been fixed.
    • Text wrap support has been added.
    • Added ImageAndTextLayoutPanel to the children collection changing the children hierarchy tree.
    • RadLabel has been refactored.
    • AutoSize behavior has been fixed.
    • Text wrap support has been added.
    • Added ImageAndTextLayoutPanel to the children collection changing the children hierarchy tree.
  3. RadDateTimePicker - Fixed: when adding radDateTimePicker to a MDI form, showing the calendar of the radDateTimePicker and then closing the form showed an error.
  4. RadPanelBar:
    • Fixed: When opening a RadPanelBar with several items in one of its groups in design-time, the content panel gets emptied.
    • Fixed: When setting the Expanded property in design-time, this causes the default designer generated code for the property to be deleted. Then, when setting the Expanded property at run-time, it has not effect.
  5. RadTetBox:
    1. Fixed: backward keyboard navigation (by Shift+Tab key combination) is not working
    2. Fixed: wrong selection behavior when the textbox receives focus - if there is a text it becomes selected. The correct behavior is to keep the last text cursor (I) position if modified.
  6. RadDropDownButton - removed the BottomStrip property and RadDropDownButtonElement.RightColumnItems property.

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