Telerik UI for Winforms

Release History

Q2 2010 (version 2010.2.10.713)

July 13, 2010


  • FIXED: The alpha channel value was not correctly synchronized with the initial color when opening the dialog.


The RadDesktopAlert is a new component that can be used to show a small popup on the screen to inform the user about an event in the application. The control can be flawlessly integrated in your WinForms based application and allows you to fully customize the content of the reminder message by offering support for images and HTML-like text rendering. RadDesktopAlert is also fully themable and exhibits advanced features like multi-monitor support, screen alignment, fade-in and -out, pinning/unpinning, and auto-close through a rich collection of events and a convenient API. Read more on the RadDesktopAlert product page and watch Getting Started with RadDesktopAlert.


  • FIXED: Anchored controls preserve their size properly.
  • FIXED: Setting MdiParent to null will properly detach the associated hosted MdiChild Form.
  • FIXED: Auto-hide tool window is immediately hidden upon mouse click outside its bounds.
  • FIXED: ToolTabStrip’s caption is properly updated when a child HostWindow Text is changed.


  • ADDED: New data layer (with a new RadListSource component, and a RadCollectionView component for handling bound/unbound data), which is generic, faster and uses less memory. It is reused in RadListControl and RadDropDownList;
  • ADDED: A GridViewHiararchyDataProvider which brings several distinct advantages to the hierarchy mode, such as support for custom hierarchy (the old mechanism supported relation hierarchy only), support for self-referencing hierarchy, load on demand hierarchy;
  • ADDED: Data conversion layer, which recognizes automatically any attached type converter attribute and uses it to convert the data.
  • ADDED: Virtualized columns – enables fast scrolling when using a large number of columns.
  • ADDED: Split mode - enables horizontal and vertical split views.
  • ADDED: Support for right pinned columns and bottom pinned rows
  • ADDED: Pinned summary items and total summaries when grouping is applied
  • ADDED: All system rows can be reordered.
  • ADDED: Cell styling - the visual appearance of any cell can be changed by setting directly its Style property.
  • ADDED: Row reorder - in unbound mode, rows can be reordered by using the mouse.
  • ADDED: Grouping by multiple columns
  • ADDED: New build-in drag and drop service it is easy to drag & drop rows between two grids.
  • ADDED: IDataErrorInfo support, RadGridView will reflect automatically all errors indicated by this interface.
  • ADDED: Event based hierarchy
  • ADDED: A new VirtualizedScrollPanel which provides a new generalized scrolling mechanism with which you can easily add virtualized scrolling to any RadControl element and/or layout by only defining the logical and visual items.
  • ADDED: 3 new export formats: ExportToCSV (see video), ExportToHTML (seevideo), ExportToPDF (based on ExportToHTML)
  • ADDED: ExportToExcelML: New property FileExtension.
  • FIXED: ExportToExcelML: Sometimes conditional formatting in exported file is spread on more than the evaluated cells.
  • FIXED: ExportToExcelML: underling fonts are represented incorrectly in XML and the file cannot be opened from Excel.
  • FIXED: ExportToExcelML: ExcelCellFormatting event does not allow to change applied conditional formatting and cell data value.
  • FIXED: ExportToExcelML: Wrong alignment and forecolor for conditional formatting.

Please contact Telerik support if you need help you upgrade your application to the new version.

  • Because of the new element hierarchy, your application may not compile if you have used the “Element hierarchy editor” or accessed the element tree directly.
  • Row cells should be accessed by using the VisualCells property instead of using the Children collection directly.
  • The CellElement and VisualElement properties of GridViewCellInfo and GridViewRowInfo respectively are removed. You should use RadGridView.GridElement.GetCellElement/GetRowElement methods.
Export to excel
  • All export classes are moved to TelerikData.dll. Please, add it as reference to your project if you use any grid’s export classes.
  • Changed: The Add New Row behavior. Now it adds the row when the validation process is finished.
  • Removed: GroupDepth property, it is no longer needed.
  • Removed: Obsolete method UpdateGroupPanel.
  • Removed: GridScroller property, you should use GridElement.VScrollBar property.
  • Removed: SetCurrentRow method, you should use CurrentRow property.
  • Removed: OnChildRowsNeeded method, it is no longer needed.
  • Changed: GroupSumaryEvaluate to GroupSummaryEvaluate because of a typo.
  • Removed: Obsolete property NewRowIndex
  • Changed: AddNewRowPosition property type changed from PinnedRowPosition to SystemRowPosition
  • Changed: GridViewColumn.Index property is now read only. You should use Columns.Move method instead.
  • Removed: obsolete method UpdateSummaries, summaries are updated automatically.
  • Removed: obsolete method UpdateGroupPanel, group panel is updated automatically.
  • Removed: obsolete property SummaryDisplayStyle, use SummaryRowsTop and SummaryRowsBottom collections.
  • Removed: obsolete property RetrieveNullAsDBNull, use GridViewColumn.DataSourceNullValue property.
  • Removed: obsolete property OwnerGrid, use Owner property.
  • Removed: obsolete property ColumnAutoWidth, use AutoSizeColumnsMode property and BestFit method.
  • Removed: obsolete property AllowRowSelection, use properties controlling the selection behavior.
  • Removed: ColumnWidthChanging/Changed events and methods, use corresponding RadGridView events.
  • Removed: ColumnIndexChanging/Changed events and methods, use Columns.CollectionChanged event.
  • Removed: GroupByExpression, AddToGroupExpressions, ClearGroupByExpressions, RemoveGroupExpressions and SwitchGroupExpressions methods, use GroupByExpressions property methods.
  • Removed: AllowRowSelection property
  • Removed: RemoveInvalidGroupExpressions method, it is no longer needed
  • Removed: obsolete method GetVisibleRow, use Rows[index].
  • Removed: obsolete method GetVisibleRowIndex, use Rows.IndexOf method.
  • Removed: GridViewElement property, use RootGridElement.FindView method.
  • Removed: RowHeightChanged and RowHeightChanging methods, use RadGridView events.
  • Removed: RootGroup property, use ViewTemplate property.
  • Removed: CurrentGroup property, use GridViewRowInfo.Parent property.
  • Removed: obsolete property ActualHeight, use the Height property.
  • Removed: obsolete property GridViewInfo, use the ViewInfo property.
  • Removed: VisualElement property, use GridElement.GetRowElement method.
  • Removed: DataRowInfo property, use new Cells collection instead.
  • Removed:  SetGroupExpandedWithAnimation method, in this beta we do not support grouping animations.
  • Removed: ChildRow property. Currently when using hierarchy, RadGridView produces GridViewHierarchyRowInfo instances which inherit from GridViewDataRowInfo and contain this property.
  • Removed: GroupLevel property. This property can be accessed in GridViewHierarchyRowInfo.
  • Removed: WidthPercentage property, this property was used internally in old grid versions.
  • Removed: Invalidate method, use GridElement.Update methods instead.
  • Removed: CellDefinition property, this property was used internally in old grid versions.
  • Removed: obsolete property AllowDragToGroup, use the template property.
  • Removed: obsolete property DataField, use the FieldName property.
  • Removed: obsolete property DataTextFormatString, use the FormatString property.
  • Removed: obsolete property DataTypeIsSet.
  • Removed: internally used methods IsBindableType and IsBoundToFieldName.
  • Removed: obsolete properties DrawHorizontalOuterBorder and DrawVerticalOuterBorder
  • Removed: HeaderElement, FooterElement and TableBodyElement properties, these elements are no longer part of the element hierarchy.
  • Removed: GetRowStyle, GetStyleByTargetElement and SetStyleByTargetElement methods, use the Style property.
  • Removed: various update methods: InvalidateColumn, InvalidateColumnWidths, UpdateColumns, UpdateCurrentColumn, and UpdateCurrentPosition. All updates are now automatic. You can use the Update and UpdateView methods to explicitly update GridTableElement.
  • Removed: RowsEnumerator property, create GridTraverser instance instead.
  • Removed: Scroller property, use VScrollBar property instead
  • Removed: GetRowStyle method, it is no longer needed.
  • Removed: UpdateColumns, UpdateStyle and CreateCells methods.
  • Removed: GetPinnedState method, use RowInfo.PinPosition property.
  • Removed: ViewDefinition property, use ViewTemplate.ViewDefinition property.
  • Removed: BodyElement property, it is no longer part of the element hierarchy.
  • Removed: obsolete property IsReadOnly, use GridViewColumn.ReadOnly property.
  • Removed: BodyElement property, it is no longer part of the element hierarchy.
  • Changed: the behavior of RowIndex has changed, now it returns the row index relatively to its Parent collection
  • Removed: all methods that handle specific keys. Use ProcessKey method instead.
  • Changed: excluded key specific arguments from row and column selection methods.
  • Removed: FiltersOperation property, now all filter expressions are applied with and operator.
  • Removed: AutoSizeDropDownToBestFit and DropDownWidth properties. 
  • Removed: GetSummaryInfo and GetSummaryValue methods.
  • Removed: Aggregate, Expression, Filter and FormatString properties. 
  • Removed: IsRoot property, check whether Parent property is null.
  • Removed: SummaryRowsTop and SummaryRowsBottom collections. Use HeaderRow property to access them. 
  • Removed: Update method, use the indexer instead.
  • Removed: Set method, use the Add method instead.
  • Removed: Replace method.
  • Changed: Changed event arguments of Insert and Move methods. 
  • Removed: FindByCaption, FindByCaptionSafe, SetItem, Move and string indexer methods. 
  • Changed: now SelectedRows is a read only collection. Use row IsSelected property to control the row selected state. 
  • Changed: now SelectedCells is a read only collection. Use cell IsSelected property to control the cell selected state.
  • Removed: CellValue, Column and RowIndex properties, use RowInfo property instead. 
  • Removed: IsEditMode property 
  • Removed: Expression property

RadListControl and RadDropDownList

The RadListControl and RadDropDownList will replace the existing RadListBox and RadComboBox controls entirely in the long term. The old controls will still be supported, but users are encouraged to use the new ones since they address the fundamental shortcomings of the old controls, namely the slow performance when working with large data sets, lack of a flexible API, etc. Fore more information on the controls visit the RadListControl and RadDropDownList for WinForms product page.

Upgrading from the old to the new controls should be easy and painless - just review those videos on Telerik TV:

If you have extended the previous controls with custom functionality, please contact Telerik support and we will help you upgrade your application to the new versions. We will also provide an automatic upgrade tool with Q2 2010 SP1.


  • ADDED: New property ShowInTaskBar. Default value is false.
  • FIXED: Issues with the used culture: now the culture assigned in the Visual Studio Designer or programmatically is considered when formatting the content of the control
  • FIXED: Issues with missing synchronization between the Value and the Text property
  • FIXED: Issues with setting negative values


  • ADDED: Scrolling support when the amount of items exceeds the available screen space.
  • FIXED: Issue with setting a number as a mnemonic in a menu item.
  • FIXED: RadMenuButtonItem is now properly measured.


  • ADDED: Support for filtering based on multiple columns.
  • FIXED: When AutoFilter is enabled and the user types in text and presses enter without explicitly selecting an item from the available items, the popup is closed, the text is updated but the filter is not cleared.
  • ADDED: Support for filtering by multiple columns
  • ADDED: Support for the new filtering API of the RadGridView
  • FIXED: Issues with resetting the selection by typing not existing values in the editable part of the control
  • FIXED: Issues with wrong firing of the SelectedItemChanged/SelectedIndexChanged events




RadPageView is the successor of RadTabStrip and RadPanelBar. It Provides different views over collection of pages. Each page is a stand-alone Panel where controls may be added by Visual Studio’s Designer. The control is fully customizable yet greatly optimized regarding both memory consumption and performance. Currently available views are:

  • StripView – encapsulates the TabControl view. A myriad of settings is available, allowing for deep customization of items’ strip and content area. Such settings are:
  • StackView – the same as PanelBar’s base view. Items are organized in a stack (either vertical or horizontal oriented) and the content area is either centered or aligned top or bottom.
  • OutlookView – the same as the PanelBar’s outlook mode in which items are stacked vertically whereas their content is displayed on top of the stack. Below the items there is an overflow strip which displays the collapsed items and provides an overflow drop-down menu from which the user can modify the item visibility.

Users are encouraged to use the new control since it addresses the shortcomings of the old controls. Upgrading from the old to the new control should be easy and painless - just review those videos on Telerik TV:

If you have extended the previous controls with custom functionality, please contact Telerik support and we will help you upgrade your application to the new version. We will also provide an automatic upgrade tool with Q2 2010 SP1.


RadReminder for WinForms enables end-users to track different tasks, deadlines and events in an Outlook®-style pop-up dialog. Coupled with RadScheduler, the reminder offers very familiar and friendly interface by showing the appointment details and providing the user with the ability to take action on each reminder, such as snooze and dismiss. It offers simplified development experience, and provides extended customization capabilities through a rich collection of themes, events, and extensible API. Support for RadScheduler for WinForms is built-in, but Telerik Reminder can be used as a stand-alone control or in conjunction with other Telerik Windows Forms controls.


  • FIXED: An issue in the logic that collapses/expands elements in RadRibbonBarGroups when shrinking/expanding the control. This issue caused images to disappear and also prevented small images from being shown correctly.
  • FIXED: An issue with the serialization of the Bounds property of all elements inside the RadRibbonBar when setting the AutoSize property to false.
  • FIXED: An issue with the visibility synchronization of the MDI system buttons


  • FIXED: Issue with painting of a background image when set to the form with Aero effects enabled


  • ADDED: Localization support for the error provider in the EditAppointmentDialog
  • IMPROVED: Rendering and layout performance in Day, Week and Work week views
  • IMPROVED: Memory usage in Day, Week and Work week views
  • FIXED: AppointmentMouseDown is not raised in Timeline view
  • FIXED: When TimelineView was grouped by resources and a new Start Date was set, the settings did not apply to sub views.
  • FIXED: Wrong layout behavior when the datasource is changed
  • FIXED: The grouped view does not reflect changes in the resources collection


  • ADDED: Automatic navigation in RadSchedulerNavigator to see the whole month when navigating


  • FIXED: The system buttons are not active when the control is used in the Visual Style Builder

Telerik Presentation Framework

  • ADDED: New High Contrast theme
  • IMPROVED: RadGridView ControlDefault theme.
  • IMPROVED: RAdDock ControlDefault theme.
  • IMPROVED: RadPageView ControlDefault, Office 2010 and Windows7 themes.
  • FIXED: Issue with ignoring double <p> tags in the HTML-like formatting
  • FIXED: Light Visual element measure issue
  • FIXED: RadShortcut.GetDisplayText() did not work properly when no modifier is specified.
  • FIXED: RadOffice2007ScreenTipElement - the EnableCustomSize property accepts true as false and vice versa.

Visual Studio Extensions

  • IMPROVED: DSLTools Prerequisite
  • FIXED: Upgrade Wizard cancelled when cancelling the connection to the server during an online update

Visual Style Builder

  • ADDED: Improvements in the Parent-Child selector generation routines.
  • ADDED: Support for different Style Builder Registrations per single control metadata.
  • FIXED: Collection modified exception in certain cases when opening themes.

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