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Support for .NET 5 preview

.NET 5 is the most exciting thing that has happed in the .NET world for the past decade. As of November 2020, a single BCL-based framework will handle all current application models, including desktop frameworks like WinForms and WPF!

Since our teams work in a close collaboration with Microsoft, we are glad to announce that you can now take Telerik UI for WinForms controls for a .NET 5 preview spin!

.NET 5 Preview for WPF

.NET Core Project Converter for WinForms

Ease the migration of your projects with .NET Core Project Converter by Telerik. This Visual Studio tooling from Telerik UI for WinForms will help you convert your existing full framework projects to .NET Core ones.

Migrate your WinForms projects with .NET Core Project Converter

Validation provider

The WinForms Validation provider by Telerik is a validation management tool designed to enable users to easily define multiple validation rules and associate them with editors without having to write a single line of code.

  • Validation with multiple rules: ability to add complex validation logic.
  • Validate against another control: easily perform data validation against the value of another control, e.g. ensure that the start date is less than the end date in the DateTimePicker control.
  • Validation modes: ability to control when the validation will be triggered, e.g. when the text is changed, etc.
  • Design time experience: the FilterDescriptor Collection Editor provides rich design time experience for adding different types of validation rules.
  • Error indication: an error icon with a tooltip can be displayed in case of a validation failure.

Telerik UI for WinForms - Validation provider

Support for Vector images

Looking to enhance the look-and-feel of your WinForms application? Telerik UI for WinForms now supports vector images across the entire UI library. Build high-DPI WinForms applications without compromising on the design quality and present your users with pixel perfect images on any scale and resolution.

Telerik UI for WinForms support for vector images

Marked zone annotations with custom shapes for ChartView

A new feature for WinForms' ChartView control allows you to add annotations that are formed by a set of FreeFigurePoints. This feature enables you to easily create a free figure plotted on the viewport, where the figure is defined by X and Y values.

Telerik UI for WInForms - Marked zone annotations with custom shapes for chart view

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