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Release History

Telerik Reporting R3 2016 SP1 (version

October 24, 2016

Telerik Reporting ASP.NET Core

  • Support for ASP.NET Core projects with NuGet packages. The packages are built against the full .NET Framework.

New Office 2016 Theme for WPF Report Viewer

  • This new theme makes your app look like Office 2016, giving your users familiar application styling.

TextRenderingHint Configuration for Image Rendering Extensions

  • When using Image or ImageInteractive rendering in some cases the rendered fonts may appear blurry and fuzzy. The reason is that DocumentGdiBase uses AntiAliasGridFit for TextRenderingHint, which is not very useful when rendering small font sizes. So now you can configure the TextRenderingHint parameter through the DeviceInfo settings.

Export Formats Ordering Configuration

  • Now you can reorder the report viewers export drop down options according to your preferences, just add the DeviceSetting order attribute to the rendering extension element.

Known Issue

The Font.Name inherited value for an item is serialized explicitly if any other Font property of the item should be serialized. Observed when working with Standalone Report Designer or manually serializing/packaging a report. This leads to break in the Font.Name property inheritance chain. If you set different Font.Name on a parent item or apply a stylesheet with Font.Name, the affected item will not respect it.


  • External assemblies with data loaded via codeBase do not return data
  • Font name is replaced when deserializing the report in an environment without the installed font


  • Design-time graph preview is not available when visibility binding is applied
  • Graph and Map design-time inner component handles and buttons are scaled on higher DPI
  • Graph and Map design-time inner component selection is offset on higher DPI in some cases
  • Graph and Map item layout is incorrectly set on resize
  • Text in Graph live preview is not scaled correctly on DPI != 96
  • Undo of deleted parameters datasource does not work

Standalone Report Designer

  • 'Edit report source' dialog does not resolve correctly report parameters when selecting a report from Report Server
  • Error is thrown when modifying a report that have multiple background images
  • Query Designer cannot reopen if the query contains related tables
  • Query Designer fails when manually setup relationships and remove a table
  • Query Designer fails when manually setup relationships for multiple tables at once
  • The report cannot open when PageSettings.Background.Image is set
  • There is no confirmation dialog when clicking on the Revert button

Sql Data Source

  • Named connections ProviderName is not resolved from the report definition


  • "Toggle mark initially expanded" setting for ToggleVisibilityAction in EditAction dialog is not respected
  • Inherited style property cannot be overriden to default value
  • Setting 0 as Table/Crosstab's Width or Height throws an exception when previewing the report


  • PageCount written only with small letters is not calculated correctly


  • Overlapping items when paging setup includes hidden item


  • Border is visible when BorderWidth = 0 and BorderStyle = Solid
  • Global styles are not applied on Page Header/Footer on preview

PDF Rendering

  • An error occurs when using installed TTC fonts

Image Rendering

  • BorderWidth in points having a fraction value renders uneven lines
  • Small images are incorrectly rendered including Checkbox and action adorners

Excel Rendering

  • DateTime values with applied custom format are exported with errors when the data field is Null
  • Exported XLSX file is corrupted when the report or all of its sections are hidden
  • String values with applied custom format are exported with errors

Word Rendering

  • TOC page numbers are cut off in some cases

PowerPoint Rendering

  • HtmlTextBox and TextBox are not split correctly with non-default vertical align
  • HtmlTextBox item content is split in lines
  • HtmlTextBox.Style.VerticalAlign is not respected
  • Incorrect rendering of HtmlTextBox
  • Padding is not respected for HtmlTextBox and TextBox in some cases

RTF Rendering

  • Rendering in "Tables" mode fails when the report or all of its sections are hidden


  • MVC5 project with Reporting and Data Access Nuget packages cannot be built

HTML5 Report Viewer

  • Preview button state is incorrect when using multivalue report parameters
  • Telerik Kendo UI Office 365 theme's styles are not fully compatible
  • Toolbar buttons remain in disabled state after refresh
  • Toolbar is displayed on two rows or in mobile view in Internet Explorer 9

Web Forms HTML5 Report Viewer

  • DateTime parameter editor's icon is not displayed

Windows Forms Report Viewer

  • The report is shrinked in Print Preview in High DPI settings
  • TypeReportSource is not supported when using RestService engine

WPF Report Viewer

  • TypeReportSource is not supported when using RestService engine

Silverlight Report Viewer

  • Preview button state is incorrect when using multivalue report parameters

Product Dependencies

Telerik Reporting
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4

WPF Report Viewer
- Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2016.3.1024.40)

Silverlight Report Viewer
- Telerik UI Controls for Silverlight (2016.3.1024.1050)

- Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient ( or later)

HTML5 Report Viewer
- Telerik Kendo UI (2013.2.918 or later) - jQuery (1.9.1 or later)

ASP.NET WebAPI REST Report Service
- Microsoft ASP.NET Web API (4.0.20710.0 or later) - Newtonsoft.Json ( or later)

ServiceStack REST Report Service
- ServiceStack (

ASP.NET MVC Extension of the HTML5 Report Viewer
- Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework (4.0.20710.0 or later)

Database cache ICache implementation
- Telerik Data Access ORM (2015.1.220.1)

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