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Release History

Telerik Reporting Q3 2014 (v8.2.14.1027)

October 26, 2014

What's New


New 2D Barcode types (QR and PDF417)

The current Barcode report item is extended to support QR (Quick Response) codes and the PDF417 matrix barcode. The new 2D types now allow you to create two-dimensional barcodes which contain more information than the traditional 1D barcodes.

New Choropleth Map Report Item

The choropleth map provides an easy way to visualize how a measurement varies across a geographic area. It is similar to a heat map, but is overlaid on a geographic map where map areas are shaded in proportion to the measurement. An example of a choropleth map is showing population density across countries.

Text Justification

A much requested feature, which will allow you to apply justify alignment to the text in the plain text report items: Textboxes and Checkboxes.

Query Builder

Now the Standalone Report Designer provides a graphical query designer to help you create queries to retrieve data from a relational database. Use the query designer to explore the database tables and views, interactively build an SQL SELECT statement and view the result of your query.

HTML5 Report Viewer Item Template

This is a Visual Studio item template which simplifies significantly the addition of the HTML5 Report Viewer to your existing projects. The template adds an HTML page with the HTML5 Report Viewer within your project, together with the REST Report Service and all needed dependencies, references and files.

Support for multiple instances of the REST Report service

This feature will allow you to utilize the HTML5 Report Viewer in Web Farms (e.g. Azure with multiple instances).

What's Improved


Report Designers

  • Gradient Color Palette - a color palette that generates transitional colors based on a continuous linear gradient between two base colors.

WPF Report Viewer

  • Improved themes
  • Exposed new events, methods and properties

Silverlight Report Viewer

  • Improved themes
  • Exposed new events, methods and properties

WinForms Report Viewer

  • Exposed new events

What's Fixed


Standalone Report Designer

  • Fixed: The custom defined colors are not persisted per user session
  • Fixed: First user connection string is not preserved properly

Visual Studio Report Designer

  • Fixed: Graph DataPointLabelOffset property is not serialized
  • Fixed: The PageSettings dialog buttons are not visible

Report Processing

  • Fixed: In MVC projects relative paths to external stylesheet without ~(tilde) cannot be resolved


  • Fixed: Docked/Anchored items are not laid out correctly when the report width does not match the page width
  • Fixed: Graph: The DateTimeScale should respect the SpacingSlotCount property


  • Fixed: Excel native header/footer does not display header/footer if its text is longer than 255 characters


  • Fixed: Graph category axis labels are not aligned properly
  • Fixed: Incorrect Graph rendering when there is more than one report with graphs shown on a page


  • Fixed: An error occurs when trying to export or print a report which contains a Graph with actions

HTML5 Report Viewer

  • Fixed: No way to enable all functionality of the viewer when using token authentication (e.g. print, export, images in the document)
  • Fixed: The toolbar buttons state is invalid in some cases
  • Fixed: Extend the HTML5 report viewer API to correspond to the ASP.NET report viewer client-side API
  • Fixed: On setting the ReportSource to none, the page number and page count labels are not cleared
  • Fixed: Incorrect NoData message style.

What's Changed


Barcode Report Item

  • The Telerik.Reporting.Barcode.Symbology property is now obsolete. Use Telerik.Reporting.Barcode.Encoder property instead.
  • The Telerik.Reporting.Barcode.ShowText property is now obsolete. Please, use the ShowText property of the respective Telerik.Reporting.Barcodes.Encoder1D instance.

WPF Report Viewer

  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.Wpf.ReportViewer.RefreshData method is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.Wpf.ReportViewer.RefreshReport instead.
  • The WPF Report Viewer icons are changed and aligned with each theme. Use the new WPF Report Viewer themes for your projects, usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\Reporting Q3 2014\Wpf\Themes\{ThemeName}\Telerik.ReportViewer.Wpf.xaml

Silverlight Report Viewer

  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.RenderBeginEventHandler class is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.ApplyParametersEventHandler instead.
  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.RenderBeginEventArgs class is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.ApplyParametersEventArgs instead.
  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.ReportViewer.RenderBegin event is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.ReportViewer.ApplyParameters instead.
  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.ReportViewer.OnRenderBegin method is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.ReportViewer.OnApplyParameters instead.
  • The Silverlight Report Viewer icons are changed and aligned with each theme. Use the new Silverlight Report Viewer themes for your projects, usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\Reporting Q3 2014\Silverlight\Themes\{ThemeName}\Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.xaml

WinForms Report Viewer

  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ExportEventHandler class is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.Common.ExportBeginEventHandler instead.
  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ExportEventArgs class is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.Common.ExportBeginEventArgs instead.
  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ReportViewerBase.Export event is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ReportViewerBase.ExportBegin instead.
  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ReportViewerBase.OnExport method is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ReportViewerBase.OnExportBegin instead.
  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ReportViewerBase.Print event is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ReportViewerBase.PrintBegin instead.
  • The Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ReportViewerBase.OnPrint method is now obsolete. Use Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms.ReportViewerBase.OnPrintBegin instead.

Product Dependencies

Telerik Reporting
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4

- Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient ( or later)

HTML5 Report Viewer
- Telerik Kendo UI (2013.2.918 or later)
- jQuery (1.9.1 or later)

ASP.NET WebAPI REST Report Service
- Microsoft ASP.NET Web API (4.0.20710.0 or later)
- Newtonsoft.Json ( or later)

ServiceStack REST Report Service
- ServiceStack (

ASP.NET MVC Extension of the HTML5 Report Viewer
- Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework (4.0.20710.0 or later)

WPF Report Viewer
- Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2014.3.1021.40 or later)

Silverlight Report Viewer
- Telerik UI Controls for Silverlight (2014.3.1021.1050 or later)

Database cache
- Telerik Data Access (2013.2.702.1 or later)

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