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Telerik Reporting Q3 2013 SP1

January 28, 2014

Telerik Reporting Q3 2013 SP1 (

Telerik has recently updated some of its product names. Please, check out the Telerik Product Map.


Graph Item
  • NEW: Added ConditionalFormatting property to Area and Line Graph Series
  • NEW: Added MarkStyle and MarkConditionalFormatting properties to the Graph Series’ LegendItem.

Standalone Report Designer

  • NEW: Allows to edit Entity Framework connection string
Report Processing\Expressions
  • NEW: Added ‘Array’ function in the expression engine (brings support for sets\lists creation)

Report Viewers\HTML5 Report Viewer

  • NEW: Added support for Font Awesome v4+


  • PPTX rendering extension supports OpenXML SDK 2.5 version too
FIXED Report Designer - Common
  • FIXED: AttributeSelector crashes the TypeSelector Collection Editor
  • FIXED: Two Graph items sharing one data source are not rendered correctly at design-time
  • FIXED: Data Source component is destroyed when deleting container with data item that references the Data Source
  • FIXED: Incorrect behavior of Descendant Selectors
  • FIXED: Graph item BarSeries are not aligned to the Numeric Scale marks
Visual Studio Report Designer
  • FIXED: Error occurs when deleting subreport item that uses InstanceReportSource and exactly one component is in the component tray
  • FIXED: Preview fails when there is an orphaned Report in the component tray
  • FIXED: Entity Framework 6 contexts are not shown in the EntityDataSource wizard
  • FIXED: Query Builder does not open in VS 2013
  • FIXED: Visual Studio Preview fails if you have filter like "Top N" = "=10" ( i.e., without the Expression part)
  • FIXED: Visual Studio Preview fails and shows exception if Entity Framework 6 is used as a data source
Standalone Report Designer
  • FIXED: Graph Wizard creates new RangeBar and RangeColumn chart with   DataPointStyle.Visible = false.
  • FIXED: Open trdx from Command prompt using relative to the designer path is not working
  • FIXED: ReportDesigner tries to  open report definition of newer (unsupported) version
  • FIXED: DocumentName is not displayed in the printer queue and final popup
  • FIXED: Welcome tab's text disappears
Report Processing
  • FIXED: Unexpected exception when using crosstab with parent group without item and filter to null values
  • FIXED: ConditionalFormatting on Graph.Series.LegendItem is not applied correctly
  • FIXED: Images from relative paths used in PictureBox item are not resolved correctly in the context of REST service
  • FIXED: Mod (%) function is not working with floating point types
  • FIXED: Report Processing is not thread-safe. ItemFactory's TypeCache dictionary is not thread-safe and throws System.IndexOutOfRangeException in some cases. 
Report Processing\Expressions
  • FIXED: Inconsistent behavior when evaluating expressions of type Object.Property and Object.Method() when Object evaluates to ‘null’.
  • FIXED: Shape item is not drawn when its Height is less than 3pt
  • FIXED: Graph item Plot area clips data point labels
  • FIXED: Empty coordinate system defined in Graph item breaks the rendering in design and preview mode
  • FIXED: Shape item's Style.BorderWidth is respected when its Style.BorderStyle is set to None
  • FIXED: Two action marks are rendered for item with ToggleVisibility action placed in the page section
  • FIXED: Graph item is not clipped correctly
  • FIXED: Graph with area series is rendered incorrectly
  • FIXED: Graph with area series is rendered incorrectly
  • FIXED: Chart item cannot be exported with RenderingMode set to Tables
  • FIXED: Security exception when exporting to RTF
Report Viewers\ASP.NET
  • FIXED: The print operation fallbacks to export in IE 11
  • FIXED: DateTime parameter is not refreshed if the value is changed inline
  • FIXED: Unit values greater than 999 cause issues on deserialization in Out-Proc session state mode
Report Viewers\HTML5 Report Viewer
  • FIXED: Print action in Chrome opens a new window which is too large
  • FIXED: Incorrect parameter validation when AllowNull is true and the default value is null for single select parameters
  • FIXED: Error when previewing an empty ReportBook
  • FIXED: The viewer doesn't work correctly when VS2013 BrowserLink is enabled
  • FIXED: Incorrect handling of DateTime report parameters
  • FIXED: Refresh button/command doesn't reload the parameters area (and the document map as well)
  • FIXED: Report should be automatically loaded, even when the parameters are not set
  • FIXED: Page number is not preserved when a toggle action appears
  • FIXED: Page number is not preserved after a history action
  • FIXED: Wrong DateTime Values from parameters
Report Viewers\Silverlight
  • FIXED: Show/Hide parameters area button is visible when the report parameters are hidden
  • FIXED: Silverlight ReportViewer component is missing from VS2010/VS2012 Toolbox
  • FIXED: An error occurs when having two ReportViewers in different RadPane-s, inside of a RadDocking control
  • FIXED: Report's localization fails on interaction with the report in Silverlight ReportViewer
  • FIXED: The source solution file has missing projects

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