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Telerik Reporting Q3 2013

October 16, 2013

Telerik Reporting Q3 2013 (

  • NEW: HTML5 Report Viewer
    • extends reporting to modern browsers, including mobile and touch-supported ones
    • pure client-side model, using JavaScript, HTML and CSS
    • fully customizable viewer templates
  • NEW: Added new HTML5/MVC demo projects. Please refer to the Readme.txt file included in the distribution.
  • NEW: Telerik Reporting REST Service - an abstraction over the reporting engine that exposes the reports on the server as resources.
  • NEW: Added support for Stepped Line charts
  • NEW: Added support for Stepped Area charts
  • NEW: Added new design-time tool called Swap Graph Axes which allows easy conversion of the graph series orientation
  • NEW: Add expandable and editable capabilities to the report items collections in the PropertyGrid
  • NEW: Added new parameters to the device information settings for the CSV rendering: Choose Encoding; Choose whether byte order marks (BOM) should be written in the output stream
  • IMPROVED: Copy/Paste Style now works between different reports, regardless of the IDE

Report Model

  • FIXED: Units in Pixels are serialized with thousands separator and cannot be deserialized properly 
Report Designer - Common
  • FIXED: Graph content is not rearranged when the graph is docked and its container is resized.
  • FIXED: The Name property is incorrectly displayed in the Bindings property paths list
  • FIXED: SnapGridSize is not serialized when set to a metric value for report designer used in non metric regions
  • FIXED: Select All (Ctrl+A) is not respected for the SqlDataSource wizard Select Statement Textbox
  • FIXED: Graph designer is not refreshed when the series DataPointLabelStyle.Visible property is changed
  • FIXED: [Graph] The ChangeGraphType wizard recognizes the Scatter series as Line
  • FIXED: [Graph] Adding a coordinate system with no axes causes an Object reference exception
  • FIXED: Already existing axis can't be found in property grid
Visual Studio Report Designer
  • FIXED: The ReportSource property resets after editing the ReportSource parameters, if "object instance" has been selected
Standalone Report Designer
  • FIXED: An error occurs when changing focus with the TAB key while graph series or legend is selected.
  • FIXED: .back file is not cleared when Save As is used
Report Processing
  • FIXED: Long graph axis labels are clipped when Scale.PositionMode = OnTicks
  • FIXED: An error is thrown when DatetimeScale is used and there are no data points
  • FIXED: Data items NoDataStyle.Visible set to false is not applied
  • FIXED: Graph DateTimeScale calculates the ticks incorrectly when BaseUnit is Hours or Minutes
  • FIXED: Graph axis labels are misaligned on an axis which crosses a DateTime axis when LabelPlacement is AtMinimum or AtMaximum
  • FIXED: PictureBox does not resolve relative paths to the image
  • FIXED: [Graph] Legend items are not always arranged properly when the legend's size is absolute
  • FIXED: [Graph] Series cannot be excluded from the Legend
  • FIXED: [Graph] DataPointConditionalFormatting for BarSeries and DataPointLabelConditionalFormatting do not work for the Visible property
  • FIXED: [Graph] DataPointLabels do not always fit inside the PlotArea
  • FIXED: The Database Cache Provider does not support OpenAccess ORM Q2 2013 SP1 or newer
  • FIXED: [Graph] Data point labels are not clipped correctly
  • FIXED: [Graph] Labels are overlapped if BaseUnit and MajorStep are set to different units
  • FIXED: Graph item is not rendered
  • FIXED: Workbook name is not trimmed correctly
  • FIXED: An error occurs when report with Graph.NoDataMessage is rendered in browsers without SVG support
  • FIXED: [Graph] No clip in SVG rendering
  • FIXED: [Graph] Dashed/dotted lines are rendered as solid lines
  • FIXED: HtmlTextBox.Style.Padding.Top is neglected
  • FIXED: "Cannot set new clip region in an inner graphic state level" exception
  • FIXED: [Graph] Polar Series are not rendered
  • FIXED: No clipping is applied on the Graph item
  • FIXED: No clipping is applied on the Graph item
  • FIXED: [Graph] Dashed lines are rendered as dotted and dotted lines are rendered as dashed
Report Viewers
  • FIXED: NavigateToReport action is not serialized/deserialized properly when there are other actions with the same properties attached at runtime
Report Viewer for ASP.NET
  • FIXED: ReportViewer is not shown in design view
Report Viewer for Silverlight
  • FIXED: The method OnRenderBegin is incorrectly called upon NavigateToReportAction and ToggleVisibilityAction
Report Viewer for WinForms
  • FIXED: Export event ExportEventArgs.DeviceInfo is ignored
  • FIXED: Cascading parameter is not refreshed if the first parameter is DateTime
  • FIXED: NullReference exception is thrown when the ReportBook.Reports collection is empty
Report Viewer for WPF
  • FIXED: Visibility.Collapsed on parent container causes the viewer to lose its model
  • CHANGE: Database Cache Provider now requires OpenAccess ORM Q2 2013 SP1 or newer
  • CHANGE: Byte order mark (BOM) is no longer written by default in CSV documents. This behavior can now be switched using the "WriteBOM" device info parameter.
  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.GraphSeries.Legend property is now obsolete. Please, use Telerik.Reporting.GraphSeries.LegendItem.Value property instead.

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