Telerik Reporting

Release History

Telerik Reporting Q3 2012 SP1

January 9, 2013

Telerik Reporting Q3 2012 Service Pack 1 (

  • ADDED: Support for page borders
  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.DetailSection.ColumnCount is now obsolete. Use Telerik.Reporting.Report.PageSettings.ColumnCount instead.
  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.DetailSection.ColumnSpacing is now obsolte. Use Telerik.Reporting.Report.PageSettings.ColumnSpacing instead.
  • CHANGE: Telerik.ReportViewer.WebForms.ReportBookControl is now obsolete. Use Telerik.Reporting.ReportBook instead.
  • CHANGE: DefaultPageHeader Excel rendering extension parameter is now obsolete. Use UseNativePageHeader parameter instead.
  • CHANGE: DefaultPageFooter Excel rendering extension parameter is now obsolete. Use UseNativePageFooter parameter instead.
FIXED Data Sources
  • Fixed: EntityDataSource design time parameters throw an error when building the project
  • Fixed: ObjectDataSource lacks design-time parameter values
  • Fixed: OpenAccessDataSource lacks design-time parameter values
  • Fixed: ObjectDataSource wizard available data types are missing when the wizard is invoked for a project datasource component
  • Fixed: Right-clicking on multiple column/row selection in a table, loses the selection
  • Fixed: Expression Editor: Under report parameters, only the parameter name is visible, Label and Value options are missing
  • Fixed: The built-in style presets of the Table/Crosstab wizard are not applied
  • Fixed: Expression Builder crashes the designer if canceled while loading
  • Fixed: Designer's vertical scroll bar disappears
  • Fixed: DataExplorer does not refresh the datasource component name after changing it from property grid
Visual Studio Designer
  • Fixed: An error occurs when localizing a report containing CheckBox
  • Fixed: TypeReportSource cannot be resolved correctly in Preview
Telerik Report Designer
  • Fixed: PrintPreview button state is not correct if two reports are opened
  • Fixed: Can't export a report which name is with unicode characters
  • Fixed: Recent items don't disappear from the RecentDocuments list immediately
  • Fixed: Inline Expression Editor: deleteing function name crashes the ReportDesigner
  • Fixed: Misleading exceptions in the EUD with text related to the VisualStudio
  • Fixed: Some properties of the Chart item are not correctly saved after modifying them
  • Fixed: XhtmlValidator.IsValidXhtml returns true on orphan lists items (not in ol/ul)
  • Fixed: Report parameter in ReportBook raises an exception when its Value expression contains a User Function
  • Fixed: New lines in TextBox are rendered incorrectly
  • Fixed: Loading external stylesheet from stream does not apply the style
  • Fixed: PageNumber/PageCount are evaluated in report sections
  • Fixed: Incorrect error message is rendered when calculated field formula contains errors
  • Fixed: Expose the enum values in the expression dialog
  • Fixed: CR and LF not respected in PDF
  • Fixed: Report border is not rendered
  • Fixed: Excel rendering respects only the culture name
  • Fixed: Lists in HtmlTextBox are cut on the right in some cases
  • Fixed: Html rendering shows rotated text in poor quality
  • Fixed: PictureBox image with paddings is clipped when ScalePropotional is used
  • Fixed: TextAlign property is not respected correctly when using a RTL culture
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox does not respect Style properties
  • Fixed: If the image in the checkbox is bigger than the checkbox's size it should be shown unscaled and clipped
  • Fixed: Reports exported and printed from Word produce artefacts in the background
  • Fixed: The font of the HtmlTextBox item is not respected
Report Viewers
  • Fixed: Child report parameters' Value expression is evaluated only when the report is initially shown in a viewer control
  • Fixed: Not mergeable parameters with same name that have child parameter are not supported in a report book
Report Viewer for WinForms
  • Fixed: Viewer exceptions are not visible in certain cases
  • Fixed: Рђdorners are not rendered correctly in WinViewer
  • Fixed: NavigateBack / Forward commands are not exposed in the public API
Report Viewer for ASP.NET
  • Fixed: 'Report parameter already exists' exception in out-proc session
  • Fixed: Error occurs in IE when using ASP.NET viewer and Microsoft map (Bing Services) on the same page
  • Fixed: Exception is thrown when exporting from a custom rendering extension
  • Fixed: Refreshing a ReportBook adds it twice to the history
  • Fixed: DataSources are not restored correctly in out-proc session in certain cases
  • Fixed: ReportSource dialog is showing incorrect options
  • Fixed: DataSources from sub-reports' data items are not persisted in out-proc session state
Report Viewer for Silverlight
  • Fixed: Report parameters area disappears when selecting a value for the master parameter
  • Fixed: Missing chart when the report is printed in native print and the chart splits in multiple pages
  • Fixed: Toggle visibility marks are incorrectly rendered in PrintPreview mode
  • Fixed: Design time exception in Visual Studio 2012
  • Fixed: Support for print operation without invoking a print dialog
  • Fixed: (SL5) Default file name is not specified in export SaveFileDialog
Report Viewer for WPF
  • Fixed: Print operation throws an error
  • Fixed: Toggle visibility marks are incorrectly rendered in PrintPreview mode
  • Fixed: Right and bottom borders of the print preview page are not visible
  • Fixed: Reports landscape orientation is not respected when ReportBook is printed
WCF Service
  • Fixed: Incorrect behavior when an xml report contains a report parameter with an invalid initial value

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