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Telerik Reporting Q3 2012

October 17, 2012

Telerik Reporting Q3 2012 (


Telerik Report Designer

  • NEW: Added support for user-defined functions
  • NEW: Added support for user-defined aggregate functions
  • NEW: Added support for Object Data Source for connecting to external business objects
  • NEW: Added support for Entity Framework Data Source for connecting to Entity Framework data models
  • NEW: Added support for Open Access Data Source for connecting Open Access data models
  • NEW: Added support for user defined report templates. The new Export Templates Wizard assists users in creating templates from existing reports.
  • NEW: Import Report Wizard. Allows users to import Telerik reports from existing .NET class library.
FIXED Designers
  • Fixed: IS and BETWEEN operators are missing from the expression builder
  • Fixed: Fields are accessible in the expression editor for DocumentName property
Telerik Report Designer
  • Fixed: No way to change ReportSource through property grid
  • Fixed: Cannot use Business Objects as data sources
  • Fixed: ReportDesigner shows an error when you try to enter design mode while editing a parameter
  • Fixed: Ribbonbar split button’s text is not colorized when it contains 2 rows text
  • Fixed: The Report's name property should be as the Report filename by default
Visual Studio Designer
  • Fixed: ObjectDataSource wizard performance issue under Vista x64
  • Fixed: ReportDesigner Tool windows are empty
  • Fixed: Upgrade wizard does not upgrade datasource default values in resx file
  • Fixed: UserFunction in report is visible both with and without namespace in ExpressionBuilder
Sql Data Source
  • Fixed: SqlDataSource Wizard does not respect the SqlDataSource.ConnectionTimeout
Physical Page Renderings
  • Fixed: Infinite number of pages when Report itself has defined padding
  • Fixed: The content of a table inside multiple subreports is not rendered in print preview
  • Fixed: Toggle visibility image is not updated in certain cases
  • Fixed: Chart cannot work with null, requires DBNull
  • Fixed: Fields function does not support nested members access
  • Fixed: Horizontal Anchoring in ReportSection is not working
  • Fixed: Textbox item does not respect properly the TextWrap property
  • Fixed: TextBox Multiline set to False does not work as expected
  • Fixed: Leading line breaks (\r\n) are not respected
  • Fixed: Toggle visibility marks should not be rendered in PrintPreview
WCF Service
  • Fixed: A memory leak when the page with the viewer is refreshed from the browser
  • Fixed: NeedDataSource event handler is not executed when refreshing the report in out-proc session
Report Viewer for ASP.NET
  • Fixed: Print Current Page always prints the first page
  • Fixed: Security exception in medium trust.
Report Viewer for Silverlight
  • Fixed: Number of pages string cannot be localized
  • Fixed: Design-time error in Expression Blend
  • Fixed: The tooltips of the toggle ViewMode button are incorrect when initially the view mode is set to print preview
  • Fixed: Cannot set Landscape orientation when native (SL) print
  • Fixed: Export tooltip missing
  • Fixed: Native printing consumes lots of memory
Report Viewer for WinForms
  • Fixed: Memory not released after disposing the viewer
Report Viewer for WPF
  • Fixed: Values of report parameters with no UI are not updated when using TypeReportSource
  • Fixed: Viewer sometimes crashes when switching reports
  • Fixed: WPF Report Viewer throws exception if report source is null
  • CHANGE: Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight control is now built against Silverlight 5.0 and requires Telerik RadControls for Silverlight 5.
  • CHANGE: Telerik.ReportViewer.Wpf control is now built against .NET Framework 4.0 and requires Telerik RadControls for WPF 4.
  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.Processing.Config.SessionSection is now Telerik.Reporting.Configuration.CacheSection
  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.Processing.Config.ReportingConfigurationSection is now Telerik.Reporting.Configuration.ReportingConfigurationSection

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