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Telerik Reporting Q3 2011 SP1

January 19, 2012

What's Fixed in Telerik Reporting Q3 2011 SP1 (

FIXED VisualStudio Designer
  • Fixed: Cloning the report item preserves the original name
  • Fixed: Crosstab wizard does not generate unique group names
  • Fixed: Fonts that do not have regular version cannot be set through the property grid or edit style dialog
  • Fixed: Multiple conditional formatting rules are not serialized correctly
  • Fixed: Table Size property does not respect the UnitOfMeasure
  • Fixed: Binary serialization of SqlDataSource.DefaultValues prevents upgrading/downgrading the report
  • Fixed: Upgrade Wizard does not update assembly version
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox design view doesn't apply any style

Report Model
  • Fixed: Report model generates compliance warnings CA2214 in InitializeComponent

Data Sources\Sql
  • Fixed: SqlDataSource should serialize DefaultValues in resx without report version

Data Sources\Entity
  • Fixed: New Function Imports throw not found exception in VS Designer Preview.
  • Fixed: EntityDataSource passes null values for the parameters when resolving the schema at design time

  • Fixed: Action to Bookmarks is not processed if the expression result is of type int.
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox is not remeasured when switching back from PrintPreview
  • Fixed: Invalid Picture.Value expression results in error
  • Fixed: Style rules with type selectors are applied without taking the type hierarchy into account.
  • Fixed: Errors in HtmlTextBox are not handled
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox throws exception when used in .NET 4.0 projects
  • Fixed: IS NOT expression operator is not evaluated correctly
  • Fixed: Incorrect exception is thrown when rendering a very large chart as bitmap
  • Fixed: ReportProcessor.RenderReport(string format, IReportDocument reportDocument, Hashtable deviceInfo) for export formats with multiple output streams (HTML, XAML, IMAGE) throws misleading exception.
  • Fixed: Trailing words disappear if no room for them and TextWrap is False

  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox creates more than one root child element when measured multiple times
  • Fixed: Padding of table/crosstab is not properly respected - overlaps and hides content in print preview, pdf and tiff
  • Fixed: Printing a page range of multicolumn report renders incorrectly the last page - renders only the first column

Paging\Print preview layout
  • Fixed: Incorrect PageCount in ReportBook
  • Fixed: In PrintPreview the last page of a multicolumn report in a ReportBook is rendered only if the report is last in the book

Paging\Interactive view layout
  • Fixed: Page header is incorrectly clipped in certain cases

  • Fixed: PictureBox: Incorrect error message when image data is invalid
  • Fixed: Error occurs when rendering an anchored/docked item in a page section while in interactive view mode.
  • Fixed: PageCount not evaluated correctly when exporting/printing/changing view mode

  • Fixed: Report is not scaled properly when the DPI is set to 150%
  • Fixed: Incorrect rendering of Table with filtered groups

  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox clips text incorrectly when using a specific font and 'italics' text decoration
  • Fixed: NavigateToUrl actions are not positioned correctly in exported PDF
  • Fixed: No document map when exporting with ReportProcessor

  • Fixed: No Italics when strikeout is set - Excel97 format

  • Fixed: new line characters(\r\n) are not rendered correctly
  • Fixed: An error occurs when picturebox has no value
  • Fixed: In some cases the text is clipped in IE and Firefox
  • Fixed: Bullet points in HtmlTextBoxes are not displayed correctly in IE.
  • Fixed: Encode the Html markup in textboxes
  • Fixed: Error messages for subreport items are missing, only a red rectangle is shown
  • Fixed: HTML rendering needs performance boost
  • Fixed: Incorrect wrapping of a single large word
  • Fixed: MemoryBmp throws an error when set as value for picturebox
  • Fixed: Missing mimetype for EMF ImageFormat if BitmapResolution is lower than 72
  • Fixed: No 'italics' text decoration when other font styles are set
  • Fixed: Report items are missing in IE8
  • Fixed: Setting DocumentMapText on groups affects the paging
  • Fixed: Color transparency is ignored
  • Fixed: LineBreaks (\r\n) are not rendered in TextBox items
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox Text is not rendered correctly - spaces are omitted at end/beginning of lines
  • Fixed: HTMLTextBox value is clipped when the first element is <p>
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox with list elements are not indented and bullets are missing in IE7 and IE8 document mode
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox item does not respect vertical alignment
  • Fixed: Redundant spaces around inline styled chunks of text
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox links does not work in Html rendering

  • Fixed: Page aggregates are incorrect
  • Fixed: Missing background images

  • Fixed: Rendering PictureBox/PictureWatermark to PPTX shrinks the image instead of cropping it
  • Fixed: Table with spanned cells is not rendered correctly in some cases

  • Fixed: Additional carriage return is added when <br/> tag is used in HtmlTextBox
  • Fixed: No data in reports with RTL culture (Hebrew/Arabic)

Report Viewers
  • Fixed: Inconsistency in different viewers when using cascading parameters
  • Fixed: History navigation does not work when ReportBook control/component is used
  • Fixed: Wrong URL for Navigate to URL Action is causing application crash
  • Fixed: Drill-down does not support Expand/Collapse All functionality
  • Fixed: Silverlight/WPF viewers: cannot change the default view

  • Fixed: Incorrect usage of the IsOutProcState property for deciding whether to clear data item's data in out-proc session.

Report Viewer for Windows Forms
  • Fixed: Incorrect status message when changing ViewMode property and the Report property is not set.
  • Fixed: An error occurs when changing the ViewMode property after the report is set.
  • Fixed: The tooltip of the PrintPreview button cannot be localized/customized

Report Viewer for ASP.NET
  • Fixed: Javascript error in Chrome
  • Fixed: All skins except default are messed up whenever you have a report with three digits PageCount
  • Fixed: DocumentMap is not resizable in webkit browsers
  • Fixed: Incorrect resizing of the report viewer area
  • Fixed: Invalid state of toggle DocumentMap button
  • Fixed: Print does not work in Chrome browser and Chrome Frame plugin
  • Fixed: ReportViewer cannot detect Adobe plugin in MAC OS preventing the user to print
  • Fixed: ReportViewer's style sheets should be registered only once per page.
  • Fixed: The report viewer frame size is not calculated correctly and the report is displayed over the parent div
  • Fixed: Toggle visibility action throws an exception when collapsing items
  • Fixed: Error is thrown when Visible = false and the viewer is inside UpdatePanel
  • Fixed: Upon postback the navigate back button of the viewer is enabled
  • Fixed: Parameter area is not refreshed on navigate back/forward

Report Viewer for Silverlight
  • Fixed: BindingExpression errors when the DataContext property of a parent element is set

Report Viewer for WPF
  • Fixed: Cannot localize WPF report viewer
  • Fixed: ReportViewerModel causes a memory leak
  • Fixed: Missing default ToolTips for WPF viewer
  • Fixed: Redundant tab stops when navigating from one report parameter to another using Tab (WPF)
  • CHANGE: When printing with ASP.NET report viewer the print dialog "Fit To Printable Area" option by default is set from True to NONE
  • CHANGE: When ASP.NET report viewer does not detect Adobe or Chrome PDF plugin it falls back to PDF export
  • CHANGE: The web demo is changed from web site to web application project

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