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Release History

Telerik Reporting Q2 2014 SP1

August 3, 2014

Telerik Reporting Q2 2014 SP1


Telerik Reporting Q2 2014 SP1 ( Release Notes

What’s New

HTML5 Report Viewer

New client-side API: exposed viewer commands and events.

What’s Improved

HTML5 Report Viewer

Updated telerikReportViewerTemplate-x.x.x.x.html template file.

WPF Report Viewer

Updated Telerik.ReportViewer.Wpf.xaml control template for all themes

Silverlight Report Viewer

Updated Telerik.ReportViewer.Silverlight.xaml control template for all themes


What’s Fixed

Report Designer - Common

  • FIXED: PictureBox images are rendered blurry
  • FIXED: Invalid image bytes in data source columns cause the DataSource Wizard to crash when previewing the results
  • FIXED: Add direct link to the PageSettings dialog in the report's context menu
  • FIXED: Band Report Wizard is missing the page settings configuration option
  • FIXED: Table: Add parent group throws an exception
  • FIXED: CsvDataSource Wizard blocks input and throws an error if the path to the file is not valid
  • FIXED: Select file option in the CsvDataSource Wizard has a wrong label
  • FIXED: Graph and Map item designers show incorrect initial state
  • FIXED: Exception is thrown when some of the data source parameters don't have a valid design time value

Standalone Report Designer

  • FIXED: Map: Group Explorer shows child dynamic groups as static groups
  • FIXED: Data objects are not discovered when the referenced user assembly is in the GAC
  • FIXED: External style sheets cannot be used with relative paths
  • FIXED: Report containing zero font size cannot be opened for edit
  • FIXED: Setting Graph.PlotAreaStyle.BackgroundImage results in a conversion error
  • FIXED: Add and Edit buttons for the data connections do not work

Visual Studio Report Designer

  • FIXED: View Code context menu option is disabled in the designer
  • FIXED: Page/Report Header/Footer options in the context menu do not toggle their state
  • FIXED: Importing a Graph with interactive actions results in serialization errors
  • FIXED: LegendItem has borders in design time

Report Processing

  • FIXED: External style sheets in xml reports (.trdx) are not resolved correctly when using relative path
  • FIXED: [Map] The response from BingLocation provider sometimes is not compressed using GZIP as expected and an exception is thrown when trying to read the response XML
  • FIXED: [Graph] The axis scale should display a message when there are too many ticks or labels to display.
  • FIXED: [Graph] Exception is thrown when DataPointLabelOffset has an invalid value
  • FIXED: [Graph] Automatically calculated value for Scale.Maximum is incorrect when data point values are double with high precision

Report Processing\DataBinding

  • FIXED: Static groups content is not rendered when the assigned data source returns zero records

Report Processing\Expressions

  • FIXED: Aggregate functions on decimal values return results in double value
  • FIXED: Expression calling function with params argument errors when no arguments are passed
  • FIXED: TopN operator cannot be used with a report parameter of Integer type without conversion


  • FIXED: [Graph] Legend items are missing when the text is too long.


  • FIXED: PictureBox image is scaled down when the system DPI is larger than the default (96dpi)


  • FIXED: Report.PageSettings.BackgroundImage is not respected in PrintPreview view mode
  • FIXED:  [Graph] DataPointLabel does not respect a leading whitespace
  • FIXED: PointMapSeries with transparent colors is not rendered in Firefox


  • FIXED: PictureBox images are rendered blurry


  • FIXED: TextWrap=False cuts the text at the last fully displayed word

Telerik Reporting REST Service

  • FIXED: External style sheets set with relative path are not resolved correctly

HTML5 Report Viewer

  • FIXED: Safari version 5.1.7 for Windows does not support SVG and Graph items rendering does not fallback to bitmap
  • FIXED: Report parameter value is lost when the value is integer 0
  • FIXED: Child parameter values on second and further level not updated correctly after changing the master parameter value
  • FIXED: Click events in the HTML5 report viewer leads to postbacks and additional '#' in the URL
  • FIXED: Viewer commands and events are not exposed
  • FIXED: Not the entire report processing error message is displayed
  • FIXED: Page number input in Firefox appears with arrow keys
  • FIXED: Navigate to Bookmark action does not work correctly
  • FIXED: DataSource/SQL Server related error messages are cut off

Report Viewer for ASP.NET

  • FIXED: Safari version 5.1.7 for Windows does not support SVG and Graph/Map items rendering does not fallback to bitmap

Report Viewer for Silverlight

  • FIXED: Borders around the report are not displayed correctly in PrintPreview view mode

Report Viewer for WinForms

  • FIXED: Report using paper that is wider than taller has incorrect print preview and is not printed correctly

Report Viewer for WPF

  • FIXED: Report using paper that is wider than taller has incorrect print preview and is not printed correctly
  • FIXED: Report parameter of type String with AllowBlank=false and AllowNull=true crashes the application

What’s Changed

HTML5 ReportViewer

  • Data-command attributes: added a telerik_ReportViewer_ prefix to each command name; example: historyBack -> telerik_ReportViewer_historyBack.
  • OBSOLETE: directPrint option of the HTML5 report viewer is now obsolete. Instead you should use the printMode option. When upgrading from directPrint to printMode the values have to be upgraded as follows:
    • undefined (directPrint) -> AUTO_SELECT (printMode)
    • true (directPrint) -> FORCE_PDF_PLUGIN (printMode)
    • false (directPrint) -> FORCE_PDF_FILE (printMode)

ASP.NET MVC Extension

  • OBSOLETE: The IReportViewerBuilder method DirectPrint (bool directPrint) of the ASP.NET MVC Extensions is now obsolete. Instead you should use the PrintMode (PrintMode printMode) method. Instead you should use the PrintMode (PrintMode printMode) method. When upgrading from DirectPrint to PrintMode the values have to be upgraded as follows:
    • N/A ( DirectPrint (bool directPrint) ) -> AutoSelect ( PrintMode (PrintMode printMode) )
    • true ( DirectPrint (bool directPrint) ) -> ForcePDFPlugin ( PrintMode (PrintMode printMode) )
    • false ( DirectPrint (bool directPrint) ) -> ForcePDFFile ( PrintMode (PrintMode printMode) )

Product Dependencies

Telerik Reporting

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4


  • Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient ( or later)

HTML5 Report Viewer

  • Telerik Kendo UI (2013.2.918 or later)
  • jQuery (1.9.1 or later)

ASP.NET WebAPI REST Report Service

  • Microsoft ASP.NET Web API (4.0.20710.0 or later)
  • Newtonsoft.Json ( or later)

ServiceStack REST Report Service

  • ServiceStack (

ASP.NET MVC Extension of the HTML5 Report Viewer

  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework (4.0.20710.0 or later)

WPF Report Viewer

  • Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2014.2.729.40 or later)

Silverlight Report Viewer

  • Telerik UI Controls for Silverlight (2014.2.729.1050 or later)

Database cache

  • Telerik Data Access (2013.2.702.1 or later)

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